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Nature Personification Poems

These Nature Personification poems are examples of Personification poems about Nature. These are the best examples of Personification Nature poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Wild Birds
  A red-throated hummingbird, betrayed,
begins the annual rite of packing up his nest, 
in response to the mercurial spinning of winds, 
and the twisted...

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Categories: angst, bird, farewell, nature,

Wild Birds Poetry Contest
He soars above the heat,
High above, sun’s right hand man,
Watching the mewling amateurs underneath.

His sight instills fear,
Though too high to steal a glance,
Where he navigates,...

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Categories: animal, bird, environment, nature,

Premium Member The Laysan Albatross
We are mislabeled as sea birds and should be called
big birds, like that yellow one but we're not yellow.
We never land on land for a...

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Categories: allusion, analogy, bird, education,

Premium Member Wild Birds

I’m a very early riser  - the first settler’s 
alarm clock you might say- 
If you haven’t heard my native name 
Wiradjuri guuguubarr- That’s...

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Categories: bird, nature,

Sun Conures
Sun Conures

Brazilian blue bliss
from hot savannah rise these
squealing screechers then 
land so near me peering through 
whited eye rings warily.

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Categories: nature,

My Place in the Family of Things
Blues and whites intertwine in a colorful harmony
Branches of trees lined with paper thin greens, yellows, reds, and browns
All in different stages of life
They will...

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Categories: personification, appreciation, encouraging, environment, inspiration,

Wild Birds
Beneath the shapeless sky of blue
In the valley lacking a hue
Was an isolated thin pond 
Where birds sang their short song to bond

In the midst...

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Categories: allegory, bird, nature, song,

Premium Member Summer Came Softly
I was a zealous environmental scientist, preserving green on our blue planet;
To benefit all animals, plants and people, under sunset skies of pomegranate.

I strived hard...

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Categories: personification, color, fantasy, green, imagery,

Wild Birds
Wild birds shouting in the sky
Singing love songs and lullaby
They sing and sway and roam around 
And cast their feet onto the ground 

They go...

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Categories: nature,

Wild Birds
No pretty coloured feathers 
I always dress in black
To some I’m a bad omen
so sad folk often think that
I have the largest bird brain
I mate...

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Categories: bird, nature, smile, social,

My Roar
Tremble at my roar
Hailing my authority as reigning jungle king
Such beastly nature of mine propels everyone to
Hasten toward haven's hiding place, or flee for safety…

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Categories: animal, bible, christian, faith,

Premium Member She Wolf's - a Mama Too

She wolf’s howls piercing the air, makes 
Mama Bisons panic!
Our young running here, everywhere,
I”m fearful, yes … frantic!

She wolf’s hot...

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Categories: anxiety, death, life, mother,

Premium Member Wild Birds
I am the hawk, the falcon, the eagle
circling the skies, swooping with the winds
that roar through gold and carmine canyons.
I soar to hunt, to pursue,...

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Categories: bird, death, environment, food,

Premium Member Chipmunk
I love to tease and tear around your yard,
while happily chattering and chirping away.
I enjoy searching for acorns and other nuts,
and stuffing my cheeks full...

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Categories: animal, garden, nature,

Tiger Claws
I own the personality of a human extrovert 
you can call me Majesty for I have steadiness of paw 
when it comes to hunting I...

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Categories: animal, appreciation,