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Long Suiting Poems

Long Suiting Poems. Below are the most popular long Suiting by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Suiting poems by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member SOCIAL PRIVY

What does this vastly misunderstood word mean to you? 

Too what ends? 

May we seek? 

Who(m) may guide us? 

Endless deliberation (spiss spiss spiss)

Debated and glorified by us all 

Beloved; instilled among (a) core...

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Categories: suiting, absence, abuse, addiction, adventure, allusion, analogy, anxiety,
Form: Free verse

No more faxes, no more phones                             ...

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Categories: suiting, funny, retirement,
Form: Free verse
No Longer Fit for Work
No more faxes, no more phones                             ...

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Categories: suiting, age, funny, old, retirement,
Form: Alliteration
Premium Member I'm A Dream Chaser
I'm a dream chaser chasing 
After my dreams for the risen King. 

I'm running after my dreams,
At full speed like a water stream. 
Not backing down from another fight
In fact I'm getting ready to take...

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Categories: suiting, confidence, dream, motivation, passion, success, uplifting, work,
Form: Lyric
You were born to be a filigreed crown
to soar like the swift      never touch ground
but they gave you labels   suiting their thought
words sharpened like knives   ...

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Categories: suiting, allegory, angst, caregiving, family, happiness, life, lost
Form: Verse

Spy versus spy versus spy
If looks and money are what your about
your not getting very far with me
If you believe we use sattelites in space to watch television
you have to be kidding me

One happy victom
center of attention of the...

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Categories: suiting, adventure, angst, confusion, education, history, imagination, life,
Form: Free verse
Get Off My Back
Washing and drying
Folding and clothing
Scooping and dumping
Hustling and bustling.

I follow my routine
Each tuesday, thursday and friday
Getting all the chores done
On rare occassion one is saved for tomorrow.

Yet, your never satisfied
You try to throw off my...

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© Megan Ryan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: suiting, anger, depression, emotions, family, mother, poems, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Pendulum of Time and Space
Swinging on a pendulum in some random place moves people; like me.
Clocks in general are quite the intricate workings.
Telling time must be of up most importance as much time spent on the making of itself.

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Categories: suiting, character, conflict, culture,
Form: Didactic
Silence not just opposite of voice
Silence not just opposite of voice
More of ear turning deaf to outside noise 
Close ears to outside din
And hear subtle murmur within

Listen Heart beats in rhythm and rhyme
No music composer can beat the music...

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Categories: suiting, peacemusic, body, life, may, music,
Form: Couplet
As You Wished
Your bloodshot eyes tell it all
Without me behind the likes of you, you;ve failed
At what can only be done by you
Just follow your blackened heart, Harlot
I need not a minute longer
As you've run the blade...

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Categories: suiting, teen,
Form: I do not know?
My Life Is Like A Movie
My life is like a movie
well in my eyes I can truly be the ruling
I'm the doozy, Uzi shooting through the rooting
super-computing, fusing routine, never will use these
suiting every few, cleverly blue
see who? me looting...

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Categories: suiting, beautiful, how i feel, visionary,
Form: Verse
A Night Shared By Two.
A Night Shared by Two!

An engaging innocent smile
Across a candlelit 
Prurient red clothed table

She has him
With her capturing magnetism
Her exquisiteness lures him in
Lost in a sea of lusting curiosity 
As sitting peacefully together there 

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Categories: suiting, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Awaking from silence
There is a language barrier being created
adopted and fostered by social media
controlling certain dialect from surfacing
kept down with bad manners treasonous acts with character
Governing bodies has signed the soul of democracy away
to address another human...

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Categories: suiting, abuse, blessing, heart, innocence, truth, wisdom, words,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member THE MALT SHOP

I would wager every school has a no-touch clan -
Four or five debs who really know how to play
And they share company only with those coolest
      studs of...

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Categories: suiting, abuse,
Form: Free verse
Wesley's Horse
The little creature knew the roads.
From town to town his Friend
Would seek a fitting gathering space
To focus on life’s end.
No burden he, and speaking much
To Someone Fatherly
Then speaking to assembled crowds
Pressed close that they might see.

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© Doug Blair  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: suiting, christian, courage, friend,
Form: Pastoral
It's weird how
I still don't know 
what to say about him.
Every time that I think I have words
I run out
they don't seem suiting
they don't seem like enough.
I don't know what to think about him.
Thoughts don't...

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Categories: suiting, appreciation,
Form: Free verse
Just Don't Leave Without Me
Pardon my heavy pace,
Heavy as I may seem.
Indecisive as i maybe,
I am working towards thee.

To that far left corner
I must move this piece of furniture.
And this one to right corner
No, Im throwing it out the...

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Categories: suiting, leaving, missing,
Form: Quatrain
Biobab ever sits unable to stand but a tree.A broad trunked,huge like rocks,from silk-cotton family fruiting for paper,cloth and rope suiting.
Bab is gate in Arabic and the tree is an African origin.A gateway between...

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Categories: suiting, blessing, business, caregiving, character, grandfather, memory, repetition,
Form: Blank verse
This Road to Victory
On This road
See I not myself
Rubbles broken
And walk on the kneels
I might have do

On This road
Skulls of yesterday starters
On the valley of decisive wars
Where the fainting
Has become lame

On This road
Where lions roar
Snakes hushing
The ground full...

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Categories: suiting, adventure, angel, anxiety, bible,
Form: I do not know?
We have a piece of love coming our way
 uncondtionally,no doubt will sway,
 to the bussoms and hearts that is held
 and heavens looking down that will weld.

 A love you can`t imagine until have...

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Categories: suiting, family,
Form: Rhyme