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Travel Personification Poems

These Travel Personification poems are examples of Personification poems about Travel. These are the best examples of Personification Travel poems written by international poets.

Premium Member They call me Singing River
I am a gentle soul
     My waters melt over my rocks.

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Spin the Bottle
we play spin the bottle like children pulling wings off flies
no care full abandon no threat of the truth the next the 
tomorrow the what...

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Categories: personification, body, break up,

My Sundial
I only tell of sunny hours...
For I have found a new direction.
Like the sun shinning on a sundial,
hope follows me whence I travel. 
For its...

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Categories: courage, hope, light, sun,

Premium Member Five Or More
Five Or More

What is normal when I lie in bed at night wishing I had a man. Not just any man but the man I...

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Categories: life, love, marriage, perspective,

You are the Painter aswell as the Canvas
Do you have any idea how much material your entire being holds? 
I'm not talking about the materialistic (of the world) things many have their...

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Categories: art, beautiful, color, creation,

Speaking of time
I no longer have a working relationship with time,
We are having a break from each other,
I hope we can avoid a permanent split,
And the way...

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Categories: age, autumn, baptism, blue,

Who you are is who you are
            Who you are is who you are!

Who you are is who you are...

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Categories: 12th grade, abortion, atheist,

Premium Member Aunt Sally is 80
Aunt Sally Is 80

Well, my family calls me Aunt Sally;
I never was a missus.
I travelled with a disabled colonel,
As a nurse, until

My sister and I...

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Categories: age, birthday, courage,

Letting my thoughts speak
How can I stop thinking 
About your cold warm hands 
When you leave me breathless...
A stay with you
Is like heaven
It's 12hours gone
Yet I feel, ...

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Categories: desire,

Green the color of life
Green loved to travel
Was very influential 
Had a multi-billion dollar turnover,
His coverage spread,
Becoming ruler of the earth,
His beauty was astounding
Attracted many,
Very impressive,
People would travel for...

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Categories: poems,

For a hug and kiss I travel for miles,
To share my joy and alluring smiles,
Rolling over to touch your feet,
Wondering the moment of our meet,

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Categories: love,

A River's Autobiograghy
I was born at great heights,
For the peak of morning rays and the glacial snowy nights ,
I never listen to my parents nor their way,

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Categories: beautiful, nature, river,

Premium Member Elements Part 3: Water
I am water, precious water, the most important source 
of life on earth. Master of all shape shifters, I am ever
moving and changing my appearance....

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Categories: life, water,


white washed
walls of hidden 
cobble stones of
past unknowns
Islands of
salt and sea

a serene
version of you
and me placid
crimson hopes and
lie in veiled
the darkness
of disturbed


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Categories: fantasy, travel,


The Universe sang itself into being, 
and we are one of it's songs.
It laughed mischievously at black holes, 
that were hidden in massive throngs.


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© Edlynn Nau  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: creation, miracle, nature, universe,

Premium Member The Heart of Imagination
I smell the scent in the water
As it pushes through my gills
My desire to return
beckons me to the place of my birth
For me the desire...

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Categories: birth, courage, journey, life,

Journey of a sword
For generations I slept.
My violent ever churning home I could accept.
Then the churning itself ceased.
I wept.

The home went dark.
The home went cold.

Then the clanging began.

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Categories: identity, slavery, soldier,

The Highway
People travel me from far and wide
Cars, vans, trucks, people inside

Going places around the globe
I help them on my open road

Winding up and down the...

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Categories: introspection, life, people, people,

Selene's Nightly Ride

I can’t wait to see Endymion tonight
I don my headdress, a crescent delight
Then I travel across the inky black sky
Lighting each star as...

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Categories: fantasy, stars, , Lullaby,

Moved on now
Its been years may be,
as i enter you room again, feeling of lonliness creeps again.
feeling of vacivity inside me.
weeks into months into a years have...

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Categories: nostalgia, recovery from..., me,