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Long Chimera Poems

Long Chimera Poems. Below are the most popular long Chimera by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Chimera poems by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member The Penetralia Ruby Queen
Hark and listen well, if those foretoken in the eyes of hungers lust
Trapped in their illusion, trampling the Stars into dust
Forced with the detestation stench by the swamp of absolute disgust
Thou blackest scorpion be accursed,...

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© G. Jay  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: chimera, allegory, beauty, creation, fantasy, god, inspiration, integrity,
Form: I do not know?

Premium Member Hay un dia feliz by Nicanor Parra, Translated by T Wignesan
       Hay un dia feliz by Nicanor Parra, Translated by T. Wignesan

      To come by a happy day

(In this poem, Parra maintains lines of...

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© T Wignesan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: chimera, childhood, family, father, feelings, music, nostalgia, philosophy,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Chimera

Bellerophon was sent for by king Lobates of Lycia
And given the dangerous task of slaying the Chimera
A fierce creature like a lion with a goats head on its back
With a serpent for a tail to...

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Categories: chimera, animal, mythology,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Rant
This town, this Silk Road had no toll to pay
  yet from the east caravans again fill its
pharaonic marble and glass temples. Monolith

malls rise its clefts, eco-wilderness morph
  into multiplex cinemas; mini golf...

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Categories: chimera, culture, humanity,
Form: Free verse
Work in progress 13
"You are fixing to walk the same road I have little
girl ,"she said to me".He loves me", I stupidly and
hopefully answered back.I don't even want to go into the many ways she was right and...

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Categories: chimera, humanity,
Form: Free verse

My Dreamy Meander
This is my humble tribute to our dear Soup member Andrea Dietrich, using some of her poem titles. This is actually inspired by a contest named "Title Wave", that was sponsored by our Soup member...

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Categories: chimera, tribute,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Akbar, the Great 1542 - 1605
Can a man – all alone - foist a god upon his fellows
Even if it’s only himself
And they his subjects

G.. is Akbar!

Does the muezzin from the minaret of Qoutoub-Minar
look up or
down to the illiterate savant...

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© T Wignesan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: chimera, adventure, , atheist,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Conscious Magical Dreaming to Eternity
Sweet dreams are fantastic and enchanting,
The golden wings of brightness are quite chanting,
The natural beauty of songbirds is like fairy dust,
In this dream, I broke down with joy and bust.

Oh, dream! The ominous curved shape...

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© Sotto Poet  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: chimera, analogy, confusion, dream, inspirational,
Form: Rhyme
Clad in his double-breasted royal toga
Filled of nothing but pride and anger
His face as grim as a Pallbearer’s
His gaze dreadful and fearful like that of 
A raging rattlesnake about to strike
His eyes crackling charcoal fire-red

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Categories: chimera, allegory, angst, history, introspection, political, satireold, people,
Form: I do not know?
Three worlds, three Prisons
I think about human freedom
I search for human liberty
I get none in human life
Humans have never carried 
Freedom and liberty in bags

In mother’s womb
Surely I see no freedom, no liberty!
In the womb- world humans;	
have eyes...

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Categories: chimera, humanity, philosophy,
Form: Narrative
Saint Chemo's Fire - specimens 1 and 2
Sarcomas hatch like caviar
in St. Jude chemo-fire inversions,
where leviathans lay magnetars
to suck the blood of

Their celestial suckers nurse their mothers
through quantum-dot tunnels, converging
what little life force
might milk
metastatic roots while purging,

and scute steroids discarding the hair

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© Ray Ortiz  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: chimera, art, cancer, child, dark, death, horror, riddle,
Form: Shape
Caravanserai Heading Toward The Levant
a tsunami catapulted cruising skiff
skyward landing with quiet thud
across undulating infinite granular waves
formerly solid state rocks and minerals

optimism vibrant upon initial unforeseen
crash asper for test dummies
foundered as undertow fostered diminishing hope
initial faith for survival quickly...

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Categories: chimera, 11th grade, 12th grade, bereavement, character, grave,
Form: Blank verse
Creating Chimeras
If a book has footnotes, though it is fiction,

How do you classify it?

