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Muse Personification Poems

These Muse Personification poems are examples of Personification poems about Muse. These are the best examples of Personification Muse poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Silence personified
I am nature,
soul of a mountain,
buried under a billion snowflakes.

I float like butterflies,
from petal to petal.
As cinereal clouds clear,
under a glistening sunrise,
I illuminate like a...

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© Silent One  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: analogy, metaphor, silence,

Premium Member Dusty Dreams
Dusty Dreams

I lay here on the desk pondering my worth
nearby stark white pages slowly yellow.
I am but an instrument to fulfill their need
yet stoic in...

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Categories: muse,

Premium Member Personification Is My Favorite Poem to Write
Personification is my favorite poem to write.
I can fly to my nest and feed my eaglets, 
or I can scare humans to death with my...

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Categories: personification, introspection, poems, poetess, poetry,


I only tell of sunny hours while expemplifying gardens in full bloom
a magnet for songing birds that flute and flit  I am none other...

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Categories: analogy,

Premium Member Luna
Born in violence and fire
She is nothing but death


She is the muse of muses
The poetry of silence 
The song of the night

She is a hypnotist

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Categories: personification, beautiful, beauty, moon, music,


Once upon a time,
a frustrated poet that had not written for a while,
turned towards the heavens and at the top of his voice cried:

" Why...

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Categories: muse, poetry, poets,

Pretty Sentences

I got an ugly duckling pen
that’s always
trying to write pretty sentences
My plain consonant smiles
don’t have a poetic glow beautiful
I have a missing vowel or two,

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Categories: identity, imagery, poets, ,

 You quickly lift me up,
 When I am feeling down.
 You Truly make me feel alive!
 Oh how I love your sound!

When my thoughts...

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Categories: creation, dance, happy, imagination,

Premium Member Wild Mango Fandango

Tongues of my temptress fire lick, 
arousing your ardent artistic desire,
if you dare, imagine me — the intensity
capture me, take your chance;
I’ll love you, leave...

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Categories: dance, emotions, imagery, imagination,

Sole Survivor
Tremulous soil plays host to fleeing frightened fauna as
cacophonic outpourings shatter my serenity.

Whilst my delicate limbs shake in symphonic sympathy,
spluttering engines of destruction belch caustic...

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Categories: environment, imagery, inspirational, metaphor,

Premium Member THE STRANGER

Stranger: "Who are you?"

Poet: "I am a poet!"

S.:"Where do you get your ideas from?"

P.:"From the Muse of course."

S.: "Is Muse a friend of yours?"

P.: "I...

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Categories: muse, poetry, poets,

Premium Member Poetry Ocean
 I can soothe like a lullaby
  with a soft melody
 I can tickle your feet
   If that is your fancy

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© Joseph May  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: sea, , Lullaby,

Premium Member Wondering Moon - for contest
Wondering Moon

Slowly winking
as I saunter amid the stars
I wonder
are you watching me,
keeping tabs
on my cat-like grin.

Sun bathing
above your darkness
I reflect
on your days,
dim the lights
so that...

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Categories: moon,

Under a Watchful Sky
A weary sky settles 
low on a bed of soft sand,
eyes closing, 
and drifts in dreams 
of agile hands –
hands birthed from  
crystal clouds,...

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Categories: art, community, sky,

Personification of science
Like a mother of many faces 
Many countenances 
Changing through the ages
What is written is important but more important is the yet unfilled pages

Her hands...

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Categories: personification, science,

Premium Member Bastard Sun
Life is a bastard son, prodding the fertile horizon
poking into places tender, tearing the expanse of dawn
he taunts, rude and bellicose, so full of himself

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Categories: nature, parody, universe,

try again
my ideal
just an embryo
inside my head
growing with anticipation
where my heart is lead

 a small thing 
 but a start
 a tower of babel built on

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