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Long Lento Poems

Long Lento Poems. Below are the most popular long Lento by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Lento poems by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member Vincent Van Gogh

Decades of art, and some as oil paintings, 
whereat, had most work made in just the last two years.
Persuades the heart, of similar taste, seems,
fair that, Van Gogh's work may be the best than of...

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Categories: art, character,
Form: Lento

Premium Member Letters Home
I am writing letters home,
And will enclose in each a poem.
Here is my selection
For my verse connection.

I think for Maybelline
My best Alexandrine,
Six syllables per line,
That I'll polish till they shine.

Something different for Fritz,
I am sending...

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© Beth Evans  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: lento, animal, cat, day, home, nonsense, poems,
Form: List
Perdon si te lastime Dios ya me perdono
La conciencia no aguanto el remordimiento
el sufrimiento va consumiéndome Lento
pero se bien que yo me Lo eh ganado
eh pecado y por ti seré castigada 
puedo mentirle a Los demás pero a ti no dios 

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Categories: lento, blessing, cry, faith, family, funeral, god, goodbye,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member Musicianship
(3 May 2014;  For my son Steven, an ACCOMPLISHED guitarist)

Real musicianship can truly drive you nuts—
There really are no “ifs”, “ands”, or “buts”.
Practice, study, memorize, then more practice--
Is this just an obsession or...

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Categories: lento, education, humor, inspiration, music, student, technology, work,
Form: Quatrain
(The Spanish conquerors of the
Americas read out their legal
document, the "Requerimiento",
to the Indians.  Failure to comply
meant the Spanish were free to
do what they wanted.)

Conquistadors in Vera Cruz 
found themselves a radical ruse. 
If pillaging...

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Categories: lento, history,
Form: Quatrain

Premium Member Van Gogh
Decades of a formula that only he knew about it and drew,
Cascades of his artwork came to a head in his last years,
Glissades of a swan in a lake that only a handful had seen,

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Categories: art, character, mental illness,
Form: Lento
My Honeysuckle moor
Honeysuckle is blooming does catch my eye                            ...

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© John Beam  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: lento, adventure, allegory, childhood, fantasy, garden, imagination, poetry,
Form: Quatrain

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Categories: lento, halloween,
Form: Concrete
Premium Member A Terrifying Night
Birds seen flying together in large flocks tonight
Words of warning sounds emit as coos and cackles
Herds of cows start running toward the barn door light
Blurred together as a murder of black crows and grackles

Snow starts...

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Categories: fear, horror,
Form: Lento
Premium Member They Blamed it on Her
The bowl of fruit left on the table
to wither and rot by those unable.
Those whose minds are shattered by death,
whose minds are weakened and bereft.
There cliché exhibit they concede,
tells of their leal for their dead...

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© Pax Geist  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: lento, character, dark, death, judgement, society, word play,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member losing myself
expressing my pain in what has been rough,
depressing days; my mind wears not youth-
compressing all my anger caged with fear,
obsessing over what is or is not the truth

exceeding in angst, my quill breaks in half,

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© Lu Loo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: death, metaphor, sister,
Form: Lento
Premium Member Paul Jackson Pollock
Paul Jackson Pollock

Condense versions that affected the times,
Immense variants that scoped his pleasures,
Florence immersed unravel a mentor,
Propense expounds at immortal measures.

Paul J. Pollock, painter, from Wyoming,
Haul labeled abstract impressionist art,
Gall at pouring, splashing, horizontal,
Call, was...

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Categories: art, character,
Form: Lento
The Binding
Abraham wrapped his robe about him,
Laced his sandals upon his feet,
Took his staff in his hand,
And started off down the path
To the place of which God had told him.

A young man rises early one cool...

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Categories: humanity, religious, violence,
Form: Lento
Never trust a woman with a stick
Allegros slow    Andantes quick

It starts when Passionata comes on stage
Hips controlled    feet detache    dress in style

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Categories: lento, confusion, funny, music
Form: Free verse
Tongue :: Triple Lento

Pray…. ‘May God bless us to use tongue correctly’;
They say tongue is powerful force HE has given.
Say wise words carefully, it may bring joy or can be deadly;
Way of presentation of thought is an art,...

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© PRATAP ROY  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: faith, words,
Form: Lento
Premium Member My Inner Voice
"The highest realms of thoughts are impossible to reach,
without first attaining an understanding of compassion."

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Categories: introspection,
Form: Lento
Premium Member Rising From the Ashes
"we fall that we may rise
amazed at our fortitude
our resolve does surprise 
of never say die attitude"

Inspiration lines written by _Unseeking Seeker

Rising from the ashes of my existence,
realizing that I must be the...

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Categories: courage, hope, life,
Form: Lento
Premium Member Used Bookshop
"Books are uniquely portable magic."
                     Quote by _Stephen King

Books I love and seek them...

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Categories: books,
Form: Lento
Premium Member A Fair Go
Take a good long look back, girls,
Through the history of humankind,
It is easy enough to see
What is now obvious to find.

Rake up "Man's inhumanity to Man," dears,
And particularly, to "Woman",
It is little more than a...

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© Beth Evans  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: color, girl, god, humanity, rights, women,
Form: Lento
Premium Member Another Day in Paradise
Towns lay in ashes as soldiers marched to the sound of defeat

Clowns mocked surrender and wiped mascara off sooty cheeks

Frowns disguised shrapnel of eyeshadows in languishing tears

Gowns shredded doubts and hope when a bugle blessed...

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Categories: endurance,
Form: Lento
Now i know
Lore set in my mind
And I understood why
Poor is riches when one is content
Hand me contentment to triumph over my fears

Ideal life for me was to possess an abundance of riches  
As a young...

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Categories: conflict, happiness, lonely, philosophy,
Form: Lento
Premium Member A Love Rekindled
Ocean waves softly crashing under the moonlight
Spoken whispers as we walk hand in hand along the shore	
Motion of the waves crashing is hypnotic and refreshing
Emotion expressed by your gestures leave me wanting more

Lips kissing, teasing...

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Categories: divorce, marriage, passion, relationship,
Form: Lento
Premium Member Fragrance of Rain- A lento
Form Lento is not included in PS's list, So I have named it rhyme. Please see the 
form Lento explained below the poem)

Fragrance of Rain - A Lento

Running with hand in hand in the hazy...

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Categories: lento, rain, romantic,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Nature's alluring song
Inviting is the vibrant smile, glistening visage of spring
Exciting sensuous hearts in nature’s alluring song
Sighting on marigold arc rising blush of magenta
Lighting dawn’s flamboyance awaited all winter long.

Blazing colors adorn exuberance of flaming-red lilies
Gazing at...

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Categories: imagery, nature, spring,
Form: Lento
Premium Member Two Lentos


Well here's my first attempt at a Lento
Tell me how am I doing so far
Swell that you thought of including me
Hell I could be your next Lento star

Send me a challenge and I'll...

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Categories: lento, imagination, me, me,
Form: Quatrain