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Mirror Poems

Mirror Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about mirrors. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for mirror.

New Poems

Someone's in the mirror?
I see his face, his hair!?
I see him standing here!
Now if I turn away;
Now the wall I see:
What should I say?
Guess it's just me I see?
someone's in the mirror
In the mirror I see me

Written words by James...Read More
Categories: mirror, allegory, allusion, analogy, meaningful, symbolism,
Form: Light Verse

Premium Member Buds Forever
Buds Forever

Shorty was a little dog, 
Curly was too. 
They played every day, 
until there was nothing else to do. 

Rolling on the grass, 
digging up the garden, 
chasing butterflies
and frogs near the pond. 

The days are full, 
of everything...Read More
Categories: mirror, childhood, faith, happiness, music, nice, spiritual, surreal,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member Ode to a Land of Wonder
Ode to a Land of Wonder

I walk a journey through shady forests set aside 
Where sunbeams slide to earth on airy pillows 
Where verdant green nestles all about the ferns
In emerald hues to mirror rows of leafy greens
Then turn to...Read More
Categories: mirror, nature, patriotic, poetry,
Form: Ode
Snow White - The New Conclusion
A weeping mother sits and sews,
Pricks herself on her thumbs and toes,
For some reason, she thinks of a child,
Red lips, black hair, and sweet smile,
A couple of days later, here's Snow White,
Sadly her mother passed away that night,
Her father remarried,...Read More
Categories: 5th grade, anger, family, magic, mirror, princess,
Form: I do not know?
by Michael R. Burch
We stood, kids of the Lamb, to put to test
the beatific anthems of the blessed,
the sentence of the martyr, and the pen’s
sincere religion. Magnified, the lens
shot back absurd reflections of each face:
a carnival-like mirror. In the...Read More
Categories: mirror, allegory, allusion, analogy, crazy, fantasy, imagination, magic,
Form: Sonnet

Optical Illusion
My slumbered eyes in endless night hours
make shady groves of translucent memories. 
Outlining  contour of crescent moon, 
dark figures meander my muffled thoughts. 

The starry sky suddenly changes
from turquoise blue  to champagne color .
Half in light, half in...Read More
Categories: mirror, break up, fantasy,
Form: Free verse
Sunset in the eyes
I cannot call myself a poet, for my pen is not able to write about any other ocean than your eyes. 
If I combine the scent Of orange leaves with the touch of your hands, I can create the most...Read More
Categories: mirror, crush,
Form: I do not know?
Your words ripped her apart, you are beautiful but they judge her from afar, she walks around with a scarred heart. Her feelings of hating the world , her days of being tormented never led up. The feeling of abuse...Read More
Categories: mirror, 12th grade, cheer up, poems, poetry, poets,
Form: Prose Poetry
How does one write poetry
One step at a time
by placing one metrical foot in front of another

Let me walk you through it:

Iambic is a lamb and the smallest of the lot – ta dum!
Trochaic is the Trojan horse of iamb hiding in a mirror...Read More
Categories: mirror, poems, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Clouded Love Slam
A hex,
A spell of dark magic
In witches cauldron to stir

Not for death
But rather to suffer well

In this life not the afterlife

For crimes against my broken heart
that brought me to this place

I wish 7 decades of bad luck you trace
the cracks...Read More
Categories: mirror, lost love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Between the Pillars of Black and White

"Between the Pillars of Black and White"

You sit alone in your power
between the pillars of 
black and white
holding your book in hand

The words are your keys
not the mind of some libertine
an interventionist morai fate 
twisting and calling dead dreams forward...Read More
Categories: mirror, love, magic, romance,
Form: Romanticism
Better Love

This is one of my most treasured songs. 
I've grown very fond of my PSoup pen pals and gals. 
Thus, I'm would love to share
a most intimate part 
of this Romantic Warrior heart.

With butterfly thoughts,
I open my eyes
each day

This fluttering...Read More
Categories: mirror, feelings, love, romantic love, true love,
Form: Romanticism
by Michael R. Burch

Your fingers end in talons—
the ones you trim to hide
the predator inside. 

Ten thousand creatures sacrificed; 
but really, what's the loss? 
Apply a splash of gloss. 

You picked the perfect color
to mirror nature's law: 
red, like tooth...Read More
Categories: mirror, animal, culture, earth, environment, fashion, weather, world,
Form: Free verse
As Memes Diffuse

Mirror, mirror from the wall to online
vanity declares, pick a piece of mine.
Respond, rewrite, re-integrate the theme;
Prompt for contest is becoming a meme.

