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abortion absence
abuse addiction
adventure africa
age allah
allegory allusion
america analogy
angel anger
angst animal
anniversary anti bullying
anxiety appreciation
april arabic
art assonance
aubade august
autumn baby
bangla baptism
baseball basketball
beach beautiful
beauty bereavement
best friend betrayal
bible bio
bird birth
birthday black african american
blessing blue
boat body
books boxing day
boy boyfriend
break up bridal shower
brother bullying
business butterfly
cancer candy
car care
career caregiving
cat celebration
celebrity change
chanukah character
cheer up chicago
child child abuse
childhood children
chocolate christian
christmas cinco de mayo
cinderella city
class clothes
color columbus day
community computer
confidence conflict
confusion cool
corruption courage
cousin cowboy
crazy creation
crush cry
culture cute love
dad daffodils
dance dark
daughter day
death death of a friend
december dedication
deep depression
desire destiny
devotion discrimination
divorce dog
dream drink
drug earth
earth day easter
education emo
emotions encouraging
endurance engagement
england environment
epic eulogy
eve evil
fairy faith
family fantasy
farewell farm
fashion fate
father father daughter
father son fathers day
fear february
feelings film
fire firework
first love fish
fishing flower
flying food
football for children
for her for him
for kids forgiveness
freedom french
friend friendship
fruit fun
funeral funny
funny love future
games garden
gender giggle
girl girlfriend
giving god
golf good friday
good morning good night
goodbye gospel
gothic graduate
graduation grandchild
granddaughter grandfather
grandmother grandparents
grandson grave
green grief
growing up growth
guitar hair
halloween happiness
happy happy birthday
hate health
heart heartbreak
heartbroken heaven
hello hero
high school hilarious
hindi hip hop
history hockey
holiday holocaust
home homework
hope horror
horse house
how i feel howl
humanity humor
humorous hurt
husband hyperbole
i am i love you
i miss you identity
image imagery
imagination immigration
independence day innocence
insect inspiration
inspirational integrity
international internet
introspection ireland
irony islamic
january jealousy
jesus jewish
jobs journey
joy judgement
july june
kid kindergarten
kiss language
leadership leaving
life light
little sister london
loneliness lonely
longing loss
lost lost love
love love hurts
lust lyric
magic malayalam
marathi march
marriage math
may me
meaningful memorial day
memory men
mental illness mentor
metaphor metrical tale
middle school military
miracle mirror
miss you missing
missing you mom
money moon
morning mother
mother daughter mother son
mothers day motivation
mountains moving on
mum murder
muse music
my child my children
mystery myth
mythology name
native american natural disasters
nature new year
new years day new york
nice niece
night nonsense
nostalgia november
nursery rhyme obituary
ocean october
old onomatopoeia
pain paradise
parents paris
parody pashto
passion patriotic
peace people
perspective pets
philosophy places
planet poems
poetess poetry
poets political
pollution poverty
power prayer
prejudice preschool
presidents day pride
princess prison
proposal psychological
purple quinceanera
race racism
rain rainbow
rainforest rap
raven recovery from
red relationship
religion religious
remember remembrance day
repetition retirement
riddle rights
river romance
romantic rose
roses are red rude
sad sad love
satire scary
school science
science fiction sea
seasons self
senses sensual
september sexy
sick silence
silly silver
simile simple
sin sister
sky slam
slavery sleep
smart smile
snow soccer
social society
softball soldier
solitude sometimes
son song
sorrow sorry
soulmate sound
space spanish
spiritual spoken word
sports spring
star stars
storm strength
stress student
success suicide
summer sun
sunset sunshine
surreal sweet
symbolism sympathy
tamil teacher
teachers day technology
teen teenage
thank you thanks
thanksgiving thanksgiving day
tiger time
today together
travel tree
tribute true love
trust truth
universe uplifting
urban urdu
usa vacation
valentines day vanity
veterans day violence
visionary vogon
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yellow youth

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Long Poems
Long poem by JW Earnings | Details

The Injury of Fury

~~**This poem is super long, but it took me hours to write. I hope you all enjoy reading this as I have enjoyed writing it wholeheartedly.**~~

Awful anger expressed in verses
Didn’t give me blessings, but curses
I’m genuinely depressed for letting you down all year round
Don’t wanna be candidly blind like a sick, wandering hound 

Happiness is what I need to rehearse
It will be peace to this sad, dark verse
I don’t feel like a strong, mighty knight,
Always fearful to take flight at night

Now, I’m the lonely fool for not making wise decisions
Right now, I wanna make a change to fulfill some missions
In my mind…in your eyes…
In my soul, there’s no lies

You are playing me like a game these days
But, I will tame the terrible tiger that is inside me 
I am displaying distress in so many ways
And I don’t mean to act so cowardly and franticly   
Afraid to lose control so suddenly
The atmosphere is cool momentarily
At least no one is invading my personal space
Looking forward to achieving grandeur grace 

Is there any hopeful bliss to search for
Or am I left to forlorn for you some more?
Is there any good luck for me in store?
My eyes should be to the sky instead of the floor…

Wash away the tears, flowing so rapidly from my eyes
Push away the fears, growing in my panicked heart as time flies
Understand where I am coming from and what I’ve been through
I’ve been going through bipolar manias for many years and all is true

Do you really wanna know why? 
There’s times when I want to live or die
I wanna explain what’s going on 
I’m just hoping you won’t be gone
Picked on by passive aggressive behavior I’ve viewed in the past
Alas, I’ve learned that peacefulness in chaos doesn’t last
I’ve fallen for the lies of your cries…I’ve grown stronger ever since…
I found myself in the rubble of your goodbyes and seeking His deliverance  

I’m embracing alienated ambition little by little
If only my somnolent bones can be less brittle 
Forgiveness will be replaced with resentment sooner or later…
I’m like the salt and sand of the sea, flowing and churning in a beautiful blur

Virtuous humility will crown my head of bottled-up dread
It feels like an eternity to be driven by compassionate determination
I can’t go on any further when my blotched feet feel like lead 
Vigorous madness and frustration zip through my veins of lamentation

There’s no reason I should sit here and mope
There’s gotta be a reason to stand up and have hope
There’s no need to be trapped in shameful solitude’s sphere 
I want to believe and have faith in brighter days without any fear

I want to mourn in delightful joy
I don’t want to be angry anymore
I want to be a happy-go-lucky boy
I don’t want to be a closed door

I want to be an open door of opportunities for everyone around me
I don’t want this hostile rage or discomfort to wrap itself around me 
I’m willing to be set free from the captivity I’ve put myself in 
I’m in desperate need of an optimistic outlook from within

