Swede Poems and Poetry from Sweden

Swede poems and poetry from Sweden. Read examples of swede poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

Dad SwedeSwedenBagley, James02/24/2017
First Time Love SwedeSwedenBagley, James02/24/2017
HAPPINESS OF LIFE SwedeSwedenBagley, James02/24/2017
I refuse to care SwedeSwedennameless, no name03/24/2016
HIGH CASED LETTERS SwedeSwedennameless, no name03/21/2016
and yet SwedeSwedenEriksson, Viktoria12/12/2015
Strength SwedeSwedenEriksson, Viktoria07/26/2015
Another sleepless night SwedeSwedenEriksson, Viktoria07/25/2015
Different rain SwedeSwedenBurchard, Timmy04/26/2015
Bright Blue SwedeSwedenEriksson, Viktoria04/22/2015
The Problem SwedeSwedenEriksson, Viktoria04/21/2015
More rain SwedeSwedenBurchard, Timmy04/20/2015
Every day I wonder SwedeSwedenBurchard, Timmy04/19/2015
Rain SwedeSwedenBurchard, Timmy04/17/2015
Presence SwedeSwedenBurchard, Timmy04/12/2015
Himself SwedeSwedenBurchard, Timmy04/11/2015
Acceptation, part 2 SwedeSwedenBurchard, Timmy04/09/2015
Acceptation, part 1 SwedeSwedenBurchard, Timmy04/09/2015
Suspended SwedeSwedenBurchard, Timmy04/09/2015
CONFORM SwedeSwedenBurchard, Timmy04/09/2015
The cradle, part 3, Daymare SwedeSwedenHedervaryova, Lucia04/06/2015
The cradle, part 2, Nightmare SwedeSwedenHedervaryova, Lucia04/06/2015
The cradle, part 1, Blackness SwedeSwedenHedervaryova, Lucia04/06/2015
The bridge SwedeSwedenHedervaryova, Lucia04/05/2015
Lie SwedeSwedenHedervaryova, Lucia04/05/2015
Midwinter night's grasp SwedeSwedenOlin, Pontus03/25/2014
Now the world's breath is drawn SwedeSwedenOlin, Pontus03/11/2014
Jeux de mots SwedeSwedenSliwa, Adam05/18/2013
You cannot jump from a burning heart SwedeSwedenSliwa, Adam05/15/2013
The night is young SwedeSwedenSliwa, Adam05/15/2013
Itch SwedeSwedenOlin, Pontus03/28/2013
Cherry SwedeSwedenOlin, Pontus03/28/2013
Crows SwedeSwedenOlin, Pontus03/20/2013
The Big Dipper SwedeSwedenPaulsson, Haldor04/17/2011
Why the rush SwedeSwedenPaulsson, Haldor03/07/2011
Plowing furrows SwedeSwedenPaulsson, Haldor02/04/2011
Upwards for the worlds tourism SwedeSwedenPaulsson, Haldor01/30/2011
Sports is destroying the air SwedeSwedenPaulsson, Haldor01/23/2011
Dives into the Space SwedeSwedenPaulsson, Haldor01/19/2011
Asphalt of old SwedeSwedenPaulsson, Haldor01/13/2011
Love for one billion SwedeSwedenPaulsson, Haldor01/10/2011
A lonley ant SwedeSwedenPaulsson, Haldor01/04/2011
Metal on my knee SwedeSwedenPaulsson, Haldor12/28/2010
An engraving on a stomach SwedeSwedenPaulsson, Haldor12/27/2010
Looking for a key SwedeSwedenPaulsson, Haldor12/25/2010
A short man SwedeSwedenPaulsson, Haldor12/25/2010
Northern Lights SwedeSwedenPaulsson, Haldor12/23/2010
Profitable SwedeSwedenPaulsson, Haldor12/23/2010
No gains SwedeSwedenPaulsson, Haldor12/22/2010
Wagtail SwedeSwedenPaulsson, Haldor12/16/2010