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Lent Poems

Lent Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of lent poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for lent.

New Poems

Just Passing Through
Bang! Bang! Bang! 
The sound of gun shots echoing in the air
Shattering windows and, smashing glasses 
Sending people pouring out in the street
Gun shots penetrating the clouds 
With a message that is very loud

People are running and screaming around
 confused...Read More
Categories: lent, business, change, city, death, deep, destiny, emotions,
Form: Narrative

Premium Member A Catechism Commentary
Ashes to dust
If you must 
You will only end up in a bust 
You see you proclaimed yourself as a King 
In a place where they did not want to hear such a thing 
Defending from armies they did have
And...Read More
Categories: lent, angel, art, baptism, bible, easter, faith, wisdom,
Form: Rhyme Royal
Premium Member CHRISTIAN didactic
Gifts freely from above,ours to deploy
Each earthly day,lent for us to enjoy....Read More
Categories: lent, christian, poetry,
Form: Didactic
Premium Member Life and memory
Sometimes I look at life,
As if I am not there,
As if I am just a memory,
Come back to revisit my life.

My daughter is in the kitchen ,
Making lunch on her own,
My son is not to be seen,
He must be out...Read More
Categories: lent, best friend, daughter, family, friend, i miss
Form: Rhyme
Neither A Borrower Nor
Collaborative Poetry…
give me a break

Words borrowed or lent,
the Muse to abate

What’s not in your memory,
what’s not in your soul

Can never be bartered, rented
—or sold

(Bryn Mawr College: February, 2020) 
...Read More
Categories: lent, poetry,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Delighted by her Sweetness
Blips of sunlight on a dappled brick garden path led me to
experiment with a glimpse, and then a peek.
I was immediately mesmerized by the beauty I found inside
The over-sized garden gate which had been left propped open
in the middle of...Read More
Categories: lent, garden,
Form: Imagism
The archaeologists of this era 
Were about to excitedly find
The Cradle of Mankind
Where the origins of humankind
Had been found, the news was about 
To be revealed to the whole world
And so the ears of our globe...Read More
Categories: lent, god,
Form: Free verse
Each night with moon arising
I walk through an unknown land 
Where everything is creeping in darkness 
And a tunnel of endless search of brightness 

Every time I see the stars gleaming
I get into a deep thought
Of loss love and despair
With...Read More
Categories: lent, 11th grade,
Form: Free verse
Ghost of Harriet Harris doth not countenance monetary largesse
After about fifty years as married wife
the last three fraught with strife
obvious telltale signs of terminal illness rife
hysterectomy irrevocably didst jackknife
at the least severely incapacitated
think pitted, riddled,
and rounced her tortured life.

Ovarian cancer affliction
on par with megadeath
bald pate (color of bleached...Read More
Categories: lent, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Happy birthday Matthew Scott Harris
Yours truly snapped, popped,
and cracked his crown out cervix
(I'll spare ye the bloody graphics),
whence obstetrician able, eager, and
ready underscored with italics

to pass (think football) garden variety
wrinkled newborn asthma
noggin heralded lix
plus deux orbits ago
sported an ordinary

uneventful, nonetheless miraculous
biological secrete reproductive tricks
immediately...Read More
Categories: lent, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Bio
Oracle of Giza
A new day perhaps, of immeasurable tin, sound of din
A hurricane noise, a thrall of riotous cuts, although thin
The blood-curdle choke of rage from before
Now purchased like plasma from the needle store
Go hump yourself, If you want my schtick, you...Read More
Categories: lent, 11th grade, absence, allusion, aubade, blue, christian,
Form: Abecedarian
Jinxed with accursed automobile woes
Small fortune already spent
to maintain 2009 Hyundai Sonata
(pray cuz I love genii, or even mirthful
teletubby heaven sent)
compromising financial means to pay rent,

telecommunications service provider (Verizon),
electric company (PECO), sparking pent
up rage against the machine money meant
to buffer panic attacks
springing up like...Read More
Categories: lent, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th grade, anxiety,
Form: Free verse
for wards
i can't just say
four words and
then remain 
sigh lent

so though you sent
me that word
i must doe re 
me spond

whackadoo but
whackadon't and
let's not forget
knick knack patty

whack but you
have to ask
how much

wood could a
chuck if a


i will give you
the answer...Read More
Categories: lent, muse,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member The Death Of A Young King

