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Neanderthal Poems

Neanderthal Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of neanderthal poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for neanderthal.

New Poems

Premium Member Gibraltar Crumbling

The Dune on the Rock
    where fine grains of time     
gradually slip
revealing footprints
of lost vertebrates:

an archaic 
human being -
red deer, aurochs

and ibex…
crumbling sand



Contest: Pick a Title Vol 12
Diminished Hexaverse
Sponsor: Edward Ibeh
Title: Gibraltar...Read More
Categories: neanderthal, animal, time,
Form: Diminished Hexaverse

Premium Member Neanderthal Tongue Kissing

Do you think neanderthals learned to tongue kiss
It would explain the seven billion people on the premises
If they just held hands
And touched other glands
But apparently the tongue was a sex organ causing bliss

...Read More
Categories: neanderthal, hilarious,
Form: Limerick
Boys in the Yard
See them bully boys in the schoolyard
playing penitentiary hard
Face-scraping the concrete ...
Neanderthal knuckle features marred

Look at the smart treehouse girls
(with Zoology swing low ease thus far)
put the dumb cave-butt chimps
behind the Donkey Kong monkey bars

Finding virgin puppy love is a...Read More
Categories: neanderthal, allegory, environment, school, social,
Form: Quatrain
Miss So and So

She’s so neg neurodegenerative,
so womb retro Neanderthal

Her backward moving bellow decisions
aren’t thoroughly modern mellow

Got lip kicker high heels
that testosterone neuter kills

Miss So and So
loves to cold-heartedly
iron cast her anvil anger with
dragon breath death blows

She’s so con method constrictive,
so anaconda pocket...Read More
Categories: neanderthal, dark, image, slam, word play,
Form: Burlesque
Incomprehensible space time continuum intrigues
Incomprehensible space/time continuum intrigues...

One insignificant, infinitesimal
incomprehensibleness cosmic speck,
who doth readily confess
swallowed within

infinite cosmic wormhole, nonetheless,
he feels mind boggled, fascinated,
transfixed... helpless to express
following concept suddenly
gripping his feeble mental compass.

I haint never gonna get
smart enough to understand
supposedly how universe
under contract to expand
subscribers...Read More
Categories: neanderthal, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, beauty,
Form: Elegy

Writer's cramp here I come
Writer's cramp here I come...
(to the rescue and save the day
and hoop fully a damsel in distress!)

Impending thunderstorm
"FAKE" MAGA (nah) if fuss sent)
thwarted, torpedoed - dag nabbit, and trumped
assigned, mandated, and self selected
online poetic writing session.

Yours truly forced to re-learn...Read More
Categories: neanderthal, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 1st
Form: Free verse
A handy dandy family thing I did not know from Adam
A handy dandy family thing, I did not know from Adam

Monstrous disembodied giant hairy hand...
reached out thru Macbook Pro
Lenovo external screen
"no way can this be real,"
I muttered to no one in particular.

Bug eyed, slack jawed, yours truly froze
petrified as an...Read More
Categories: neanderthal, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, beauty,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member UNQUOTABLE QUOTES: XLVIII - Tongue Teasers

If the « Yellow Race » could have invented the alphabet, they wouldn’t still be seeing « Images » when they close their eyes. Picasso, Dadaism, Surrealist and Abstract painting (including Borroughs and Gysin's cut-up...Read More
Categories: neanderthal, humor, imagery, irony, satire, word play,
Form: Epigram
Premium Member UNQUOTABLE QUOTES: XLVI - Tongue-Twisting Epigrams
UNQUOTABLE QUOTES: XLVI - Tongue-Twisting Epigrams

An aborted foetus never stops growing in the mind of the aborted mother. She never tires of making more babies to nurture the memory of the aborted baby.

The Heart and Soul are as close as...Read More
Categories: neanderthal, humor, irony, people, satire, word play,
Form: Epigram
Premium Member Poor Little Tyro
Little Tyro seemed normal at birth
  Green color, long enough, the proper girth
But when he didn't grow for nigh on a year
  Mom and Dad Tyrannosaurus were filled with fear

One day they took poor Tyro to the dino-vet
...Read More
Categories: neanderthal, animal, destiny, growth,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Meeting the Neanderthal
I fell forty-two feet into the time travel well, sadly.
And ended up barely alive, at the bottom, gladly.
Followed a crevice to a hunky macho caveman’s lair.
He had all kinds of ugly, cranky, snarly filthy hair.

Shockingly, he made an untoward amorous...Read More
Categories: neanderthal, fantasy,
Form: Rhyme
The Wedgie
There's lots of play to underwear. 
I'll try to be discreet. 
It stretches to contain my boys 
Who hang down t'wards my feet. 
Elastic waistband hugs my hips, 
Prohibiting their fall, 
Much better than the outerwear 
Worn by Neanderthal. 

