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Storm Personification Poems

These Storm Personification poems are examples of Personification poems about Storm. These are the best examples of Personification Storm poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Summer Breeze
A warm summer breeze
touched the side of her cheek
it caressed slowly
in a loving way
trying to get her attention
it swooned around her
wrapping lovingly
trying to awaken her


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Categories: rain,

Premium Member The Farewell of a Magnolia Tree
Goodbye record blackened storm,
And as I lie drying from green to crisp
Waiting for the inevitable debris city truck,
I shall drain my memories,
You were only two...

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Categories: nature, sorrow,


I’d like to think
I’m bold and brave
Who am I fooling
I’m not
Never will be!
I’m a wimp
A sissy and a shrimp
I tremble
Like a leaf
At the roar
Of thunder

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Categories: dog, fear, pride, storm,

I fell in love with a suicidal girl
I only tell of sunny hours due to sunny wanting days
Her sandy brown skin and melting baby blue eyes
Told a story of sorrow. I only...

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Categories: care, cry, dark, fear,

Premium Member Stab the helpless ground
Hurtling clumsily through dark layers of sky --
   Unwelcome residue of engorged, menacing clouds --
Gathering momentum, bulking up as they descend

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Categories: city, snow, storm,

Premium Member The Refrigerator Boogies
I was dancing and prancing 
And singing whooped Dee Dee
Not realizing I was not alone
Until he opened his shirt to me

He threw out the mayo,...

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Categories: 4th grade, 5th grade,

She knows
My Cinderella 
Through any storm I’ll put you under my umbrella 
You make me a happy fella 
Lets drink wine and listen to a cappella...

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Categories: art, blessing, celebration, character,

Sharp as a thorn
Ever since I was born
I took a vow and sworn
To take the bull by its horn
My faith will never be torn
Ive always...

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Categories: 12th grade, 7th grade,

Life's Juice
Sugar cane world
Sweetness reigns
Life's juice
Strife is over.
Joyous taste
No time to waste
Storm is over
Sweet-home takes over.


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Categories: life,

Premium Member Drought breaker
The first little drop of beautiful rain, 
The very first beautiful pearl,
Fell from the sky all alone by itself, 
Fluttering down to the world,

Unaware of...

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Categories: appreciation, happiness, happy, rain,

Be cautious when making ties
We live among spies 
And are surrounded  by strings of lies
What a surprise 
After the dark storm and harsh cries...

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Categories: baby, basketball, beach, beautiful,

Premium Member One of a Pair
It was a cold winter day on the Fundy Bay when the wind and the Ocean Raged

You were a child with the sweetest smile who...

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Categories: clothes,

The Storm
As the sky grew grey
People in dismay
But the flowers screaming hooray hooray

Thunder grew violent
And the people went silent
Finally some peace and quiet

For I am dreary

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Categories: death, nature, perspective, poetry,

Premium Member Lighthouse battles Poseidon
Our regiment has formed on the length of your coast, 
Each battalion is ready to go,
And the artillery is set to launch by tonight, 

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Categories: adventure, beautiful, hero, military,

Winter's Storm
I am the winter, '97,
A snow storm rising,

Yet, I am the autumn's call,
A gentle breeze,
The orange fall.

Still, my swirl of auburn leaves,
Turn carbon black,
Beneath the...

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Categories: beauty, depression, loneliness, lust,

Oh I can't listen,please repeat-You called it integral
Don't wait for darkest storm,let it spread the light now,
Don't let it boil in the steam of hatred,let it be cool and spread its fragrance...

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Categories: beauty, conflict, corruption, emotions,

Ode To Oval
*My beloved Oval, I fear that my words fall short of what I am feeling in my heart.  May you accept these few lines...

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Categories: america, patriotic, political, sad,

Premium Member A Question of Priorities
Outside, the night was rainy and grey
a blustery wind from the north blew cold.
Inside the coup it was light as day;
cozy and warm, and the...

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Categories: allegory, analogy, political,

My Beauty
Last evening  there was a fierce  storm
Everything  experienced  some harm

with the direction of the wind I bent
But some resisted  ,sorry...

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Categories: allegory, allusion, art, fairy,

Premium Member A Century To Immortality
This wise old bulk twined and furled self mended throughout
She shows me her bark churning scars inside out 
Sage sentry    her silver...

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Categories: appreciation, life, tree,