Your echoing empathy leaves me no reflection of disheartening fear in this mirror
I have allowed myself to rise and fall like my failures and successes I hold so dear
I dodged the bullets of never-ending negativity that wants me to fall into temptation
Envious sorrow and hopeless irritation will not upset me with inner aggravation 

I will not let nightfall chase away my confident stride
I will not allow doubt and grief to make me cower and hide
I will be courageous through the storms of tribulation
I will shake off the tension and be full of anticipation 

 Encouragement expressed in verses
Did give me blessings, not curses
I’m genuinely delighted to have sought You in times of trouble and assumption
Don’t wanna be falling in the same traps of worthless corruption 

Distress, in general, is what I need to let go of
If I could be simply glad in Your land of Love,
I would feel like a strong, mighty knight,
Always resilient and faithful, fighting the good fight

Now, I’m growing wiser and braver for choosing His narrow path
Eventually, I will be rid of all guiltiness from past sins, so I won’t face His wrath
In His loving heart, He is absolutely merciful 
To those who repent from being so resentful 

In His eyes of truth and passion,
He knows that I will gain compassion 
After I go through the rollercoaster of life…
Peace, He will grant you and I if we discard strife

I want to mourn in delightful joy
I don’t want to be angry anymore
I want to be a happy-go-lucky boy
I don’t want to be a closed door
In your mind…in my eyes…
In His soul, there’s no lies

Sometimes, living this life can be maddening to the core
The fire of desire ire has scorched me aflame not too long ago
Other times, living this life has its positive effects that I adore
You know, the snow that sparkles aglow is in our soul as a whole – 
It is like a single snowflake, 
Transforming into crushed coal
Please don’t cry me a lake…
Let the emotions take its toll 

Melt away the walls of wrath between us
Trust is like dust, which withers away
Shelter us in the shadows of our eustress 
Lust must vanish or it will lead us astray

The madness and sadness will not be the end of us 
Happiness and gladness will be the beginning of us
I’m genuinely relieved that God hasn’t left you and I in grief
Our actions and sentiments along with it is but a leaf 

I’ve been restless and these ups and downs I feel emotionally 
Don’t benefit you or me in any way
You’ve been dreaming of me through thick and thin fervently
I pray you don’t ever deny it any day

Listen to the consoling whispers of the breeze
Do you smell the smoke of my passion at ease?
Are you in tune with the rhythm of my heart beats?
In my masculine chest (which yearns for perseverance), 
It beats for you and you alone as it resonates, radiates and repeats
I know this is God’s test and I will be receiving reverence 

The fire of our desire ire has been put out by the Lord…
Our decadent emotions is what we shouldn’t hoard
The wall of our wrath must be demolished completely
 Our saturated souls has been transformed tremendously

We are like a gleam of a stream compared to God, who is a sparkling lake
I know that the feelings we had put our lives and other lives at stake
 But…look at life in my perspective – sometimes, it takes deleting our history 
To drive into the rocky road of recovery…He will heal our injury of fury

He forgives us for our transgressions
He is merciful and wants us to be guilty no more
He appreciates you and I’s confessions
He promises us that our life will be an open door
Opportunities of shameless joy awaits us
But, first, we are like school kids in the bus,
Heading for a destination that is full of surprises
That won’t reduce us to anger with its dainty devices

Copyright © JW Earnings | Year Posted 2017

Long poem by Cindi Rockwell | Details


Once upon a weedy lawn
At Cedar Oaks Retirement Home
There sat my mother, weak and old
On an afghan knit to block the cold.

It was summer, but in mom's grey eyes
Was winter, when all around us dies.
I had tried to park her in the sun
Though I doubt she could notice what I'd done.

The disease had eaten up her brain
So little of her now remained
She didn't even know my name
I knew her not, much to my shame.

I looked around our patch of earth
Saw dandelions,and thought with mirth
Of how when small these grew quite wild
Mom would pick them as she smiled.

"Blow upon this cloud of seed,
"Then wish for what you really need."
I picked one now,and sadly blew
I asked for "mom" I never knew.

Suddenly a gust of wind
Took those seeds and made them spin
I felt my body start to rise
And change to match the seeds in size.

My mother gasped, & sucked us in
The seeds and me like some great wind
I saw her teeth, quite brown from smoking
And feared that I might cause her choking.

I swirled around, then down a slide
"Is this my mother I'm inside?!"
I landed in a battered lung
Where signs of cigarettes had clung.

And unsure of just where to go
I found a bridge, and crossed it slow.
Whence I entered a crucial part.
I found myself in momma's heart.

Where in a corner, dark and dusty
A young girl played, her laugh so lusty.
Her eyes weren't grey but tinged with blue
The plaited hair I also knew.

Her teeth so white, her face unlined
It was my mother, quite a find!
A joy, a freedom never shown
A lightness in her manner, tone.

And then a moment changed it all
I saw my grandma softly call
And whisper in my mother's ear
"Your dad has died. I'm sorry, dear."

Her wailing nearly deafened me
As the joy drained out like tides at sea.
Seeing all her pain and grief
I felt unwelcome, like a thief.

So I moved further in her heart
And came upon a teenage tart.
Awkwardly smoking, trying too hard
And too easily letting down her guard.

She fell for boys like rain from clouds
Her clothes too tight, her make-up loud.
Each night she staggered home alone
Hoping one would actually phone.

Then came the day that in that place
Could only lead to her disgrace.
I saw my mom in grandma's parlor
And my granny pacing as she hollered.

She pointed at mom's bulging middle
Screamed, then cried, then swore a little.
Pulled my mom up to her feet
In one swift move, threw her on the street.

My mother was 16, expecting a child
Homeless as well, she ought to be wild.
But instead I saw a great peace abide her
As she gently caressed me still forming inside her.

I saw in her eyes how love was the way
She changed from a girl to a woman that day.
Not love for a boy, a career, a degree
The love that transformed her was her love for ME!

Already feeling like my heart could break
And not sure of how much more I could take,
I still turned around to roam and explore
Both anxious and wary for what was in store.

This part of her heart was lit bright as the sun
My mother was wedding her intended one.
I remembered the dresses, beautifully white
I remembered the dancing that went on all night.

And then like a knife tearing straight through my chest
I knew what I'd see when I looked at the rest.
My mother so happy to be loved and give back
And me, growing older, and jealous of "Zach."

My stepdad who treated me like I was his own
Whose only crime was to enter our home.
I wanted my mother's attention on me
I was blinded by self-centered jealousy.