The...Read More
Categories: neanderthal, dad, fun, hilarious,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Neanderthal
N - Not usually spotted in the western hemisphere
E - Extinct in Canada
A- Almost always
N- Nervous around humans
D- Disappears in deep underbrush when sensed
E -Enthusiastic about privacy and un-birthday parties
R-Rarely seen in cities
T-Typically shy
H-Hair grows faster than a grizzly
A-Appetite for...Read More
Categories: neanderthal, animal,
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member Neanderthal Soup
The hairiest arm came out of the pot and slapped me.
I slapped it back, angry now, for without a head, 
How could the arm do that?

My husband jumped out of his recliner.
What are you making? He asked.
His voice was shaky.
It...Read More
Categories: neanderthal, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Killed the Gray Neanderthal Cartoon
Killed the gray Neanderthal cartoon
Rubbed him out with an eraser
Brushed bits of him onto floor
Making a little mess
My husband watched me
Pretty disgusted
He is the one
Who vacuums
...Read More
Categories: neanderthal, art, fun, humorous,
Form: Nonet
Premium Member Neanderthal Like

The secret to life is no secret at all
It's as simple as learning to speak or to crawl
When we master that
The rest is a snap
Standing erect we'll look less like a neanderthal

...Read More
Categories: neanderthal, nonsense,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member I'M A NEANDERTHAL
Categories: neanderthal, hilarious, romance, silly,
Form: Rhyme
Wordsmith's Veneration
Wordsmith's Veneration...

Aye willy nilly understate (trying 2)
tantalize, hypnotize, galvanize...
with "FAKE" trumpeting
spellbinding, rambling, quivering...
intoxicating, hallucinating, gyrating,
stop to take a breather...

English Language vocabulary, a
fascination, intoxication, provocation...
upon me ocular, neurological, mental...
faculties of this nattering nabob
from outer limits of twilight zone
i.e. literary krazy Jewish...Read More
Categories: neanderthal, angel, appreciation, crush, education, friend, inspirational love,
Form: Free verse
Small Medium At Large Units
Small, Medium At Large Units...

Define paradigm since time 
immemorial does find
me defied, electrified, and generated
fascination within my mind,
despite spacious essence invisible to blind
people, or even those blessed to find
pointed laser insight more pertinent

when a visible beam shined
into infinite void of...Read More
Categories: neanderthal, 12th grade, fate, father, heaven, imagination, mystery,
Form: Free verse
Mr Purt
There is a man named Mr. Purt
Money and power are his turf.

He rules the land with a tangerine fist
Misogynistic deeds always tops his list

He takes what he wants, no questions are asked.
Women are no exceptions in his take-over tasks

Greasy, slime-ball,...Read More
Categories: neanderthal, humor, humorous,
Form: Rhyme
Neanderthal - for half eleven contest

He stands there, stripped bare, shameless, nameless, voiceless 
Standing there, choice-less

No dignity, no vanity, no pity
No integrity 

No eyeballs so no stare, no flesh and no hair
And no underwear

No contract, no guarantee, no warranty
No appearance fee

He stands there, stripped bare,...Read More
Categories: neanderthal, history, science,
Form: Rhyme
The Cavemen
Ugg and Ogg, on a rock they sat.
 The pair were in hiding from the sabred cat.
 They had hunted for a whole week long.
 But, recently it had all gone wrong.

The ladies were waiting in their caves.
 It was...Read More
Categories: neanderthal, funny, humor, silly,
Form: Verse
Farrago Go Again With My Gallimaufry
A nascent hodgepodge
     of gobbledygook from me,
or alternatively yours
     nada soo true lee,
this incipient harm
     less bumbling in das scribe
     hubble wordy monster prithee
lee,...Read More
Categories: neanderthal, 10th grade, 12th grade, joy, mystery, nonsense,
Form: Lyric
The Eschaton of the Troglodyte
One million years ago
Before everything we know
Was "this" even here
On the galactic frontier?

For some there's no debate
There was some extant state
For some there's no dispute
God's mouth still lay mute

Such a frothy matter
With such uncivil chatter
And a million years from today
Will...Read More
Categories: neanderthal, age, anxiety, bible, creation, eulogy, faith, imagination,
Form: Rhyme
No FAKE Fire Drill
No "FAKE" Fire Drill

Residents at high
     land manor apartments
     (aside from myself)
     got rudely awakened -
     by what sounded
     like...Read More
Categories: neanderthal, 11th grade, 8th grade, angel, character, fate,
Form: Free verse