Historical fiction has made some inroads

To this chimera crossroads

But science fiction

Ironically, is behind the times

I’ve kept writing vigils like Virgil.

I muse ‘neath the...

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Categories: chimera, beautiful, celebrity, encouraging, inspirational, music, , literature,
Form: I do not know?
Ocean Sky book in progress
Flying airships battling in the open sky,
 the sailors trying to save their own lives, 
and all the panoplies of war revealed in broad daylight
 unto the human psyche.

The cosmos composed wholly of oceans with...

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Categories: chimera, adventure, animals, life, loss, war, green,
Form: Epic
Dark Love
I'm sorry...

Love is a thornbush.
Pretty to the sight
yet, in the end;
it's prickly touch
is unimaginable.

With bright red roses -
it's message
seems too fragrant -
vociferous from afar.

Romantics are obsessed with love -
the misanthropes dread it;
it's a kill-joy feeling...

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Categories: chimera, lost love, lovelove,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member My Chimera World
The season of drought ravaging my heart ended on a mystical note,
It gave way to floods; massive and destructive;
Floods which pulled me in their flow
And bid me to sink in a pond
A pond made of...

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Categories: chimera, fantasy,
Form: Free verse
Fur Elise
Für Elise 

walking through the hidden realm of 
my heart,

whistling close by me, a poisoned 

burning lightning in a pearly orb,

the essence of my agony you 

echoes of a dog's anguished howl,

the opening eyes...

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Categories: chimera, feelings
Form: Free verse
Mask Of Illusion
Can eyes truly see and witness the real me that gain fake smiles of lies?
Eyes to behold behind these masks of fantasy to see how cast I am,
far from the sight of reality.
But you only...

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Categories: chimera, confusion, me, child, me, time, trust,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Angelic Callings
Words on a page, sounds, Mother's calling
soft tones rose from leather tomes sweetly,
through rouged lips they tumble with love.
Lullabies call through the coldest of nights
as frost haloes about the curls, open-hearted,
eager, a child of contested...

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Categories: chimera, child, faith, hope, morning, words, work,
Form: Sestina

I once remember the
Librarian in my college  
Meticulous ,and savvy
His love for knowledge 
Knows no bound.  

I once remember the 
Librarian in my University
A man with a large heart for others 

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Categories: chimera, confusion, education, funny, thank you, books, books,
Form: Free verse
encounter down the forest way
I wandered down the forest way
out into clearing bright
flowers wild in breezes sway
burnished in the noon day light

drowsy from the heat I stray
beneath a drooping limb
above I hear a scolding jay
as weary eyes go dim


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Categories: chimera, environment, hope,
Form: Quatrain
The sounds of a new-born baby crying for the first time, 
Can bring joy to a brand-new mother, 
Can bring a smile to her sweaty, tired face, 
Knowing that she has delivered a blessing from...

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Categories: chimera, 12th grade, abortion, baby, birth, blessing, god,
Form: Free verse
Chimera World
Misleading, minacious maze now thwarted,
eschews stealth as sandal-clad steps resound.
Determined and dour, destiny draws near;
completing this quest: forever renowned.

Stygian sky grants a much-welcomed boon:
conformable clouds cast curtain aside.
A radiant pearl suspended aloft,
reveals route to where...

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Categories: chimera, angel, fantasy, hero, moon, myth, mythology, night,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Doughnut Man Seeks Insubstantial Woman of Substance

"Doughnut Man Seeks Insubstantial Woman of Substance"

Doughnut Man 
seeks ghost whole 
to fit his missing peace

Chimeric Dream Girl
seeks holesome man
who has her back

(LadyLabyrinth / 2022)

“Perfect” (12” … Remix)/ The The

"People turn around with unseeing eyes

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Categories: chimera, dark, fantasy, romance,
Form: Romanticism
Premium Member Showcase Of The Sentimentalist - Part One
Let us discuss the circus alive in the theater of your conflicts,
the Master of Ceremonies cremates caution
in the center of curiosity's conciet
where birds bleed songs of azure agony,
madness remembers the melody of a midnight march

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Categories: chimera, adventure,
Form: Epic