I knew that my mother would have to pick me
Especially if he behaved violently.
I found I was born with a flair for theatrics
And ran to my mom, often faking hysterics

Til finally my mother was left with no choice
But to tell him to leave, with a crack in her voice.
And suddenly I saw what I hadn't before
This part of mom's heart looked all broken and sore.

I couldn't continue with ease like before
The walls were too thick, advancing a chore
As if my mother had run out of room
For chances of love to grow or to bloom.

Then finally I hit the last, great, thick wall
Without any access beyond it at all
And almost afraid to look at the view.
I nonetheless watched, as I knew I must do.

It was a scene I knew all too well.
My teenage years, when I put mom through hell.
When I dumped her for boys who cared nothing for me
Choosing from her real love just to flee.

I left her alone in her house in the woods
I left her for losers who sold me their goods.
And then, too proud to admit I was wrong
I never went back, til her health was long gone.

And it was too late to say how much I cared
Too late to know it was something we shared.
Ready to go, I took one last long glance
And I saw something I never expected, by chance.

I saw my mother, like time lapse pics
Every night of her life, never missing a tick
Down on her knees, by the side of her bed
Praying for ME, who left her for dead.

She prayed for my health, she prayed I'd find love,
She prayed I'd be blessed by our Dad up above.
And even when she couldn't walk on her own.
My mom still put my needs o'er her own.

When the tears rolled free down my face,
I heard a huge sigh, and felt pulled from my place.
And in half a minute I was back on the lawn
Front of mom and Cedar Oaks Retirement Home.

My mother looked down on me, suddenly aware
And I saw for the first time her pain and her care.
And I noticed also an angel-like glow,
As she reached out her hand, and said, "Now you know."

I hugged her, held her, thanked her til night.
But the lucid look never came back in her sight.
She passed shortly after, to my great dismay
But I'll never forget the gifts given that day.

I learned never discount the love of your mother,
Never trade in that bond for the sake of a lover.
I learned there is power in a mom's loving prayers
And there is a God who hears and who cares.

I learned about faith, and love unconditional.
I learned about judging by standards traditional.
And I learned that from a little seed
Can come most everything we need.

Copyright © Cindi Rockwell | Year Posted 2015

Long poem by cassie hellberg | Details

over and over agin

sometimes i talk to myself, 
my mind is racing,
i dont know what to do...
so hard to explain.
depression isn't a stage
or a faze some kids go through
it shatters you...
i saw it all. 
she cried silent in her bed,
blood stains covered her favorite jeans,
her every shirt,
long sleeve ofcourse...
she suffered through it all with few people to call friend
and more to call enemy
even more to say where quite dissappointed....
her first name in school,
not started by a bully
or a mean rival,
but by her sister, 
and it echoed through her soul,
repeating in her mind... over and over again,
like the ripples of still water
when a pebble is dropped
flash frozen in time
over and over again...
It was the first name they gave her,
millions where created over the years,
some unique
some repeating again, just as the first had..
gothic they called her,
emo, fat, ugly....worse things.
but in her mind, things where worse.
everything was repeating,
over and over again,
finally she believed it. 
she asked for help, from everyone
tried to explain to parents she wasnt well,
got called a psycho for asking to see a theripist,
not from a teacher,
not from a class mate,
but from her own father, who wouldn't, couldn't,
believe there could possibly be a thing wrong....
finally, crying, she confessed her bloody secret to a teacher.
rather then giving her time,
she is sent back to class crying her eyes out, as if she wherent going through enough...
she is sent to the principals office a few minutes later, after breaking down in class...
the princlipal says she needs help,
sends her and her dad for a risk evaluation,
her dads crying as she shows him her cuts...
they walk into a hospital room, 
it smells of chemicals and hand sanitizer,
the lady at the desk gives her a smile.
then she goes into a room with a lady,
her cheeks are sunken in and shes wearing way too much makeup,
the girl is gaging on her perfume,
and she looks really intimidating....
her dark brown hair looks dead and flat
even though its a bit wavy, 
and she wears somewhat of a mocking frown.
asks her all these questions,
is mommy beating her?
is daddy raping her?
is she doing drugs?
not alot
is anyone beating her?
did anyone molest her? 
oxcarbezapine, trazadone, citalipran, clinazapam, colonipan,
valium, lithium, more.......
and thats what they gave her,
some numbed the pain
some brought it out
tearing through her organs,
she became an addict by the time she was fourteen....
over dose after over dose
some for pleasure
some for pain,
gashes on her legs getting deeper,
this time she didnt tell a soul,
not even those she had come to call friends....
wakeup she screamed in her head over and over again
as she dropped weight like it was nothing....
you cant controll it she argued as things became worse. 
at age fourteen she attempted suicide,
she didnt quite succeed.
the medication took away her aappitite....
she liked it
she hated her body
hated herself
felt out of controll
found a new way to cope
as she shoved tooth brush after toothbrush down her throat
to keep her body from nuitrients...
as she whent weeks and weeks spitting food into napkins and making excuses 
I ate at my friends house....
spoken as a whisper
heard like a sentance
echoing in her mind over and over again,
along with that word, all the words,
ugy, anoying, stupid, fake, worthless, nothing...
one bite she would say
rocking back and forth
craving nothing but food
her body racked with hunger pain
one bite and there she was again
over and over and over again
back to a toothbrush
this time she sees blood
she saw her ribs
she saw her bones,
it wasnt good enough,
she almost died, again....
choking on this deep dissappointment in herself,
gaging on everything they where pushing down her throat, 
their words, and their insults, their criticism.... their drugs
all shoved down her throat like candy
and just as she was was trained to do she swallowed despite the bad taste
or the hurt
or the fact that at the rate she was going she would be dead soon...
and you know why? 
because daddy yelled 
and couldnt accept what was happening
not because he wanted to hurt her
but because it hurt him,
and she let him believe,
because she could take the hurt if it meant he didnt have too.
because mommy didnt want to sit in her room all day
smoking weed
doing nothing,
practically having us raise ourselves,
she didnt mean to take anger, or frustration or hurt out on her daughter
she suffered everyday in her solitary confinement,
and from a young age she accepted her bedroom was the cage
 her mother had created for herself.
because sister didnt want to effect her the way she did
she was just frustrated
fed up with the way things where
scared, she needed someone to take her cruelty
and to help heal her pain...
because people in school
who where so cruel
had to have learned from somewhere
and she wasnt going to play into their games,
and they knew she was an easy target
because she would never attack someone so weak
and she accepted her suffering was a sacrafice
to help all these people....
to help her dad,
her mom,
her sister,
every person who was beaten abused or hurt
 and felt so weak at home they wanted to feel strong in the one safe place they had.
because depite the fact she had died inside,
and almost passed away on the out,
it was a saccrafice she was willing to make
so that no one else would have to feel that kind of pain,
and they all inflicted it and broke her down'untill there was nothing left but a shell
of somthing that could have been
and never had the chance
and why? 
because she would take it and wouldnt strike back,
because sometimes "just taking it"
isnt so much about the weakness not to do anything
but about the strangth not to hurt others the way they hurt you...

