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Short Lento Poems

Short Lento Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short Lento poems by PoetrySoup poets. Search the short Lento poetry form by poem length and keyword.

What is real here in this world?
Am I real, my emotions, my pain and sorrow?
Or is my smile and laughter, the happiness borrowed?
What is real here in this very mind?...

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© Don Bukana  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: adventure,
Form: Lento

Flight of Sea Gulls
Moonlight dissipates.
Soon dawn will break.
Hewn out in the sand,
Dunes take shape.

Seagulls glide over seawater,
Free to reach the heights.
There is beauty and there is grace,
Each possesses in their magnificent flight....

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Categories: bird,
Form: Lento

na vida ou nos negócios
vá rápido o suficiente para chegar lá, 
mas lento o suficiente para ver o caminho.

O sucesso
não é sobre chegar rápido
é sobre conhecer o caminho
e nunca deixar ninguém para traz....

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Categories: lento, business,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Problem Child
When Uranus in the natal chart
Conjuncts the Ascendant,
The personality will be
Extremely independent.

Then imagine Uranus opposite the Moon,
Sure sign of separation -
Won't be the domestic type,
If that's the indication!...

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© Beth Evans  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: birth, home, mother,
Form: Lento
summer warmth lento
Greet the heat with a smile
Meet all your summer dreams
Eat some corn and watermelon
Treat yourself to ice creams

Drink some homemade lemonade
Think of cool blue seas
Blink and suddenly, summer is over
Sink into melancholy

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Categories: lento, happiness, seasonssummer, summer,
Form: Verse

I see her coming down the aisle
Her dress as white as snow

All faces shining now with tears
And me like Romeo 

I stood pretending to be calm
She turned and looked at me

And all at once I realized
I will now be carefree  

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Categories: marriage,
Form: Lento
I wonder why you changed;
my heart can never guess.  
Why did your veneer slip? -
Sly actions to address!

Do you have regrets now?
You seem as warm as ice.
Too many people fooled
to see you act so nice.

for Dear Heart Constance's Lento contest...

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© jack horne  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: lost love,
Form: Lento
Premium Member Sweet death
Sweet death, have me tarry not, greet me, for comes the morn. Cheat the sun, that I may sleep, complete as if ne'er born. Entreat, do I, your embrace. Defeat my heartbeat this night. Meet me mid a last dreaming, secrete this soul from sight.
written in Lento form

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Categories: lento, death, me,
Form: Verse
First Spring Flowers
Die ersten Frühlingsbumen / First Spring Flowers / Primeras flores de primavera  

Langsames Erwachen
Die ersten Frühlingsblumen
Und eine Amsel

Slow Awakening
The first spring flowers
And a blackbird 

Lento despertar
Primeras flores de primavera
También un mirlo


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Categories: lento, naturespring, spring,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Cold Morning
Glow of full moon, calls in the wild
Flow of mist  surrounds my sight
Snow flakes gently cling
Blow ice crystals on frosty night.

Freeze landscape , icicles hang
Cease of warmth in knee deep snow
Tease as morning wind whistles
Breeze in my back as north winds blow.


Lento form...

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Categories: lento, snow,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Dancing Lights
Glow of lights dancing in the sky
Flow of movement in twilight
Grow visions of colorful hues
Throw star dust into the night.

Night prevails in magical glow
Height of perfection patterns appear
Lights radiant reflect in the sky
Sight exquisite~ our heavens near.

Phyllis Babcock

Lento form...

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Categories: lento, nature,
Form: I do not know?
Depression is my only song
Transgression with poetic verse
Nonaggression where it may belong
Suppression of feelings of self worth

Days I have spent locked in my mind
Ways to escape these feelings I do not crave
Praise my ways to have my shadows defined
Raise me from the confines of the depraved...

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Categories: anger, angst, confusion, dark, pain,
Form: Lento
Our New Normal
Extract crimson hope, ruthless needles
Distract my dark thoughts, bleeding ink
Contact sanitized gloved sensations
Contract, as cancerous demons shrink

Dew pretty mornings carry fever
Blue icepacks chase lush, littered heat
Too many germs lurk everywhere - our
New normal household, bittersweet



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Categories: angst, cancer, depression, pain,
Form: Lento
Guerreiros Poderosos
Guerreiros Poderosos

Os dois guerreiros mais poderosos são:
a paciência e o tempo.

O guerreiro Paciência é ativo
nunca passivo.
paciência é o guerreiro que espera
e continua a fazer sempre mais
quando tudo pode ser difícil e lento.

