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Related Music Poems

These Related Music poems are examples of Music poems about Related. These are the best examples of Music Related poems written by international poets.

Brusa Crom
She discovered why he smiles
so pleasantly towards her.
But she couldn't allow him to
think anything permanent or 
futuristic. simply due to her lack of
not being anywhere...

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Categories: music, car, care, character, cool,

We Want An Orchestra
The organization makes a package
With questions and answers forms
And videos to be used at
Engament parties.
My cousin Madder told me
He and one of the actors
In involved...

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Categories: music, celebration, creation, film, love,

Premium Member My Inner Child
My inner child,                      ...

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Categories: music, fun, humor, night, youth,

Entro Stragegic

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Categories: culture, fashion, music, science

Premium Member ***** Music
They lived across from each other
on and off the center floor dorm hall,
both on the much discussed
controversial LeftWing side.

Yang perused Yin's CDs,
"I see you like...

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Categories: music, culture, health, humor, integrity,

Gonna Be a Redneck Wedding
Our family got the news today
Our bubba's gettin' hitched
Young Daisy Mae, she's near fourteen
Got our boy bewitched
He's sayin' that he loves her
He's making her his...

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Categories: music, america, funny, humor, love,

Tribute To Kemal Amin Kasem, Also Known As Casey Kasem
Perhaps being something of a contrarian and historian
I like to spend Sunday mornings playing American Top Forty reruns on the oldies station
because I enjoy the...

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© Amy Sell  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: music, celebrity, culture, history, humor,

Premium Member Music, Poetry, Art and Me
I have always loved the melody of music,
it charms all living things perhaps even stones;
at times it is classical music that soothes me,
and other times-...

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Categories: art, music, poetry,

After All of These Years
After all of these years

This is my spot, just outside these green coffee house doors,
my piece of sidewalk, my place in this world
A small square...

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Categories: guitar, love, music,

Deal Done Donuts
Turtle spawn can be placed very deep and vertical in glowing colourful beds. But Atlantic highways stuff their coffers with gold and thus adorn the...

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Categories: music, nonsense,

When I Sit Quietly
-The feeling of listen to the piano music "Voice of Compassion"

When I sit quietly
I could see my heart
My heart is gentle and delicate
Accompanied by the...

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© Yunyan Gu  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: emotions, music,

Premium Member Racing Justice
"The way I see it,
we're all related."
said my EcoTherapist.

While DNA and RNA include infinite permutation possibilities,
their primal core functions suggest simple bipolar relationships
between who's inside...

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Categories: music, journey, peace, race, universe,

Premium Member Minutes We Spent
Days, weeks, years, many hours included
Minutes we spent above, now saddened, deluded

Moments shared, in private, continual we
Deceived be, looking past I see

From the day we...

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Categories: music, betrayal, devotion, love, love

Life In Music
When the notes of life swing up and down....
I sat wondering
in a lonely place.....
Is life is related to music...
Those wonderful sounds that went through my...

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Categories: emotions, happy, life, music,

Ode To David
an English Ode 

A shepherd-boy composer sang of hope -
pastoral psalms were first heard by his lambs,
his soothing music helped King Saul to cope,
distressing psalms...

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Categories: god, music, thank you,

Book: Shattered Sighs