Copyright © cassie hellberg | Year Posted 2013

Long poem by James Edward Lee Sr. | Details

You Don't Know Me

Everyone has the freedom of choice 
Everyone has an expressiveness to save their own voice
Who are you who am I to judge this choice 
You don't know me
You don't know me
 I may have  rebelled against God 
Been disobedient and above odds 
This resulted in the introduction 
Of my sins,  of our sin into the human race 
Now doesn't matter what took place 
You don't know me, you don't know me
But maybe it does matter how you judge my face 
Stop judging me I've been forgiven by Jesus Christ
You don't know me, you don't know me
Sin is committed against three parties 
You myself  and God then this is described as a transgression 
But it was Jesus eternal mission 
To grant us freedom and liberty and forgiveness 
Against the lawlessness 
That we have embraced the consequence 
You don't know me, you don't know me
Of unforgiven sin is spiritual death 
You don't want to be  not called in God gift 
His gift of eternal life 
For the believer leave it those sins,  receive it the blessings
Of eternal life
I may have done many wrong things 
We all have done many wrong things
You don't know me, you don't know me 
Now i maybe a liar and I maybe a cheat 
I may throw sticks and rocks at dogs,when walking down the street
And I maybe a murderer, atheist a blasphemer even a discriminator 
You don't know me,  you don't know me
 I may be a wife abuser and I maybe a child abuser but you can't judge me 
You have no hell for me 
Before you throw your stones look a what you have done
I don't know you only God knows you
You don't know me you don't know me now 
I may be an elder abuser and I maybe a criminal and I may be disgusting for you 
But you don't know me you don't know me 
No sin is inexcusable you can't win if you don't repent of them
 I know because I am a creation 
But you don't know me you don't know me 
Lord I have sinned against thee and you know me I have seen the soul that's in
Lord you have restored me, you've restored me
I have sin against God but you know me and you know me 
So you know me Only God can judge now 
I'm a winner WHY
I'm thankful  NOW
I've repented AND 
He knows me,  my God knows me 
He knows every hair on my head He knows everything that I have shared 
He knows every droplets of the blood and every tear that I shed 
And He knows me my God knows me  in this act willful deliberation Freedom's choice 
In choosing a violation
Serious transgression against my creator 
He knows me yes He knows me 
Now I may have fallen dropping the ball a few times 
We all are redeemable if we just stopped and realize 
We can only take one to the grave but, God takes us to Eternity  
We can remain but only if we stop and turn around confess one's sins
And it begins with me  
So let us release our witness our shame the sins that we have found with a sincere heart begin a new start we can rejoice and receive it 
We can know Him, we can know Him now in the pardon of my (our) sins
I may have committed fonacation I maybe have even committed adultery pride of the eye Pride of life I maybe even guilty of stealing money and time
I maybe even guilty of breaking the laws of man be convicted I'm unworthy
Again you don't know me you don't know me
Could be chosen but God knows me you don't know me now it's all just a matter of time 
Before the sun rise, before the Son sets comes down 
Before God comes down through the clouds and if I if we were to die before sunrise 
One thing I know you don't know me you have no Heaven no hell for me 
You can't judge and convicting and deplore me  upon all of this I've mentioned 
You don't know me Only God knows me 
So let us stop judging one another 
Your conviction to convict me is above me for there's only one who can judge me 
You don't know me, I don't know you only God knows me only God knows me
Only God knows us you are command to always forgive any and all transgressions
Seven times 70
For give me don't judge me  pray for me forgive me
Seven times 70

You don't know me
Let us redeem the time and pray for everyone 
All mankind we are all sinner's on this planet 
This premised place on this place called Earth I don't know you 
But I am forgiven and so are you 
No matter what you've done or matter what I've done I have repented
I have committed I have changed I am now a child of the King  
Born Again  
Of all my transgressions  
This I am sure and I believe  I am here again to receive my blessings
Of eternal life with God and Christ
Before you put on those bifocal magnifying glasses
Looking through,  looking into my eyes through my mind my spirit soul and body 
And trying to wrestle and rationalize me all ready convicted and judged me
And already concluding through your judgment and your self-righteousness 
Even those things that I've done that are negative and were against God 
And you, you continually judge me
When you point one finger forward remember there's always three fingers pointing back 
But just relax 
Because in all of this I still love you even though you don't know me
I thank God Almighty that He knows me and that He loves me
So my brother my sister, my fellow sinner, my fellow saints 
Be careful of those judgements or complaints
Cause believe me leave every knee shall bow every tongue shall confess Jesus is Lord
Going to the Golden Gates to the place called heaven
No matter my sin my transgressions you may or may not know them
All that matters MY God forgiven me and He loves me
And with this I again Repent I say!!!!!!