O Tempo é o guerreiro
que espera
o instante
na eternidade que

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Categories: lento, business,
Form: Free verse
the difference with mist
the difference with mist		

this…. landscape of blurry fog
mist that rise from breathless trees
kiss with vapors from the mourning rain
wish upon a lonely breeze

place with sorrow your heavy dew
encase thy eternal lips
traced by charcoal and vellum
erased with lightness that is missed

A poetry contest sponsored by Rick Lento...

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Categories: lento, loss
Form: I do not know?
Bliss - clouded windows of blue sky Kiss my parted lips with moon shine Miss me as the door divides us This valentine of mine is so fine Brand me yours, with a golden ring Hand in hand we whisper our vows Withstand anything together, dear Husband and wife as long as time allows
1/17/2017 ...

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Categories: love, marriage, valentines day,
Form: Lento
Champagne Is The Savior Of Man
Pregnant sky labors in misty cloud
Tenants of earth awaits the bath of life
Warrant is issued to eastern wind
Stagnant is earth and man's thrive

Rain now patters in Noah's days fashion
Vein shivers as cold infiltrates man
Pain enslave the worried thought and soul
Champagne is the savior of man

For Rick Praise's lento contest

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Categories: lento, nature, earth,
Form: Verse
tarnish and stain in harvest darkness hides the light. harvest yon’ fleeting carcass, garnish processed blight ~ sprawl into the night tall is the shadow crawl so passionate height, haul in all the valleys so low
2/3/20 Written words by James Edward Lee Sr.2020© ...

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Categories: analogy, appreciation, imagery, symbolism,
Form: Lento
Farewell Kiss
Lips that knows no parting but bliss,   
Strips the soul of its wanton passion,  
Sips all what the lover will later miss,
Ships two bodies into heavenly tension;

Endless sorrow when it comes to pass,
Reminiscence bump of that poignant kiss,
Countless days become grey and amiss,
Absence is too much to bear and dismiss.


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Categories: absence, feelings, love,
Form: Lento
Perfect rain dance---Lento poetry
Cold rain drops on your face boldly touch your lips with bliss hold my hand, let's do a rain dance old memories ignite our first kiss. Get closer to my mouth dear Let our breaths mingle once Set the stage for a perfect kiss Bet this is our best rain dance. By:kash poet(28th July 2011) =============000==============

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© kash poet  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: lento, nature, romance, rain, rain,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Pearls On The Caladiums
Pearls hang on the Caladiums
Swirls of fog and rain from the night
Twirls that flow to the very edge
Earls no more blessed than I with this right

Heat will soon evaporate the dew
Treat short lived but the memory
Sweet lingers relieves stress of day
Greet this day appreciatory

Contest: Lento Poetry
Sponsor:^Rick Parise
Thanks for the challenge...

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Categories: lento, life, nature,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Weeping Mist Lento Poetry
Weep the clouds, a somber pall, deep the veil, soft cooling mist. Creep and drip from the vines, steep the world in ghostly mist. Sweep along the garden wall, keep bees from the blooms. Sleep, now does the earth, awaiting. Reap memories from mists perfume.
For the contest: Lento Poetry Sponsored by Rick Parise Placement: 5th

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Categories: lento, nature
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Van Gogh's Starry Night

Bleak sky of blues, stars gave rise to a miracle been made, Streak of a sprawl unfurls his heavens tethered madness, Speak not lest he loses his concentration, maintains focus, Meek town his groundwork, lofty jewel amidst the sadness. 2020 January 28 Arbitrium Divisa 7 Poetry Contest Sponsored by: Gregory R Barden

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Categories: art, character, mental illness,
Form: Lento
Spells of luscious sound and wondrous vision
bells that fill the air with mystic tones
wells of crystal cascades sating endless thirst 
dells a golden haunt for clustered stones

Wings propel red robin’s noonday flight 
rings affirm a passion spanning many lives
things we hoard and blindly cast away
Kings and Queens who feast at royal beehives...

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Categories: birth, care, character, creation, feelings, freedom, imagery,
Form: Lento
Premium Member Arrival
Few sing within love's chorus
new melodies like dreams so clear.
True love was always wanted.
Blue shadows of loneliness disappear.

Hope is here on the near horizon.
Scope it out with your mind so keen.
‘’Nope’’ a word to be heard no longer.
Grope no more for the promise is seen.

Writing Prompt- Let's Write a Lento- Poetry Contest
Sponsor:  Dear Heart...

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Categories: blessing, change,
Form: Lento