Eight of the strongest and, bravest the of warriors; were collected in all
Each chosen for their strength; each of the same height, and, their gaul

Their task was not to be an easy...Read More
Categories: lent, death, leadership,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member The broken doll
They gave me a small watch on Xmas Day
But with a watch a little child can’t play
I envied both my sisters with  new dolls
As on the old settee the dolls were lulled

I stood  there uncomprehending and alone
Had I...Read More
Categories: lent, allegory, angst, lost,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member My love she'd lent


I followed her where'er she went
Lured onward by her fragrant scent

She clasped his hand, a handsome gent
How could she know my love she'd lent

I died one thousand deaths inside
Choked back my...Read More
Categories: lent, longing, love hurts, romance,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Congressional Grace
I'm still reading Your Resonant Self,
by Dr. Sarah Peyton,
speaking of how contempt
destroys relationships
formerly cooperative
and, thereby, healthy.

Disgust about oneself
and contempt against Other
are interrelated,
like ego and eco,
like Yang and Yin,

"Humans seem to be capable of disconnecting from others
[and our disgusting selves]
on a...Read More
Categories: lent, christmas, earth, easter, health, integrity, power, spiritual,
Form: Political Verse
Twas december twenty second 1996
Twas december twenty second 1996...
(when all thru house in 1148 Penn Valley
thee eldest scheming to sally
forth unlike her papa hood dilly dally
nothing to chauffeur himself 'cept tally
sheet scored with failure.)

Twenty three years ago
most significant event
within mein kampf,
father time thankfully lent
biologically...Read More
Categories: lent, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Brilliant, grandiloquent magnificent trenchant
Brilliant, grandiloquent, magnificent, trenchant...

Writing prompts burst asunder
deafening soundcloud roared
with apocalyptic thunder
'course only audible to yours truly,
I did dumbfoundedly wonder...

At o'clock tick tocking wee hours brisk
December seventeenth
two thousand nineteen
simultaneous blinding fiery kindling
quickening xing risk
within winkin blinkin and nod,
I feared full light...Read More
Categories: lent, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, betrayal,
Form: Political Verse
Baudelaire translation: The Jewels
Les Bijoux (The Jewels)
by Charles Baudelaire
loose translation by Michael R. Burch

My lover nude and knowing my heart's whims
Wore nothing more than a few bright-flashing gems;
Her art was saving men despite their sins;
She ruled like harem girls crowned with diadems!

She danced...Read More
Categories: lent, body, desire, french, joy, lust, muse, paris,
Form: Verse
Far and Near

Wonders of the world abound
on our earthly stomping ground,
in the seven seas profound,
midst the heavens round us wound.

Images from reaches vast
by astronomers amassed
show in varicolored cast,
cosmic glories unsurpassed,

stories of the great immense,
begging questions why and whence,
scenes stelliferously dense,
bringing past to...Read More
Categories: lent, earth, fantasy, imagery, poetry, sound, stars, world,
Form: Verse
So much time has I spent,
Reading to others for enjoyment,
Rather looking up for my present,
To summarize my past that He had lent.


How I wish to step up my game,
Give it up and raise my plane,
Like those ivories that were made,
Alas!...Read More
Categories: lent, abuse, corruption, october, time,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member HOMILY and epistle
preacher sing me your song
          deceive me not    
           behold,behold me
       ...Read More
Categories: lent, christian, writing,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Seven Pennies
Seven copper pennies 
Left by the homeless man  
Trash and needles everywhere
While he slept by the garbage can

He abandoned them at sunrise
To him they had no worth
They could not buy his comfort
In this bed of waste and earth

Little did...Read More
Categories: lent, abuse, addiction, faith, humanity, meaningful, people, sad,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Show Some Respect
When it is Easter, I must beg
For less attention to the Egg,
If Jesus Christ did rise again,
Is it right to honour the hen?
If it's all about life renewed,
Other cases should be reviewed.
Funny that we choose to eat,
Not fresh eggs as...Read More
Categories: lent, abuse, animal, care, christian, easter, jesus,
Form: Couplet