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Long Jueju Poems

Long Jueju Poems. Below are the most popular long Jueju by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Jueju poems by poem length and keyword.

Game over
I burst through my kitchen door knocking down my mother in the process and said "outta the way loser".

I went down to my gamer cave to reign my epicness on these poor little noobs at...

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Categories: allegory, analogy, boy, dad, family, father son,
Form: Jueju

I hate you
I hate you

I hate you
I hate you for you had all the time to tell me but you didn't
I hate you for you chose to pretend 
I hate you for you decided to hide "you"

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Categories: boyfriend, confusion, feelings, how i feel, innocence,
Form: Jueju
A Jumbled Past

Truths slant at his sharp angles. 
Skies cloud as lies untangle. 
More is less, she spills gray thought,
kneads her words of clay till wrought.

His worn puppet works her pen,
beautifying pain again.
When spirits lift, she'll escape...

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Categories: abuse, emotions, heartbreak, poetry, words,
Form: Jueju
Premium Member What Faith Implies

What Faith Implies

Although you believe in God
you’re both befuddled and awed.
And yet, you still pray to Him
whenever prospects look grim.

Regardless of what you’re told,
faith cannot be bought or sold.
But when you feel you can't win,

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Categories: 10th grade, death, faith, feelings, god, hope,
Form: Jueju
exodus'  plague  had forewarned
dire straits if the first was scorned
and first was the crimson tide  
nine more as pharoah defied
some millennia since passed  
we come to know how it's...

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Categories: beach, nature,
Form: Jueju

Gazing at the moon’s beauty
Assures me great certainty:
This bright celestial wonder
Appears through God’s grand order.

Its fullness brings warm delight
Midst night’s* glow of subdued light
Offering serene moments
Meditative engagements.

Beholding moon’s bashful smile
Makes my muse linger awhile
On lunar...

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Categories: appreciation, blessing, christian, environment, god, jesus, moon,
Form: Jueju
Instilled with Bible stories
Wrought by God-driven gestures
Of faith-anchored victories
Our kids doubt mermaids’ ventures.

Aware of true creation
They know mermaids are men’s tales
Amusing recreation
Showing beings of fish tails.

Having learned Scripture verses
They saw Jonah’s great sea-trip*
Was caused by...

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Categories: jueju, bible, christian, faith, god, jesus, spiritual, truth,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Clarity from Ghost
Heartfelt readiness,
Open mind, kindred spirit
An absolute headiness
Sensing we are near it.

Communication clear,
Approaching empathy.
Completely willing spirit,
Sensing symphony.

Indicator moves,
Locked onto spirit mind.
Séance pandemonium,
Leaves me far behind.

Candles catch the gazes,
Participants engrossed.
Answers seem in mazes,
Odd clarity from ghost.

When lights...

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Categories: spiritual,
Form: Jueju
Premium Member Robin Redbreast

Red robins serenade spring
extolling its warmth they sing.
And on a grey somber day
their songs chase the blues away.

As April rains quench spring’s thirst
cheery robins arrive first.
And decked out in red and black
bring a splash of...

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Categories: 8th grade, 9th grade, beautiful, bird, imagery,
Form: Jueju
Premium Member Nothing

I know nothing, and I know it well,
it makes sure that my head doesn't swell.

Nothing is futile to gripe about,
it outlasts my compulsion to shout.

Nothing is the stuff of sleepless nights
confusing, like deer caught in...

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Categories: 12th grade, anxiety, feelings, image, imagery, imagination,
Form: Jueju
Premium Member The Fount of Our Love- JQ
I met you when we were young, 
in that second tunes were sung. 
Like hummingbirds resounding, 
your sweetest smile astounding.

Young were we with love anew,
sung with beauty our song true. 
Resounding beaut melodies, 
astounding fond...

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© Lu Loo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: love, marriage,
Form: Jueju
Premium Member Elephants And Blue Whales

I do not envy the young
deceived by a silver tongue.
Inflated egos swollen,
their innocence was stolen.

They will confront climate change,
and the weather will seem strange.
Their future's no mystery,
jungles will be history.

They will witness oceans rise
as any...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, animal, earth, feelings,
Form: Jueju
Premium Member Winter's Defenses

The first robins announce Spring,
in celebration, they sing.
And flaunt breasts of crimson red
ushering Spring as She's led.

A splash of cerise on white
is indeed a pleasing sight.
Suddenly winter-snows melt
and Spring’s warm breath can be felt.

Daffodils poke...

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Categories: 12th grade, beautiful, beauty, daffodils, feelings, imagery,
Form: Jueju
Premium Member Afterlife Enigma

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Categories: heaven, life,
Form: Jueju
Premium Member Rest Now Beneath This Stone - JQ
Slow, slow, fresh snow is falling,
numb my footsteps are crawling.
My heart is broken and dead,
now, but a frail thread long fled.

Falling my tears wet your tomb,
crawling down my face of gloom.
Dead flowers are withered blown,

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© Dear Heart  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: grief,
Form: Jueju
In the ring alone, 
Gloveless and silent
The competitor walks down
Challenge in his eyes

Is that what he wants
Who is better, who's stronger
It is my ring now,
I'm in the centre

Yet putting on his gloves
He steals the middle

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Categories: character, conflict, encouraging, metaphor,
Form: Jueju
The seed of my fall
was sowed when in small,
certain twist of fate,
both were working late.

Papers flew to frame you wings
while a hunger pulled my strings,
and in the blues of your gaze,
did my heaven and hell...

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Categories: betrayal, dark, lust, power, religious, sin, work,
Form: Jueju
In The Corner
In the corner of my heart 
Hides deep emotion for you ,
Which tries to tear me apart ,
Like a strange tumor, it grew .

Though the space is full but still,
The feeling is raised so high,

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Categories: emotions, love,
Form: Jueju
Joyous day of Christ, great Lord
So wondrously jubilant
I listen to His precious Word
Spiritually vigilant.

Worship moments, victorious
I offer to God my praise
Exalting His name, glorious
Empowered for service-grace.

Communion with my Saviour*
Grants soul divine revival
Strengthening faith’s behavior
Midst ministry-upheaval.


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Categories: blessing, christian, devotion, faith, god, jesus, spiritual,
Form: Jueju