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Long Mum Poems

Long Mum Poems. Below are the most popular long Mum by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Mum poems by poem length and keyword.

Son Say Goodnight To Grandpa
“Son”...”say goodnight to grandpa”

Spurred by mother dearest 
as well as other politesse
drummed into her second born
fobbing blandishments as incentive
tumbled off fingers of prodigal son
tripped wordsmith to splutter forth
forthwith the following lines.

Back in the day 

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Categories: mum, 12th grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, absence,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Blue Sky, Why
"Blue Sky, Why?"

stories speak to us.
inside our heart 
is crying.

Blue Sky, Why?

why do children
holding sunflowers
watch their parents die

why do sweet children,
now war torn, 
some the battle's orphans,
daily lose their lives

lying in their sick beds
bombed in...

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Categories: mum, courage, humanity, leadership, light, peace, truth, war,
Form: Narrative
Where Art Thou Anonymous Benefactor To Offer Me Succor
Where art thou anonymous offer me succor?

Ah... methinks legal tender 
could be a boon to help me bolster 
mein kampf with necessary material equipage,
which prospect to acquire essential 
commodities sabotaged 
at the altar of...

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Categories: mum, 8th grade, absence, anger, angst, boy, confusion,
Form: Free verse
Disability, Illness and Fundamentalism
Disability, Illness and Fundamentalism

My brother died of Cystic Fibrosis, 
When I was twelve and he fourteen, 
It took away his ambitions, 
To study at Oxford - the pipe organ’s steam. 

I understand being born with...

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Categories: mum, atheist, cancer, health, prayer, religion, rights, science,
Form: Rhyme
Self Destructive Wickedness Arrested, Convicted, and Gaoled
Self destructive wickedness arrested, convicted, and gaoled...

with kidnapping little boy 
ordered to suffer
life sentence without parole.

The deadly scourge of  
one obsessive/compulsive disorder
nearly left me starving to death.

Anorexia nervosa absent bulimia 
nadir of onset 

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Categories: mum, 2nd grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, absence,
Form: Free verse

Childhood Dreams Part 2
The three little pigs came to the ball
Tried to blow the castle down
It didn’t work
It was made of solid gold
So they gave up and sat at their trough 
Ate noisily 
And snorted quite a lot


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Categories: childhood, cinderella, dream, mum,
Form: Free verse
Final Lullaby
Final Lullaby
by Michael R. Burch

for my mother, Christine Ena Burch

Sleep peacefully—for now your suffering’s over.

Sleep peacefully—immune to all distress,
like pebbles unaware of raging waves.

Sleep peacefully—like fields of fragrant clover
unmoved by any motion of the wind.


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Categories: mum, death, eulogy, funeral, Lullaby, mother, mother son,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member The Call
It was a dull, drizzling morning, the morning the Jehovah's Witnesses called on me, and I had been in my new flat for less than a fortnight.
   This particular morning I had decided...

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Categories: mum, humorous, religion,
Form: Prose
A Rhyme Into My Active Prescription Medication Addiction, and the Start of My Recovery
TRIGGER WARNING this piece features active addiction, the struggles etc 

I Can't stop screaming, sobbing the pain in my stomach is excruciating,
Eventually Im assigned a bed to be left in whaling, waiting, 
Finally a nurse...

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© Sarah Cope  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: mum, addiction, child, cry, emotions, evil, growing up,
Form: Free verse
Goodbye Six Pack Hello Poetry Scribes
Goodbye six pack hello* poetry scribes

My poetic side COSMOFUNNEL
wordsmith thanks tumblr in his noggin
ofttimes triggering babbling brook 
to swell after deluge
becoming stream of consciousness runnel
carving, gouging, and liquidating topography 
qua zee mow toe natural formed...

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Categories: mum, adventure, angst, april, body, father, hair, love,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Coma Conversation: I Am In Your Computer
  I journeyed long upon the way, e-mailed through your router
  hello "Henry", good to greet, I am in your computer
  I am between him and her, so I am gender neuter


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© Ian Love  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: mum, computer, creation, hello, imagination, philosophy, science, universe,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member The Medal
He didn’t really meet Sally as such, more she met him. He was walking down the High street when she tapped him on the shoulder. I’m in a real hurry, but your brother Tom says...