Written by James Edward Lee ©2017
From anthology " REALLY"©2017

Copyright © James Edward Lee Sr. | Year Posted 2017

Long poem by JW Earnings | Details

The Love-Hate Relationship

Instead of building your house on the sand,
You should build your house on a rock
I can hardly make out if you truly understand
That you are making it difficult for me to express my feelings to you...all you do is mock
Putting up with your eccentricities...hating the truth of what I'm feeling 
You're all around me and I can't refuse to not see it...you've deceived me enough and now, my heart needs healing 
Don't blame me for your lack of motivation...you have the ability to change that, but you treasure pleasure
Because all you're doing is feeding my frustration...that is in my nature 
Trying hard to stay rational 
But, I begin to lose control
Living this life with you in mind
I walked alone on the road of recover
Fear clouds my mind...I wish I could leave them all behind
I believe that I'm strong, brave and unlike any other
I'm sick of this mess of a love-hate relationship
That we've developed - we need to get a grip 
I bit the bullet for you...
Yet you live your life as if I haven't done anything for you...how ungrateful and greedy you've become...who knew... 
The truth caves in in my mind of lost love
Bleeding out lies and leaving all regrets behind
The light will wash away the darkness from up above
True, darling, there's answers to all questions, but some are hard to find 
Haunted because of you're blinding me with your tainted hate and heartlessness 
Exhausted because you are way ahead of me...but I'm tracing the horizon with my fingers, hoping that you won't discourage my childlike happiness 
Living this life with you in mind 
I walked alone on the road of recovery
Fear clouds my mind...I wish I could leave them all behind
I believe that I'm strong, brave and unlike any other
I'm sick of the love-hate relationship
That we've developed - we need to get a grip 
I bit the bullet for you...
Yet you live your life as if I haven't done anything for you...how ungrateful and greedy you've become...who knew... 
I claim my heart's buried love and it reassures me that hate won't take over 
Why are you on the edge all the time? Am I worth anything to you?
I'm coming undone all because you left me in my ruins and I have a heart to forgive you because I don't hold grudges that's for sure
Why did you keep me in the dark? Why won't you wake me up from this nightmare that you painted in my mind's eye out of mere revenge? How cruel of you and you have no clue what I have been through 
Living this life with you in mind 
I walked alone on the road of recover
Fear clouds my mind...I wish I could leave them all behind
I believe that I'm strong, brave and unlike any other
I'm sick of the love-hate relationship
That we've developed - we need to get a grip 
I bit the bullet for you...
Yet you live your life as if I haven't done anything for you...how ungrateful and greedy you've become...who knew... 
We have a lot to learn these days
In remorse flames, I burn in many ways 
I am driven crazy by your stubborn actions
Our interactions...our affections...they have all turned to infections - seeing me suffer these pangs of rage makes you feel these satisfactions? 
You keep on playing your mind games (kindness is what you lack)
You were calling me awful names (behind my back)
And then you say that you love me 
I'm thinking of what to do endlessly
I thought you were different from the evilness I see everywhere
Now I see your true colors while you live without a care 
Don't forget what I've done for your sake
Do regret ripping apart what was beautiful between us...now I know what it's like to have a heartache
You are a rock, but soon you'll reduce to sand
You are wishing upon me harm and I don't quite understand
Why all you do is mock
All you do is mock
All you do is mock
You walk away and vanish in the mist...you echo your "good riddance", leaving me to waste away
Are you in Faraway Land? All I do is hold up my fist, like the warrior that has accepted his fate of dismay 
Don't watch over me, fantasies that are all but sugarcoated lies
Don't throw me to and fro, for I'm not a toy to be manipulated with...I had enough with your hopeless cries
You're not listening ...
You're talking and hissing ...
All you do is mock...
Cease your mindless talk...
The photographs of both of us without a fear
Makes me think of the times I spent with you
You were the sunrise and I was the blue sky
Whatever happened to that? Did it disappear?
You made me smile, but now I frown because that's all I could do 
I miss the old you...
But the new you stole it away
I was sick with the love flu
The moments you made my day 
Don't mock me in my grieving process
Just because you can't relate to my distress
It will take a while 
To earn back my trust
I didn't run that extra mile 
Don't mock me or my hopes will turn to rust 
My heart might bust
My heart might bust 
I won't let love be reduced to dust 
Don't give in to your heart's foolish lust

Why did you build your house on the sand? 
Don't give up yet, start over, work hard and your efforts will not be unknown 
I'm glad that you are starting to understand 
It's a must to build my house on the rock, but I'm not doing it on my own
You tore down the walls
You haven't answered your calls 
But I'm willing to work things out without a hassle and mindless talk
Together, we will build and build and build until we have a castle on a rock
Paradise is close at hand because we took a stand 
Let's be friends again...finally, you get the picture of where our dreams land
Just make sure it's built on a rock instead of sand

Copyright © JW Earnings | Year Posted 2015

Long poem by Balveen Cheema | Details

Mother Of The Age

Stately stood Princess Amber in all her finery,
Emerald tunic over a crimson gown,
With gems inlaid in her rustling gown,
Her arms bangled in intricate gold slowly rose,
Her slender fingers rested on her heaving bosom,
Listening to unstopping drum-beats of her heart.
Her  breath clung to the heavy nose ring,
Beads of perspiration made damp
The adorned golden wreath on her tense filled brow.
Her curtained eyes rose to show the fires ablaze,
A voice so tumultuous never heard before
Anguished the gems in Jalal-ud-din's court 
To hear their silent queen speak so.
Born am I of noble Rajput parents,
My father named me Heer Kunwari- a pearl,
Was married into a Mughal family without much disdain.
Served I in nature true,
Does a Mughal king know not  
Of virtues imbibed by a Rajput  princess?
Brought up was I in Amber palace,
My mother bred me with values 
Both spiritual and bold,
Jump we into the pyre before being disgraced,
Honour be the seal of a Rajput maid,
This thou shoulds't have known before thou wedded me, My Sire!
And accuse you my Lord of my infidelity?
Never come close to a Rajput maiden
And hence remain from my shadow afar
Thoughts of a Mughal King are tarred and defiled,
I return to my kingdom for the dishonour bestowed.
Yet the truth be unraveled of your wet mother dear,
The milk you drank was of not of human kindness for sure,
Flowing in your veins is your wet-mothers venom,
Your wisdom poisoned  was not of your mother's,
There be a difference between a mother and a wet mother.
My brother was it that visited me in fear,
My forged letter to him was sent
That his sister in distress had pleaded him near.
In hiding is he from enemies around
Under the shroud of darkness
Came he to rescue his sister hence.
The treachery hatched  by your mother foster
In envy is she of your wife now ignobled.
Banished have you me from my wedded abode
Nor asked me of my crime in courtroom fenced
Why question not your soul of justice denied?
Out of my heart you walk thence,
Enter I into the shelter of my father loyal
My heart pierced with arrows immense,
Sail I to home for being slandered thus.
Free am I of being concubined in your Mughal walls
The knight I was bethroded to was never  mine
Belonged he to the  faith of his venomous milk.
Proved thou once again the woman be at fault and not the I.
Queen Salima the Innocent was suspected so
For being with a man she never had ever seen before
Pined she for you in your Palace  of Love.
I no Salima to take my life
In the eyes of my father will I remain a lustrous pearl.
Suspicion above truth be your manly tribe
Honour above dishonour be a woman's pride.
I a Rajput princess forever be
Live I in pride for I were true
Live thou in guilt for justice denied.
The kingdom of God not await for thee
Time will come for a woman to rise.
Princess Amber followed by her Rajput entourage 
Seated she in her bridal palanquin
Burning cheeks and eyes so cold
Ruddier drops had never been shown.
Coloured veils rising with the deserty billows
Of her ladies in waiting with tear filled eyes.
Silence entombed  her Amber chambers 
No question asked by father dear,
Trusted he the virtues of his daughter beloved
In her mother's warmth she remained embraced
To happier familial joys for the seasons to  see.
Jalal-ud-din's ears roared again and again
His weakened ears were his enemy true,
Won he a battle to all was known,
Losing the home ground to all was shown,
Turned he to ashes by his queen so new. 
Strode he in anger to his foster mother's abode
Followed was he by marching soldiers 
Spears in hand and daggered girdles,
Barging into the chamber of his mother wet
Huddled in fear of Jalal-ud-din's anger
Knelt down she as Yamuna doubly flooded 
Pleading mercy with joined palms cracked
Thundered Jalal-ud-din with anger renewed
Take the woman to her empty world
Fettered in chains her dungeon be,
No man no woman her companion be
Till her last breaths no mercy receive.
Heralded aloud in Jalal-ud-din's kingdom
The banished queen to her throne doth return.
The soldiers ready in their array full
The stallion royal neighed at his dazzling adornments
Saddled in jade and dotted gold,
Coloured festoons and brassy jingles
Galloped he in  hooving a sandy cloud
Scalloped eyes stood still only at Amber court.
Snowy doves on arches watched
The lungs so full as trumpeters blew,
The castle bedecked at glorified romance 
The gypsy dancers in flaring skirts
Dancing in chorus to their emperor new,
Smearing his brow with vermilion holy
Marigolds perfumed under the feet of their trodden king.
Touched he the feet of his Amber parents
Blessed was he of his auspicious return
Escorted regally to the princess' chamber
Silence pervaded after chamberlains departed.
Knelt he before the royal princess
With folded hands and drooping head
The belittled princess with a heart so torn
Bent she down to her humbled king
Moistened eyes and ruby lips
She clutched his feverish hands 
And bespoke, rise Great Mughal King
Hence reign in your kingdom great,
With knowledge fully acknowledged.
Suspicion soon aroused is wilfully pertained
Close proximity to peace be unblinded justice.
Jalal-ud-din Akbar with glistening brow
Rose tall to the stature of his pearly queen
Heer Kunwari were you born, your father's pearl 
Crown I you Mariam-uz-Zamani, Mother Of the Age.
Rule you my world in equal voice
Justice be enthroned in the voices of kings.

