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Only The Strong Survive Poems

Only The Strong Survive Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of only the strong survive poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for only the strong survive.

New Poems

Mule to a Man

Oh, the clouds
In the red hue 
form an island chain
Islands for angels
And the kings and queens
They swim free in the sky
Like they’re deep in the sea
“Hold your breath, young man”
And they sing to me

And they sing....

Sometimes it’s hard
Diamond mountain top
It...Read More
Categories: only the strong survive, betrayal, emotions, lost love,
Form: Free verse

Some people give joy wherever they go
Finding so many adventures along the way,
Some cause hope in whatever task they do,
To keep civilization progressing each day.

This present world needs people like yourself.
Its pleasures and treasures are literally dying, 
Only the strong...Read More
Categories: only the strong survive, adventure, christian, conflict, endurance, history, perspective, society,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member World of violence
World of violence

As the morning  slowly  breaks
and, daylight in fil trates...
I feel,
the sunshine-   burn away the grey
I feel,
the dawning, of a brand new day

I wish,  the clouds would
confiscate the rain...
ease the pain ...
as I awaken,
to...Read More
Categories: only the strong survive, anxiety, conflict, grief, heartbreak, society, violence,
Form: Rhyme
Letting Go
I thought of a thousand words,
None came out.
Like burnt rubber,
Dry as charred toast
I chocked on letters,
As if nails lined my throat.

I swallowed my brokenness.
My neck bent, heavy from the crown.
I would walk away with nothing,
My loses came with the bet.
Decisions...Read More
Categories: only the strong survive, break up, leaving, loss, lost love, moving
Form: Free verse
The pain, being misused like  a used rubber band just tossed away
I'm always misunderstood
I was raised off pain, hurt, lies , struggle and long lasting Grit
that's all I know.

I refuse to let my past affect my future
I will never...Read More
Categories: only the strong survive, pain,
Form: Free verse

Lights off and it's cold as the old Fox.../
Those white walls and a door feel quite alot like Fort Knox. /
I got a window the height of my hand to look out/
And if someone notices, it does (them) No good...Read More
Categories: only the strong survive, environment, freedom, journey, psychological, solitude, vacation, war,
Form: Rhyme
Don't Look Under The Bed
The darker part of my thoughts. 
2am demons out to play.
Challenge my sanity.
A tantalizing game of Russian Roulette. 
I thought only the strong survive,
But why is the darkness winning?
Six shots and my sanity is dead. 
...Read More
Categories: only the strong survive, anxiety, dark, mental illness, metaphor, writing,
Form: Free verse

Holocaust...Trapped..Like the fires of Hell,
 Destroyed the old and the young
 Millions suffered the agony and despair
 Holocaust...Covered in bruises,

 Scarring the mind and body for life
 Letting only the strong survive
 The smell of death lingering in the air,
...Read More
Categories: only the strong survive, addiction, age, anxiety, appreciation, art,
Form: Free verse
                MY CAR MY BUCOLIC.
 The speed of my automobile exclusively,
 Depends on the wheelman which earth born, 
 Crave where...Read More
Categories: only the strong survive, future,
Form: Idyll (Idyl)
Happy Dreams Happy Dreams
To fall asleep everynight
Is like a meal I happily prepare.
 That's where my happiness lyes  
When my Father takes me there.
To forgive sometimes
 that's a hard pill to swallow.
 So, I'm looking stay hoping
 for a better tomorrow.
Happy dreams...Read More
Categories: only the strong survive, beautiful, blessing, christian, creation, faith, heart, life,
Form: ABC
Leery of the Theory
As a child, I was taught that God created everything
But when I went to school,
the theory of evolution was the accepted doctrine

That kinda teaching didn't sit well with my parents,
they gathered the kids around, read us the riot act
Their voices...Read More
Categories: only the strong survive, allegory, allusion, analogy, religious, truth, wisdom,
Form: Dramatic monologue
Premium Member Specie Unknown

Just a casual experiment, a new direction,
a bit of slime, residue of past process
left unattended in a remote corner obscure,
to grow, to morph, divide in diverse pattern.

