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Friends Limerick Poems

These Friends Limerick poems are examples of Limerick poems about Friends. These are the best examples of Limerick Friends poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Uninvited Guest

Two friends with haughty heads on long neck’s crest,
can’t enter nearby house through door for fest.
      Dinner time of elation,

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Categories: analogy, funny,

Premium Member Dine and Dash
Dine and dash we are on the go
look at all the food below
warm soup is for me
with crackers and brie
are we eating real fast or...

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Categories: animal, food, friend, giggle,

Premium Member Cagey Canary Cat Caught
You love to chase the old cow,
and make the kitten go meow,
I have put you in your place,
now no one left to chase.
I got you~let...

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Categories: bird, cat, giggle, home,

Premium Member Barney and Bill
Barney and Bill walked up a hill
With buckets they needed to fill
The well had gone dry
They thought they might die
Until they discovered the still

They both...

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© Bill Baker  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: appreciation, giving, mountains, summer,

Premium Member Dame Tamer
Someone had called him the Dame Tamer.
Rugged good looks made him no shamer.
	Alone, he wore a pink rose
	and a gold ring through his nose.
His close...

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Categories: fun, giggle, humorous, silly,

Premium Member Blarney Stone Collab-MORE ADDITIONS
If anyone would like to have some community fun, 
please send me a limerick(s) in a comment or soup mail.  

The famous Blarney Stone,...

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© Lin Lane  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: humor,

Premium Member A Valentine’s Limerick
Valentine’s Day I do love you
a day of red~pink but not blue
you are like candy~sweet
much better than red meat
God sent me to you~who knew...

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Categories: blue, love, red, sweet,

Premium Member Winter Bugs - Now a Collaboration
Lin, sorry to hear, as I am sick too
But I know it's not covid or the flu
Been blowing my raw nose
Sneezing still comes and goes

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Categories: care, health, sick,

Premium Member Strip Poker
There once was a young lady
I tell you she was somewhat shady
She played some strip poker
With brother's friends mediocre
In walked her mother quite shaky ...

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Categories: character,

She begins to write down her goals
Which included two stripper poles
So, her friends could dance
To the music of Lance
All the way to the Superbowl...

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© Daisy Ward  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: humor,

Premium Member Stirring My Tea
Stirring my hot or cold tea, 
with fresh honey from a bee. 
I must not get stung, 
or this sweet drink will hurt my tongue....

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Categories: drink, fun, happy, sweet,

Premium Member Words From Home
colloquialism to say is quite the trick
tells where your from by words that you pick
with diplomas on the wall
my friends I appall
when I go fishing...

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Categories: culture, humorous, language,

Premium Member Funny New Years Resolutions For 24
Quote By Poet "The pen is the tongue for many writers."

Welcome to the new twenty-four,
I am laughing on the floor.
Pen you need to change,
tongue you...

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Categories: fun, humor, new year,

Premium Member Tommy Turkey - typo edit
Tommy Turkey revealed that last year
Farmer Joe made old friends disappear.
To the new birds he said,
“Heed my words or be dead
should that farmer with axe...

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Categories: humorous,

Premium Member Funny Thanksgiving Limerick
Grandma burns the food and is no cook 
She needs to stick to reading a book 
Fire covers the turkey 
It tastes like beef jerky...

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Categories: family, food, friend, fun,

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