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© Paul Bell  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: mum, fate, friendship love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Rum n Raisin Special - Seeking Milton
Their human ma and pa were spark out in reclining chairs
But Rum and Raisin watched the TV with enraptured stares
The western had just ended with the credits rolling past
And Raisin said, “That gunslinger was super...

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Categories: mum, cat, remember,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Rum N Raisin 4 - Homer Lone
Rum was feeling playful so he went to find a mouse
He looked in every nook and cranny right throughout the house
But all the mice were sound asleep for it was dark outside
And then Rum saw...

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Categories: mum, animal, cat,
Form: Narrative
Half a Dozen Plus Years Ago the Following Became a Near Reality
Half a dozen plus years ago the following became a near reality

Countdown to homelessness – 
mars this earthlinked sole Harris - son
panhandler would would register 
pyrrhic victory won.

Found me linkedin at the end of...

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Categories: mum, age, america, anger, angst, anniversary, anxiety, appreciation,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Part One - a Gunshot Wound To the Heat - a Short Story From My Memoir

From a two-room schoolhouse high on a hill over the Fundy Bay, I sat at an old wooden desk daydreaming. The ink stains and etchings which were dug deep into...

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Categories: mum, nostalgia,
Form: Prose
Premium Member Engraved in stone
She watched the demolition team enter her old school. In the next few days it would be raised to the ground. The end of an era she thought, Christ, it was depressing.
Suddenly a thought entered...

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© Paul Bell  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: mum, baby, death, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Lux Vitae Love Stories of the Fey: In the Clouds
Lux Vitae Love Stories of The Fey:

“In the Clouds”

“What are you looking at Mum?”
“They come in the clouds you know”, she said to her daughter
“Every night, the same time, the numbers seem to grow,...

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Categories: mum, adventure, fairy, fantasy, journey, mystery, mythology, science
Form: Free verse
9 - Dont Bee Late For Flight-School
Don’t bee late for Flight-school

Ok…Are you sure you have got everything that you need?
There is nothing you have forgotten?
Nothing you want to get before you leave?
Are you sure you don’t need to use the lavatory...

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© Aa Harvey  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: mum, family, flying, friendship, growth, insect, joy, love,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member The Man In White
Hannah, could never remember a time when she wasn’t ill. The doctors had tried all sorts of stuff, and at times she had rallied. She was optimistic to begin with, but now she was just...

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© Paul Bell  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: mum, angel, child, hope,
Form: Free verse
Dedication To Alex Braes
The early hours of a Wednesday morning in a small country town.
An 18-year-old boy struggles to sleep
He had pain so bad 
all he could do was weep 
he, knee was so painful
he had to go...

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Categories: mum, emotions, funeral, grief, pain, poetry, sorrow, stress,
Form: Free verse
Everyone Poops
I am playing with my dollies
And my princess pram all pink
I'm nearly 5
A big girl now
No more nappies
Or plastic pants
I think

I outgrew the potty
When I was only three
My mum says it's because I am brave

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Categories: body, humor, humorous, wedding, mum, , cute,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Sweet Child of Mine
As I watched my daughter playing with her son, I couldn't help but see myself in her. I still think of her as a child, but I guess parents always see their grown children as...

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© Lin Lane  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: mum, daughter, grandson, love,
Form: Haibun
Premium Member Part Two- Gunshot Wound To the Heart- a Short Story From My Memoir - a Journey of Roses and Thorns
It was a hot summer day.  Harry had stopped by Grandma's house and offered to take the two little girls down to the store and treat them to an ice-cream cone.  Grandma, thinking...

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Categories: mum, nostalgia,
Form: Prose
Fork Git About Spooner Hiz Ham
Fork git about spooner hiz ham

And join (singing the words 
in the next paragraph) whether alone
in a traffic jam
basting, cooking, then eating a lamb
prepared by thee missus
a superb culinary madam.

“A Ram Sam Sam” Lyrics
A ram...

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Categories: mum, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, adventure,
Form: Rhyme