Smaller than simple sight by naked eye,
infinitesimal in worlds order, just one cell.
Born of...Read More
Categories: only the strong survive, poetry, science,
Form: Verse
My existence only exists
So that I can be requisitioned
From a life without you.
I live with the hope
you’ll still chose me as the years roll by
I die a little each time
you don’t reach out and touch me
kills me softly
Waking up in...Read More
Categories: only the strong survive, earth, feelings, i love you,
Form: Free verse
Winter Horrors
This is a Tale of Winter Horrors of the Night
Icicles and Snow Flurries a Massive Fright
On a Mountain Top Where only the Strong Survive
Trapped in a Cave Where You’ll Meet Your Demise
Reduced to a Child Seeing Their Greatest Fear
More Than...Read More
Categories: only the strong survive, dark, death,
Form: ABC
Premium Member THE DUKE
A lone rider sits high in the saddle,
As the horizon's sunrise spreads across,
The open prairie.
Twin pearl handed pistols rest at his side,
As rusty spires clang against wooden planks,
At the deadwood saloon.
Legends cowboys whisper his name,
On the dry desert winds,
A giant...Read More
Categories: only the strong survive, adventure, america, celebrity, courage, history, horse, imagination,
Form: Free verse
In my World
In my world 
There's A you and me.
Doing Everything we can in this life 
To Survive and just be.
They say only the strong survive,
Oh the times I thought I couldnt
Make it with out that someone in my life.

In my Life...Read More
Categories: only the strong survive, life, life, world, life,
Form: ABC
I rather be hated for doing something I'm proud of,
Then being loved for something I'm shame of.
So I'm going to man up,
Stand up,and when the world gives me a question I will raise my hand up.
Never let the world fade...Read More
Categories: only the strong survive, me, world, me,
Form: Epic
This is how i live
I dip my pen in plasma
Write my rhymes in blood
Immortal soldier stopping emotions with a mental plug
I put my game-face on and hit the battlefield
Turning insults to motivation make my writings feel
Never hypocritical
I never change like reciprocals
Steady swimming forward, like...Read More
Categories: only the strong survive, black african american, introspection, life, music, song-teen,
Form: Rhyme
Cold War
The war it's cold with no signs of any ending, it's like adding another twenty years to a life sentence, even in the heat of the moment lies a cold kitchen, with lukewarm souls, in a dark prism, what's a...Read More
Categories: only the strong survive, faith, war, life, war,
Form: Free verse
What is death if the memories stay
what is life if you waste it away]time is limited so enjoy every minute of it
don't stop what you love if someone tells you to quit 
try to make a difference in the world...Read More
Categories: only the strong survive, inspirational, life, people, life,
Form: I do not know?
Don't Give Up
Don't ever give up for any reason.
Only the strong survive the world's problems these days.
Nobody can make a choice for you.
Take the truth and understand it.
Give what you expect to get in return.
In order to be happy enjoy life.
Very few...Read More
Categories: only the strong survive, life
Form: Acrostic
hey little black girl
Hey little black girl keep your head up and walk proud the ghetto cant break you 
and the hood cant make you who you are stay storng little black girl keep faith walk 
the walk of proud sisters talk the...Read More
Categories: only the strong survive, black-african amergirl, girl,
Form: Kwansaba
Me & Prison
How can I ever forget the years I've wasted, tears I've tasted
     for a crime I did not commit.
These eight years will always be difficult to forget.

I carried around a lot of hate and felt condemned.
...Read More
Categories: only the strong survive, visionaryme, me, poetry,
Form: Free verse
I Want to Live In A Castle
I want to live in a castle
Where only the strong survive
With turrets and towers
And joust by the hour
And a six foot mote outside.

I want to live in a castle
On a cliff beside the sea
And spend my days with
The Lords and...Read More
Categories: only the strong survive, places
Form: Rhyme
A Slavery Mentality
Believe in what I am told or what I see 
This war is bitter and I aspire to be free 
Free from these shackles and discrimination 
Free from selective elimination 
We call our children mistakes so we can free ourselves...Read More
Categories: only the strong survive, life, passion, political, social, urbanwar, child, children,
Form: Rhyme