Copyright © Balveen Cheema | Year Posted 2015

Long poem by Ralph Sergi | Details

Film Noir

	Film Noir

By the lamppost at night
with the pale moon shining bright
but obscured by the fog
I saw her in the harbor
standing where my boat lay moored
but she knew that
her azure eyes beckoned me to come
smoke from a cigarette in her hand
trailing upward and blending with the mist
and a gold braid around her wrist
I remembered my gift

I stood there transfixed
if for only a moment
then I walked to her slowly
and tipped my fedora
and the little joke we shared in love
I asked,”Where have been all my life?
Waiting for you, she said
I laughed at her resentfully and sighed
You left me here from this place
without a note, without a trace
I scoured old haunts, you weren’t there
you left as if you didn’t care

Remember our walks along the shore
your favorite drink, our special place
in a cafe by the window
where the sun would shine on your hair
and leaving a golden glint
as it did on my boat when it was in full sail

Then one day you went away
our love became a mystery
that was never solved
now you’re here and I ask you, why?

There was a war she said
I lost this guy and you came along
to fill the void and share my grief
I loved you, Jake ,your silly hat
the way you tipped it, the boat ,the cat
who begged for fish after every catch
she paused and lit another smoke

Then one day, he showed up, his name was Clive
the guy I mentioned had survived
and left his tags with a guy who died
and he became an MIA
he was hiding out in Mandalay
involved in something, he wouldn’t say
but he wanted me there, he promised me fame
I was a singer you know
and all the dough that I could want or I could take
I just had to know how to play the game
but I thought of you, Jake
and what we had and I told him ,No

He got mean, Jake
and threatened to expose me 
for what I really was
and I couldn’t bear for you to hear 
my sordid past, my constant fear
We’re both alike you and me, he said
we’ll take what the world has to give
or grab it by the throat
or I’ll expose you if you don’t

As time went by it didn’t take long
to see he was singing a different song
his lies, his schemes, his other dolls
I lost my respect and I didn’t care
I had to get out, I needed a plan
to rid myself of this rotten man

There was this guy, Buck
who ran the bar, he pitied my plight
that I was in, he hated Clive as much as I 
I told him I watched Clive at the end of each night
the cash he hid in a special place
no doubt to leave in a hurry when things got hot
he would check to see how much was stashed
if it was worth the dare, we would split down the middle 
and make our departure as soon as we could
I knew a Burmese captain of a scow
who asked no questions for a fee
he’d  have some cabins for you and me

Just before closing, I feigned getting ill
and called for Clive to aid me somehow
to stay awhile and give me a pill
and while he was there, Buck went to that spot
took the cash and lit out that night to wait for me
at a pre destined place

My bag was packed in another room
I told Clive I would rest and join him soon
but as soon as he left I slipped out
to the back grabbed a bag and headed
for freedom away from that man
thinking of you and to make things right

She paused for a moment and put out her smoke
and I thought I saw a drop of blood 
form on the corner of her mouth
she quickly wiped her hand across her face
and continued her story at a slower pace

I arrived at the pier where the scow lay docked
took one look behind me and looked at the clock
on the building we were to meet
I checked my watch and matched the time
I saw a jeep and he saw me
two grips in his hand and a smile on his face
he said, I got the dough , I’ll leave the jeep
it’s the least I can do for that miserable creep
I said ,there’s no time to waste, just show me the dough
we’ll split it up now and get ready to go
he said, Oh, I’m ready but the plans have changed
I’ll leave you enough to change your luck
this one’s for you and this one’s for Buck

I suspected as much and I scoured as he grinned
but his mouth formed an O as he looked down below
a knife in his stomach pulsed blood from his guts
too late I saw his gun come up as he fell
I felt a pain in my side and clutched at my coat
I picked up my bags and summoned the strength
to get onto the boat

I said to the captain, there’s double the price
if we get away soon just pick up some steam 
and head for Rangoon
he patched me up as good as he could
with the aid of rum and smoldering wood
to cauterize the wound for awhile

I knew it was wrong to take his life
but I was prepared to kill him 
to end all this strife
as a precautionI took the knife that we cut bait with
a long time ago the knife stirred up memories
that you and I had
that pressed my decision to leave that cad
the wound didn’t heal, the lead stayed inside
I was resigned to my fate to see you once more
before it’s too late…and here you are

She collapsed in my arms and I held her tight
with tears in my eyes , her audible sighs
gasping for breath and leaning toward death

And before she expired her hand on my face, she said
Where have you been all my life?
waiting for you, I cried, waiting for you

A tribute to the black and white movies prevalent in the late 30’s and early 40’s
Sponsored by Silent One  September 29, 2017

Copyright © Ralph Sergi | Year Posted 2017

Long poem by Jayne Eggins | Details

I hate Mother's Day

Its been over 27 years coming
 this missive or letter,
 maybe poem ? 

