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Grief Personification Poems

These Grief Personification poems are examples of Personification poems about Grief. These are the best examples of Personification Grief poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Race Against Time
A race against time ..
As her life is faced with challenges..
A tragic loss of a loved one ..
Grief strikes her like a hot iron..
The pain...

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Categories: encouraging, grief, inspirational, loss,

Premium Member Mockingbird
I like to sit and sing on the edge of your roof,
or on a high tree when I am feeling aloof;
sometimes-   my songs...

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Categories: bird,

Premium Member Lifeless Shores
Bloodless insects slink down cracks and fissures
   Chastised Earth mumbles her prayer
Aimless buzzards circle, eyeing lifeless shores

Dreaded gases envelop jungles

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Categories: dark, death, earth, grief,

You’ve seen my rage that can smite cathedrals’ steadfast posture 
Exempting not that edifice in Notre Dame midst its antique feature…
May I remind you of...

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Categories: christian, faith, god, grief,

Surrender Into Obliviousness level uno
Gray matter subjected to accumulate
incessant overall slack heavily larded
earlier in marriage, viz Zison clan
evicted Harris family,
whose hardship unemployment did exacerbate,
neither me nor birth mother worked


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Categories: adventure, bereavement, conflict, grief,

Premium Member THE EPHEMERON

Once an "Ephemeron,"*

observing a human lamenting, 

inquired what the cause of his grief was.

"Alas " replied the human,

" My life is so short that doesn't...

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Categories: grief, life, longing,


On Valentine's day 
A grieving heart Cubid approached and thus
It spoke:
"Come, oh Cupid, 
You winged child of Venus and Mercury,
and tell me, once more,

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Categories: valentines day, wisdom,

Have You Ever Felt Pain When Everything Was Numb
I wish that nightmares only happened in dreams
Or lives that were so tightly joined together, didn't burst at the seams
I wish that I could find...

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Categories: death of a friend,

July 22
I'm so lost and confused.
How am I supposed to win, if all I do is lose?
I've been praying more and it doesn't seem easier.
But the...

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Categories: anxiety, betrayal, conflict, confusion,

Premium Member Autumn leaves
Death paints a Leaf
 With color brilliant
  Before it withers...
Tinged with our grief

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Categories: autumn, beauty, death, grief,

Sad Tears
Setting here all alone with these   bad thoughts in my head           
I have...

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Categories: change, courage, grief, truth,

Premium Member Lie Down on Me
I wait for you in the moonlight
In the quiet of the night
Within this room that holds
So many moments of your life

The dreams you've dreamed
Still linger...

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Categories: age, death, grief,

Fighting to be Treated Fair
Fighting to be fair Being hit with whips Hung from a tree like fruit Being chased by people in sheets Being denied an education Drinking...

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Categories: black african american,


Like a pride of starving lions,

lust's uncontrollable appetites fell upon the

herd of tamed virtues 

devouring them to the last

leaving behind only the carcasses

of lofty ideals



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Categories: abuse, addiction, grief,

Making New Friends
About two weeks ago,  Grief and Sadness knocked on my door,             ...

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Categories: christian, courage, emotions, friendship,

Often I wonder
Why I chose the road to nowhere
Accompanied by decisions of tragedy
It’s my life…It’s unfair

Circling a murky path while carrying a heavy load
Zagging through...

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Categories: bible, christian, lost,

The day I found you

Nothing can prepare one
My heart froze, there was no sun
Tears streaming, I couldn’t run
Ice cold shivers, what can be done?

Laying in fetal position
Your wings, was...

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Categories: cry, death, grief, hurt,

Brightly the sun of summer shone, 
Green fields and waving woods upon, 
And soft winds wandered by; 
Above, a sky of purest blue, 
Around, bright...

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Categories: absence, allegory, angst, april,

From Medusa To Madonna Just Began part ll

Bewitched by Madonna assay to last
The grief once felt was hard to past
And drew her innocence with tone
To never leave a sights inside frawn
For an...

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Categories: art,

the mourning
she lies naked in the ashes of a love affair 
burning her memories   
waiting for the numb  
or the madness 
she welcomes...

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Categories: break up, emotions, fantasy,