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Short Lento Poems

Short Lento Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short Lento poems by PoetrySoup poets. Search the short Lento poetry form by poem length and keyword.

What is real here in this world?
Am I real, my emotions, my pain and sorrow?
Or is my smile and laughter, the happiness borrowed?
What is real here in this very mind?...

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© Don Bukana  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: adventure,

I see her coming down the aisle
Her dress as white as snow

All faces shining now with tears
And me like Romeo 

I stood pretending to be calm
She turned and looked at me

And all at once I realized
I will now be carefree  

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Categories: marriage,

Depression is my only song
Transgression with poetic verse
Nonaggression where it may belong
Suppression of feelings of self worth

Days I have spent locked in my mind
Ways to escape these feelings I do not crave
Praise my ways to have my shadows defined
Raise me from the confines of the depraved...

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Categories: anger, angst, confusion, dark,

Bliss - clouded windows of blue sky Kiss my parted lips with moon shine Miss me as the door divides us This valentine of mine is so fine Brand me yours, with a golden ring Hand in hand we whisper our vows Withstand anything together, dear Husband and wife as long as time allows
1/17/2017 ...

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Categories: love, marriage, valentines day,

Farewell Kiss
Lips that knows no parting but bliss,   
Strips the soul of its wanton passion,  
Sips all what the lover will later miss,
Ships two bodies into heavenly tension;

Endless sorrow when it comes to pass,
Reminiscence bump of that poignant kiss,
Countless days become grey and amiss,
Absence is too much to bear and dismiss.


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Categories: absence, feelings, love,

Kenn Nesbitt
Introducing Kenn Nesbitt, my choice for funny poet
Producing giggle poetry kids appreciate
Inducing guffaws that infect others with laughter
Sluicing silly nonsense on subjects kids can relate

Exciting themes on homework and animals Kenn writes.
Inciting worldwide laughs, in all this absurdity
Highlighting the imagination of any child
Inviting you to share this world of frivolity

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Categories: appreciation, encouraging, kids, humorous,

Lord, when I worry about the bills,
Knowing I don't have money-making skills,
Please be my complete provider,
As well as my ever present minder.
When my life knocks me down,
And all I can do is frown,
Please come and comfort me,
For I will always depend on thee.
When I'm confused about what to do.
When no one has answers except you,
Please make everything crystal clear,
Wiping out any doubt or fear....

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© Don Bukana  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: adventure, angel,

TRUTH dove, it never was of peace, of dryland found. shove, some need it to get them off the mark. love, affection for whatever; each other, sound. above all be one's self so don't live in the dark. dark, beware, or you can share it with a lover. park up, nay, an arboretum, trees can be fun. shark; man-eaters, no, a new food discovered. hark! the call of natures spring, new life begun!

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Categories: truth,

Angry eyes
Unclosed eyes spew anger stern
Unstoked smokeless fire of the wild
Unclasped lost togetherness burns
Uncleaned ashes cover soiled mind.

Fiery disdain the bloody eyes spray
Scary voice threatens harsh to hurt
Flowery attachments wilt in disarray
Wary heart sinks and splits apart.

Remorse could melt mind to tear
Dowse the fire in the burning eyes
Bruise healed mind would reappear
Wise and from ashes it would rise. 


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Categories: anger, heartbroken, relationship,

The flairs ‘n radiances 
Elegances beyond my senses 
The charms ‘n serenities 
Beauties endless marvelous 
Beauties, valhallain marvelous
Allurs, colors charms 
Soft, fragile ‘n tender 
Gentle, gentle so gentler 
Longings, cravings ‘n fondness 
My heart my fondness 
Aaah beauties endless marvelous 
Your charms your serenities 
The glow, the auras 
Splendid endless, timeless 
Flairs, charms ‘n purity 
Oooh my serenade, 
My piety my soul......

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Categories: class,

When your heart breaks
Your heart when it breaks
Yonder clouds enter the eyes
Under test the trust wrecks
Flower called love soon dies.

Your heart when it breaks
Near melts in distant crowd
Answer your question seeks
Unclear mind dons a shroud.

Your heart when it breaks
Rear time decays in wasteland
Pillar of understanding cracks
Structure of hope can’t stand.

Your heart when it breaks
Sheer sense in severe strain
Falters to decide what it takes
Another hand to hold again.


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Categories: heartbreak, lost love,