I HATE Mother’s day !!
 with a passion ... I've said it ...
 The sheer relief is palpitating
 a load of my mind, and body,
 slithers away peacefully knowingly,
 just to see those words in writing,
 Actually I find the words out of reach
 to express my utter relief, just now 

Don’t get me wrong,
 It’s not that I don’t love or
 want to celebrate my mother
 or lack feeling for her
 Oh ! it’s completely the opposite 

Not only does it remind me what I miss (her)
 but it also reminds me, what,
 what I always felt I lacked
 (as a mother I mean), and I've felt
 it for many years, since my first 

My mother and hers and my father and his
 set the standards so high, so very high
 that I thought hey, I'm smart ?
 I can be a mother a better mother
 like no other, like no other indeed !

I remember receiving gifts
 being overwhelmed with joy
 that first mother’s day
 I was graced with that love
 and all those crazy
 Motherly emotions, we mothers feel
 I felt gratitude for all that
 and so much more 

But then doubt crawled into mind
 setting up house, making a home
 that would last the whole lifetime
 of my eldest son, until these past
 days filled with agony, measured
 no longer in minutes or hours
 but in each moment of pain 

I felt I hadn’t been there enough
 I knew, or thought I knew
 I hadn't loved them 'enough'
 or soothed their pains
 or made their bed 'enough',
 Jesus, the shit I poured
 down my own back 

I lack many things, though
 I had wisp of a dream
 that hope would win,
 I'd be a mother, like my own
 but that wasn't to be

life changed like a hurricane
 I lived one life and then
 another took its place
 no better or worse,
 just different 

my children never went without,
 then they did for more years
 than the former, I felt the pain
 each time I said 'no' but always
 tried to rob Peter paying Paul his due
 and went without, yes even food 

then slowly as times sands swiftly
 drew threw the hourglass
 they all left, got jobs, found love
 and made lives without me,
 I never get to see them much
 some more than others 

over time it’s taken its toll
 I thought lack of contact
 spoke about the mother I was
 how much I was loved
 I was right,
 it was saying something
 just not what I thought 

I have saved two of mine
 from the very hands of death,
 I have went without sleep
 for more reasons than I care to list
 I have answered the phone
 in the dead of night
 spoken about everything
 and nothing 

I missed a call to bail a man out
 but alas it was the one night
 I have known the hands of sleep
 all night, for a very long time
 so I forgive myself, even if he doesn't 

I have slaved and went without sleep
 Christmas night, just to see their
 little faces in the morning
 I always tried my best hoping
 and praying, yes praying !,
 (to that one in the second row
 Saying, "I always knew she prayed")

Some will take a shot at a guess
 at why I write this just now this close
 to a day that should be celebrated
 for all mothers the good ones and the bad 

It’s because even a bad mother can love
 with every fiber of her beautiful soul,
 even a bad mother can be a good mother
 on those days that end with a child’s peace 

As my days trickle to hours and minutes
 I know mothers never ever stop being mothers
 yes even the bad ones, can love forever
 with passion that burns from her womb 

There is a feeling that only a mother can feel
 and I don’t mean just birth mothers,
 I mean all mothers Biological or not
 they all feel it in their hearts and minds
 in their bodies and souls
 even the children she gave homes to
 (but not life), in doing so
 is giving a life to without
 knowing first breath,
 and yet still carry with them a love
 they will always bare
 then as times hand lays his head
 and says enough, she is gone 

it is now on this Mother’s Day
 I say, I hate mother’s day even more
 because I am a motherless child
 wishing for just a few moments more
 so I could tell my mother
 she was the best mother, like no other,
 Because she was mine 



there’s a lesson here for you children
 those lucky enough to still have their mother
 give her a call and just say I love you, then hang up !!
 let her think what a "cray cray crazy" child she has
 but wouldn’t change for anything even life
 and I bet she smiles ... eventually 

time will never stand for no man or woman,
 So love your mother and tell her, once a week ? maybe? 

To my kindred souls who have felt the loss
 and the stinging cut of the wounds
 that drip with grief from their loss
 today I hate Mother’s day too ......

but there's a lasting but here,
 I forgive my beautiful soul,
 I gave 'enough', it was all I had ...

Copyright © Jayne Eggins | Year Posted 2015

Long poem by SUNIL seebalack | Details


Understanding myself, and towards developing  introvertedly 
The parameters of today, yet most lay dormant inside of me
Questioning the how, as in such, the extended inner faculty 
Fractured as then, it's an opposing end, and loosing my identity 

All oppositions are viewed, and the educators of our society 
Words of old, grown as told, revised, as such, repeatedly 
Inertially we become, a society conformed to one,
Rendering it's loss, within our self Individuality   

In laymen terms, listen to this 
The quotation based, upon our society's  wish 

First you gotta make the money 
Then you can get the power.

When you Get the power, then, you get the respect 
When you Get the respect... then, you get the woman...

Ever  wonder why it's all such?
Desiring material wealth as much
And finally it's all for what?
The Desired  woman's touch?


Take a moment, and lend an ear 
For I got my own, it's the quote I share

First, you admit that you don't know 
Then you go, and achieve your knowledge 
Got the knowledge? now you can get the power 
Got the power? well then,  you can take the universe 
And now,  You've Got the universe...
 Well then, 
you're A friggin god...

And As for Women?

Women  worship the Gods!

When tackling any issue, you've  gotta start at it's root within its Right
And even before this, a basis of our own viewed measurable sight
Not loosing ourselves, held confined, outside it's contented light
Knowing simply where, founded, within our roots embedded rights

Upon the foundation that's  embodying our root
Here lies all thoughts, weaved within, the fabric of our truth

What is this, within ourselves, and what is the reality within our wish?
Truth... it's a singularity, it's a union of the all and the oneness,
Truth... it's universally simplistic, and it would always exist...
The everything, the all, and it's  consistency of nothing, as it is this...

