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Nature Personification Poems

These Nature Personification poems are examples of Personification poems about Nature. These are the best examples of Personification Nature poems written by international poets.

Landscapes exposing nature’s grandeur
mountain ranges inspire great trip.

Cordilleras of welcoming marvels
propel refreshing ascent
amidst pure verdant sights.

Those delight me, the Earth’s firmament
while surveying the pine trees...

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Categories: appreciation, blessing, christian, faith,

Brother earth
Behold a man whom is provider and home to many he whom is the pure form of nature and is everything he's the ground and...

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Categories: devotion, earth, god,

Pebbles could be placed upon freckles
With eyelashes fluttering, irises caught in a blink,
those windows of yours are opening and closing
like a metronome ticking time to symphonies played.
Within flesh are entrances...

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Categories: autumn,

I am what I am
I am a poet that connect with nature through writing
I am a voice through poetic sprit that reach broken spirits 
I am what I am

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Categories: appreciation, celebration, creation, dream,

Premium Member In Search Of 2

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Categories: america, change, confusion, silly,

Premium Member The Hobbled Tree
The hobbled tree has lost her greenery,
and I, undoubtedly, am not the sun,
so why, then, is she reaching out to me?

Perhaps the fall of shadows...

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Categories: personification, nature, tree,

Premium Member Stories Told in Silence
I like the quiet 
Found in the woods
As the trees silently mutter
Of their aches and pains
I feel sympathy
In my own old limbs 

The path is...

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Categories: nature, solitude,

I’m a familiar bird with little shape,
Cute and brown with a lot of pep
There is nothing about me to swank 
I’m simple just how you...

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Categories: bird,

Created by the omnipotent sovereign Almighty
I’m privileged to bear this scriptural distinction: 
“fowl that may fly above the earth 
in the open firmament of heaven.”...

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Categories: bird, blessing, christian, faith,

Premium Member Tough Triumphs

Expanses are  tomorrow's territory 
Horizons amplified by my wing span
Strength developed in feather tapestry
Shifting locale afforded with agile plan

Ocean's edge sends mayhem forceful
Detected slipstream...

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Categories: adventure, bird, courage, creation,

Premium Member Red Bird
I am a red bird sitting in a huge oak tree,              ...

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Categories: bird, child, crazy, flying,

Premium Member Star In The Night Sky
On the backdrop of a dark blue night sky,                ...

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Categories: blue, fire, morning, night,

Premium Member Haunting Moon
I shine my light upon the green earth
Reaching down from heaven’s domain
To show the world that their fantasies
Are the way that I illuminate the night


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Categories: how i feel, inspiration,

I’m Summer, God-blest wondrous season*
ordained in your calendar for wellness reason…
maximize my offered rejuvenation lesson
freeing you from boredom-prison
toward revitalizing your person.
Refreshing your spirit with...

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Categories: appreciation, blessing, christian, god,

A Natural Factory
My factory will make aeroplanes from snow and sleet, melting inside the sound of speed;
constructing houses from photographs, tissue paper and thread; Papier-mâché homes of...

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Categories: business,