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Dog Limerick Poems

These Dog Limerick poems are examples of Limerick poems about Dog. These are the best examples of Limerick Dog poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Dog Days
Don't let all this go to your head

But you're an animal in bed

He knew his wife lied

Which wounded his pride

Then slept in the doghouse instead...

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Categories: marriage,

Premium Member Paul Revere's Dog Walk
When Paul Revere walks his dog Nettie
He looks for a spot for her to pee
As they stroll to the bay
With her leading the way
She will...

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Categories: animal, fun, history,

Premium Member Schnauzer In Wonderland
Schnauzer In Wonderland

Down a hole tumbles my dear schnauzer Sean
Chasing White Rabbit, oh no, you’re gone!
Now the kind Chesire Cat
Unrolls a welcome mat
As my friend...

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Categories: dog, easter, humor,

Premium Member Robert Gorelick Doggy Limerick Circus II UPDATED
Charming and filled with humorous doggy characters, so unique 
I’m floored when I think of an aussidoodle, or a scotchi‘s fido physique
Pages of dogs all...

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© I Am Anaya  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: limerick, celebration, humorous, poetry,

Premium Member Hog in the Fog
I saw a man walking his hog
It turned out it was just his dog
     It sure did look real

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© Bill Baker  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: animal, dog, funny, humor,

Premium Member Working Dogs
Had a big dog for to tend the sheep
Small dog for a ratter while we sleep
Old spot for all to pet
Growler for warn he let

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Categories: animal, dog, jobs,

Premium Member My Best Friend Canine Valentine
My Best Friend Canine Valentine

We love our Newfoundlander Mo to pieces
Slobbery greetings drench my wife, son and nieces
A hound sweet and chivalrous
A French kiss he’ll...

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Categories: dog, humor, valentines day,

Premium Member Cavapoo Valentine
Cavapoo Valentine

Cavapoo Cuddle’s my Valentine all night and day
She’ll curl up in my lap then urge me to play
A spaniel-poodle blend
My broken heart she’ll mend

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Categories: dog, humor, valentines day,

I Am Bleu
When it’s quiet my heart aches for Bleu

My husky companion so fluffy and true

His absence has taken a grievous toll

His spirit left a pawprint on...

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Categories: death, dog, grief, loss,

Premium Member Maisie
I once had a doggy named Maisie
Who acted a little bit crazy
She didn't like fetch 
and wouldn't play ketch
I guess that old dog was just...

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Categories: dog, humor,

Premium Member No Christmas Carols
Lots would say that Norman was hard to please.
Although you could always please him with cheese.
Every Christmas song,
He thought was wrong.
To stop you singing, he...

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Categories: dog,

Premium Member Spooky Night
Eerie Midnight …walking through empty field,
found three strange witches asking me to yield,
abominable they looked,
brewing, following their book! 
had no choice but to those creatures...

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Categories: october,

Premium Member Walkin' the Dog
I walked my dog down by the junction
When he had a canine malfunction
He jumped on a snake
A bite he did take
And now he has reptile...

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Categories: animal,

Premium Member A Grand Barking Contest
There was to be a grand barking contest
To find the dog that barked loud and longest
A man came on his scooter 
Farting loud as a...

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Categories: dog, humor,

A Cat and a Dog
A cat and a dog, marinated delight,
In a frying pan, they engaged in a fight,
Their sizzles did soar,
Mom kicked the pan, what a roar!
Dinner was...

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Categories: nonsense,

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