The oxymoron as it represents, it's eventuality as would relinquish 
Truth lies within our knowledge, yet it's a call that we constantly miss
Knowledge is awareness, sadness, sorrow and also in the subtle bliss
Knowledge is found in love, in friendships, and even in a simple kiss
Gaining knowledge, is first admitting that, we don't know any of this
Then we truly grow and harmonize, within our lives, and its meandering twists

For in the darkest of nights, the  wise men, they turn towards the stars in sight
The recognition of ones self, our inner star, the introverted truth, of who we are 

Awareness of our individualism 
Understanding within yourself  and it's prism
Awareness of outside environment and it what we do 
Knowing what is around, and how it can affect others, as well as affecting you 
All in achieving our desires, an accomplishment of a single wish...
The Fulfillment, our soul and all the  things like this

The first step is gaining knowledge
And so we would grow

 So, as In the quotation of, GI Joe:

...And now you know...

But Knowing, it's only half the battle... 

The soldier's motto?
If I recalled correctly, I'm sure it is, admittedly so...


Words of wisdom, oddly, within depths would say 
Reaching out, introvertly, and towards your way

Introversion within, and also against the Outer
As for all the questions, within a single answer 

Understanding truth and their questions after
Knowledge would help us to grow and avoid disaster

In the darkess corner,  and within our chatter
The smallest of light would always render
The guides of our life path, the now and the after

For All that is...  it's within all that was...

As for all that was... it's within, all that is...

The simplicity of life, the religion of love, and how do we truly give...

The Altruism held within our heart, altruistically, the all, required,
To truly live... 

To understand, to grasp, to know, as within the quote would show

The Voice, mind, the eye, and the ear
And within all that we know, and share
These are what lights the lamps of life, love, and care
As  a union and  the foundation, and of all together, within the now, and here

The power within life and equally within the opposed
The redundant repetition of that supposed 
As The Oxymoron, in it's equanimity and thus exposed...

Life is the power that burns and is the sun that gives light 
Life is the rain and the thunder in the sky, the wind and our strength and sight
What is matter, and the earth,
 what is death, and what is birth
what beyond , it is an eternity,
And all the  lifetimes lived,  upon this earth, after death and birth, fulfilling our destiny....



Copyright © SUNIL seebalack | Year Posted 2017

Long poem by Gerald Dillenbeck | Details

Why MultiCultural Education Matters

The Twelfth Principle

Cooperatively adopt
and responsively adapt
for creolizing acclimation,
best climate and landscape health practices.

The U.S. today
reweaves two points of national nurturing departure,
both taught in schools
and history books
and multicultural sciences
and scents
and sounds.

LeftBrain dominance,
here in post-millennial enculturing lands,
remembers we came to be
in this U.S. place and time,
because Columbus discovered
the American Continents.

RightBrain nurturing matriarchs,
PermaCultural Designers,
Cooperative Incorporators,
ecologists as ecotherapists
for climate health
by clearing out maladaptive relationships with ecosystems,
seasonal-fractal annual redevelopers
farmers designing and planning DNA with RNA regenerative systems,
also remember the WesternHemisphere before the 1000s,
indigenously, from within,
more nature-spirit balancing holonic as  Eden healthy,
here all along
cooperatively uncovering ourselves 
before Columbus 
visited to competitively harvest us.

It is important for LeftBrain dominant ecopoliticians
and teachers,
mentors and parents,
and healthy sustainable incorporating persons,
to finish our cooperative original national Constitution Statement
in ways that both polarities can win further gratitude for regenerativity,
healthy cooperative wealth.

Columbus did historically discover what became the Americas,
more or less,
as an ecopolitical commodity
for WestEuropean colonization,
immigration by means of
mutually assured aggression
as necessary,
or even just more convenient,
to Christianize,
sometimes violently and rapaciously,
further WhiteMale economic and political patriarchal empowerment,
especially over women of color sex slaves
for breeding by night
when they were not seeding and harvesting
and cleaning
and cooking
and feeding mixed race babies by day.

That happened,
and continues to internally happen, 
both as us, LeftBrain colonizers
and to us, RightBrain creolizers.

adopting a RightBrain Sacred Elder
perspective on Turtle Island Paradise,
the old, yet also new, EarthTribal  gratitude attitude landscape
notices Yang healthy adoption
v. Yin pathology-as-maladaptive-RePressedVictim.

What creolized into U.S. mutual acclimation
was here all along, potentially, without Columbus,
waiting to uncover further WinWin gratitude
for grace already deeply and indigenously learned
by polypaths
noticing polycultural historical reweaving opportunity,
promise for better AdoptingLeft and AdaptingElderRight
ecopolitical cooperatives,
emerging through fractal annual 4-seasons
of polyphonic
polynomial holonic
Zero-Soul Outcomes
for global climate through vulnerable personal health redevelopment,
for those with more of a RightWing District of Columbus orientation,
whom we have more rapaciously become,
and for those with more Left and Right wings of Revolutionary Eagles
spreading democratic trusting colonies far beyond pre-historic nativity,
patriotic-matriotic feelings
about healthy landscapes
and courageous climates
of ecological life
and dualdark predation.

2020 post-bilateral millennial revision
remembers who and what colonized America
and reweaves who and what developed the Americas
during the prior 1000 years,
while both East and West cultures
virtually (0)Sum ignored us,
and most certainly did not overpopulate
or ElitistChristianize
by demonizing
what SkyWoman created,
Turtle Island ReVolutionary Eden ReForestation,
divine-humane ecotherapeutic
and familial
and tribal
and more patriarchal-matriarchal
domestic through international ecopolitically resonant,
confluent; not dissonant.

WinWin Cooperative EcoPolitics
adopts LeftBrain deductive language and healthy intent
while Elder RightBrain adapts with creolizing regenerative
Sacred EcoLogical
with 2020 balancing bicameral enlightenment.

We are both Prickly Cowboy Colonizers
and Graceful IndigenouslyGooish RNA root systemic 
transgender polypathic forests and climates,
both lightLeft and dualdark GooeyRight,
creolizing acclimators,
to paraphrase,
and somewhat Gregory Bateson double-bind embellish,
and Buckminster Fuller reincarnate,
Alan Watts with Julian Jaynes bicameral ethology
as historical democratizing WinWin purpose.

Cooperatively adoptLeft
and responsively adaptRight
for optimal creolizing  post-revolutionary acclimation,
best climate and landscape health practices,
surviving dualistic colonizing eclipses
by thriving nondual creolic co-arisings
of mutually sacred gratitude.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2017

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