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A poetic form created by Lencio Dominic Rodrigues, the Lento is named after it's creator, taken from his first name Lencio and rhymed to Cento, an existing form of poetry.
A Lento consists of two quatrains with a fixed rhyme scheme of abcbdefe as the second and forth lines of each stanza must rhyme. To take it a step further, but not required, try rhyming the first and third lines as well as the second and forth lines of each stanza in this rhyming pattern: ababcdcd. The fun part of this poem is thrown in here as all the FIRST words of each verse should rhyme. There is no fixed syllable structure to the Lento, but keeping a good, flowing rhythm is recommended. 
For an added challenge, one may write a four-verse Lento and call it a Double Lento, or a six-versed Lento to become a Triple Lento. A Lento of eight verses and more is called a Lento chain.
Below is an example of a Lento:

A Lento is a type of poem that has two quatrains. A quatrain is a poem written in iambic pentameter with a rhyme scheme of, "abab." A Lento poem is a rhyming poem where the lines that absolutely must rhyme are the second and fourth. This means that the rhyme scheme is, "abcb defe." If a writer wants to have fun with it, they may, in fact, rhyme the first and third line as well so that the scheme is, "abab cdcd." The Lento was named after it's original creator, Lencio Dominic Rodriguez and rhymed with "cento" which is a poem that is made by combining lines from other poets. Sometimes, as an extra challenge or fun way of writing a Lento, the first word of each line is rhymed, rather than the last line. However, the last words of the second and the fourth line still, must rhyme. A Lento poem does not have a specific syllable 


Composed in winter of Two Thousand Five, (a) Proposed by my dreams, this entire theme, (b) Exposed now for all to write and have fun, (c) Supposed to be easy though it doesn't seem. (b) Two verses of four lines each you will write, (d) Do rhyme the beginning word in every line, (e) Pursue to keep last rhymes in line two and four, (f) Chew your brain a little, you'll do just fine! (e)

[adv] in music; "Play this lento, please"
[adj] (of tempo) slow

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