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Short Mcwhirtle Poems

Short Mcwhirtle Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short Mcwhirtle poems by PoetrySoup poets. Search the short Mcwhirtle poetry form by poem length and keyword.

 your my water fall
i miss your call
and i need you too

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Categories: depression,
Form: McWhirtle

Premium Member Dick
Can't you get it
Love is something that you are
If you sweat it
You're something else by far...

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Categories: love,
Form: McWhirtle
Premium Member Name Dropper
 Richard Nixon was quite slick
 Most just called him tricky dick
  But it was in Watergate
 that he did participate
 Ford pardoned him very quick...

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Categories: fun,
Form: McWhirtle
Premium Member Winged Warrior
A genuine soul 
Whose pen is so bright 
A master of words 
Whatever his write 

Always a cool cat 
Always polite 
Cheers! To you brother 
My & light...

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Categories: friendship,
Form: McWhirtle

are we all aware
of whats going on
the poles are melting
but for how long

could this year be
our final swansong
does anybody know
of whats going on

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Categories: riddle,
Form: McWhirtle

Sammy the Seaman
Today we celebrate 
Sammy the Seaman
who caught enough
to overfill his big net.

It's truly amazing that
he fed every family
from one single catch
which we'll never forget....

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Categories: imagination,
Form: McWhirtle
Night Eyes

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Categories: visionary
Form: McWhirtle
Sights and sounds of Reseda, California before dawn on a crisp autumn morning
shooting stars
the Pleiades
Orion's Belt
the Little Dipper
the Big Dipper
the moon
police helicopters
a bullhorn
time for breakfast!...

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Categories: humorous,
Form: McWhirtle
Premium Member Bored Games
The game of chess
  truly bores me
Enough time between moves
  for a dip in the sea

There's one more game
  that drives me up trees
Time it with a calendar
   Its name ~ 'Monopoly'...

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Categories: games, time,
Form: McWhirtle
The failings of leaders
Not taking into account
The needs of the people
Apart from their very own

They live in splendour
With steaks for dinner
Soft pillows to rest on
The people, skin and bone...

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Categories: betrayal, corruption, discrimination, fear, hate, political, poverty,
Form: McWhirtle
Premium Member Jerry the Joker
Everyone laughs
at Jerry's crude jokes
He's a regular guy
a bar-tending bloke

But never ever joke
that his mum's soon to croak
Jerry's fists will soon find you
~ You won't be saved by the bell

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Categories: drink, humor, mother,
Form: McWhirtle
Destiny By Ocean's
Is it crazy to throw
These dreams I hold
Inside my heart, eternally,
Into the ocean's mold..

Then to hope one day,
As my days grow old,
They'd wash into the same
Breaking waves I watch unfold?

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Categories: destiny,
Form: McWhirtle
Flying South
Flying South 

Flying down south 
to get into the sun. 
Thinking of water 
and beaches and fun. 

The warmth of the sunshine 
will warm my whole soul. 
Spending my time with you 
is my main goal....

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Categories: beach, flying, fun, sunshine, water,
Form: McWhirtle
Stop and look at the 
trees in the wind look
how they sway back and forth
greeting all they meet.

Their leaves are so 
beautiful that they catch
your very eye while the
willows bow at your feet.


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Categories: nature,
Form: McWhirtle
Poor Noodles
Noodles Noodleman knew
The cookbook through and through
Noodles Noodleman knew
He must teach Sally too

Alas, Sally withdrew
Cooking she could not do
She then began to brood –
What could poor Noodles do…?

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Categories: character, feelings, growth, imagery, life, light, mentor,
Form: McWhirtle
Try the Apple Pie
When Adam and Eve
Set up house down in Eden
With do-it-yourself
They had no time for breedin

Expansion was slow
Hardly bothered to try
But took off when Eve baked up
That first apple pie

8 December 2019...

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Categories: humor,
Form: McWhirtle
ONE FINE DAY ~~~~ * ~~~~ one fine day middle of the morrow two lovers fell out had a quarrel O their sadness O their sorrow Kissed, made up Babies followed

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Categories: true love,
Form: McWhirtle
Premium Member Sammy the Spy
He seemed quite shy
did Sammy the Spy
Yet his reticence masked
a mind calculating, sly

When but a wee lad
Sammy uncovered the facts of life --
Picking his folks' bedroom lock 
He gawked, then gasped, 'Oh, my!'

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Categories: boy, education, life,
Form: McWhirtle
Romeo the Great Lover

I’m really amazed by 
Romeo the great lover 
who boasted his greatness
of loving my friend Tess.

Oh, Gee! How hard it is 
for him to display his trademark
of love, for her 
in the presence of his wife.


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Categories: funny, life, love, on work and working,
Form: McWhirtle
THE GREEDY BROWN RAT ~~~~~~~~~~~~ the greedy brown rat was becoming obese from stealing food off our table blasé he became fearless no fright he had a surprise a trap, now he's a fable

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Categories: humor,
Form: McWhirtle
The McWhirtle Vendor

Leonardo The Loyal,
Slow silence lowering but
Who where we to know,
Flowing and pouring, pouring

Purple and royal his chin,
As crochet vines, looming
luxuriously, pennys as payment
Selling everything, the black agent

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Categories: betrayal, hyperbole,
Form: McWhirtle
Love In Flames
She loved the skylark
And she loved the grub
She didn't love me
Therein lie the rub

I penned her sonnet
On scented paper
She set it aflame -
Vanished in vapor

Contest : McWhirtle Me
Sponsor : Charles Messina...

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Categories: lost love,
Form: McWhirtle
Premium Member McWhirtle Me
McWhirtle me is what I read
Another contest sublime
Curdle of knee is rarely fed
The icy hot heat in time.

McWhirtle me is what I saw.
A contest that made me look up
McWhirtle now I think I know.
It might be my kind of cup.


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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 7th grade, 8th
Form: McWhirtle
Premium Member Season's Eatings
Hot apple cider
Cinnamon savors
Gingerbread houses
Sugar and spice neighbors

Peppermint cocoa
Sugarplum favors
Gifting my tastebuds
With Christmastime flavors


For 'McWhirtle Me' contest
Sponsor: charles messina


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Categories: chocolate, christmas, sweet,
Form: McWhirtle
Yiorgos the Philanthropist
I stand in great awe of
Yiorgos the Philanthropist
who in public shared cheerfully 
his wealth for the needy.

Oh, what a hypocrisy
It’s unbelievingly hard for him 
to give the wages of his good maid
in return, of her long service.

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Categories: caregiving, life, on work and working, people,
Form: McWhirtle