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Rampant and endemic police brutality

Rampant and endemic police brutality... 
flourishes against United States citizens of color 
going on three years 
post George Floyd 
short lived heightened awareness
when #blacklivesmatter 
in conjunction with 1619 project
wrought upwelling of progressive surge
hinting at positive transformations.

Despite random throw of dice
proffering gifting, blessing, et cetera 
yours truly as Caucasian
agony, grief and particularly anger
roil these lovely bones
life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness
exempts those graced with darker skin tones.

Rather than raucously riot,
I craft emotions courtesy poetry
mine feeble attempt to agitate and protest
sublimated thru scathing poetic indictment
lame contrasted against violent protests.

Peaceable methodology,
(viz printed word) versus war
preferable mode to conflict resolution
opposed to explosive uproar
angry frenzied mob scenes as seen online, or
alternate mass communication medium
valiantly, yet vanely attempt to even out score.

Tipping point evincing breached injustices,
(whereby persons sporting greater melanin)
triggered spontaneous outbursts
(bedlam witnessed while safely sequestered
within Highland Manor apartment
unit B44 May 31st, 2020).

Innocent lives, particularly
those who proudly identify themselves
purportedly black targeted merely because
genetics crafted them darker hued skin
unwittingly and unfairly
site them in crosshairs
where strong arm of the law
indiscriminately takes their life.

Despite genetics bequeathing me Caucasian
(predominantly Eastern European - Semitic features)
with one percent Neanderthal man
thrown in for good measure),
yours truly dispirited,
dismantled, and disgruntled
née disenchanted linkedin
with Homo sapiens.

Neither railing nor ranting
can alleviate injustice
visited upon heads and torsos of innocent
Americans, whose genealogy traced to
Africa, Australia, Haiti, Melanesia, Papua
New Guinea and South Asia.

Because they and/or forebears
hailed from areas with highest ultraviolet
radiation in the world,
subsequent generations automatically
serve as fodder stigmatized cradle to grave.

Prejudice, inferiority and abuse
maligned, hashtagged, and dogged
heels of peoples uprooted peoples
south of the equator, or elsewhere
whose epidermis strongly hinted
fifty plus shades of ebony.

They found themselves in debasement
within complex edifice housing
facade of equality
ofttimes receiving punishment
their sole supposed crime
accentuated, heightened, perpetrated
courtesy born swarthy complexion
even if prominent features
(think European) quite apparent.

Almost two hundred and sixty five months
into twenty first century
bias toward slave descendants
wracks western civilization in general,
and United States of America in particular
i.e. land of the free and the home of the brave
keynote doth ardently heard far and wide,

yet many nth generations removed
since slavery abolished
still remain shackled, especially
when men/women in blue
subject random person of color
to physical assault
frequently culminating with death
of falsely accused
whereby police person acquitted.

Day after day, week after week,
month after month... brutish and nasty
thuggish haughty uniformed cops
create deadly merciless altercations
begetting livid rage among populations
anonymous brethren beaten, shot, strangled...
ensuing hatred particularly endemic
within lower income poorer neighborhoods
where bedlam runs amok!

Copyright © matthew harris