Culture shifts slowly; one stanza at a time. 
Apprentices with reason and rhyme
compose on the edge of vulgar...Read More
Categories: mirror, 11th grade, poetry, vanity,
Form: Verse
it was written
i got caught
thinking again
and stupidly took

the bait
thus setting
off the trap but

this was
more me then a

mouse because
i kept thinking

but f
uck me
so not to
be sued

about a best
and a worse
time and i'm

thinking i'm
living on the
border line

thank god not
the actual

line but i
can feel
the...Read More
Categories: mirror, muse,
Form: I do not know?
A Prayer For A Sharper Vision

Lord, give us sharper vision in each and every day;
Help us to keep our focus upon Your will and way,
To look into the mirror of Your holy, perfect word
And listen to Your Spirit each time our...Read More
Categories: mirror, prayer,
Form: Rhyme
My Wish for Her
I wish for my daughter
The greatest capacity for love.
I wish that she finds strength
Most can only dream of
I hope that she loves
With reckless abandon
Sharing faith and compassion
Always at random
Spreading joy where most needed 
Teaching others how love is seeded 

I...Read More
Categories: mirror, anti bullying, appreciation, children, courage, faith, family,
Form: Rhyme
The generous spirit
The daily task of life sustained by care,
the generous spirit by endeavors in dare. 
The eager force that creates the path so bright,
taken the courage to the darkest invisible light.
That natural instinct of righteous concern,
with the wisdom that can perform...Read More
Categories: mirror, 12th grade, discrimination, endurance,
Form: Ballade
Kajal Ahmad translations Kurdish
by Kajal Ahmad, a Kurdish poet
loose translation by Michael R. Burch

My era's obscuring mirror
because it magnified the small
and made the great seem insignificant.
Dictators and monsters filled its contours.
Now when I breathe
its jagged shards pierce my heart
and instead of sweat
I exude...Read More
Categories: mirror, arabic, bird, conflict, earth, home, sun, travel,
Form: Free verse
The Broken Mirror Of Time
Looking through the broken mirror of time, 
I visit times and places from the past.
To have loved never should have been a crime; 
Yet, somehow I was always thought of last.

The fragments grow smaller as time moves on, 
And seven...Read More
Categories: mirror, betrayal, break up, conflict, depression, imagery, pain,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Van Gogh
Endless sunflower fields 
Rhythmically swaying in the wind
Like lazy ocean wave stretches 
To the distant line of horizon
Touching the edge of the sky
Melting into hot noon brilliance
Boiling all shades of yellow into
One burning brightness of sun

He is walking fast towards...Read More
Categories: mirror, anxiety, art, crazy, desire, pain,
Form: Free verse
Thesaga of Suzanne the snowflake and Cyril the racist ware squirrel part 2
And there the story might have ended 
But the bite on Suzanne's thumb 
Throbbed and became distended, 
'I must say, I feel a little rum', 
she said and lay down on her bed, 
but as she fell asleep a patch...Read More
Categories: mirror, allegory, analogy, animal, england, irony, political, snow,
Form: Light Verse
Buckled Bills Boasting
daedal delight dangling
saucy skirmish smoldering
dainty dark drooling
nauseating punctured puking
of salient smirk
la-de-da limbs lurched

buckled bills boasting
lanky lust lustrating
felon feast fondling

eyes etched'n fear
hoisted hankerings' shear
taunted thrill tears

punctured parley pulses
wielded wild whooshing.
...Read More
Categories: mirror,
Form: Sonnet
Love Letter From The Soul XXXIX

Black to White, Black to White
back to front, front to back
dancing naked 
a pale moonlight
passions rising 
over a burning sea

you can see
you can see
in the twin mirror of me
won now
now won

one two
one two

the predictive text 
of life 
unpredictability mailed
sent...Read More
Categories: mirror, love,
Form: Romanticism
Its Getting Late
The darkness is drawing closer
The number of days lived provides the light
How we’ve chose to live in each moment
Has become the summation – the totality of our lives

Obsessively focused on past experiences
Extremely anxious of what’s to come
Our existence - fighting...Read More
Categories: mirror, abuse, addiction, allegory, anger, angst, anxiety, today,
Form: Rhyme