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Depression Lay Poems

These Depression Lay poems are examples of Lay poems about Depression. These are the best examples of Lay Depression poems written by international poets.

Premium Member One Tear
One tear slides down a slanted cheek
A silver line, the only sign

Of anguish which she does not speak
Insistent smiles, bright by design

Thin fortitude, her whitewashed...

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Categories: angst, depression, fear, sad,

I Want to Lay Under a Sycamore Tree in the Autumn Air
I want to lay under a sycamore tree in the autumn air.
A late afternoon breeze softly brushing across my face,
crisp and cool, laced with the...

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Categories: lay, anxiety, autumn, depression, tree,

Lay awake
Each night I lay awake
Wondering how much more I can take 
The pain is unbearable
The tears just flow
I dont want to be here anymore

What can...

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Categories: lay, confusion, cry, depression, poetry,

When You Lay Me Down
When you lat me down
Please don't cry
Just say goodbye
Because you'll see me again in time

When you lay me down
Don't ask why he took me 

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Categories: lay, death, depression, feelings, grief,

Where Broken Hearts Come To Lay
Where broken hearts come to lay
The sorrow of my soul does stay
Fractured beings that live as less
Were broken from loves confess
Like glass against a granite...

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Categories: lay, angel, betrayal, depression, feelings,

Lay down beside me
Lay down beside me
Let's break these picture frames
and roll around in the glass
until our bodies are as bloody as 

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Categories: lay, dream, heartbreak, imagery, introspection,

as i lay in the meadow
As I lay in the meadow of flowers blue sky and peace. I slowly drift to sleep  

Looked up at the sky 
Yelling asking...

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Categories: lay, betrayal, death, deep, depression,

As I Lay Dying
As I lay dying,
My wrists slit,
Slowly bleeding out,
Gathering into
little puddles,
The very essence of
my life,
Now lies wasted on
the floor,
I wonder how did I
get to be here?

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Categories: lay, cry, dark, depression, emo,

Just Lay Down
I can't fall asleep 
With you on my mind tonight 
I need to lay down

I can't close my eyes
And drift into sweet slumber 
I lay...

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Categories: lay, absence, anger, angst, betrayal,

As I Lay Here Dying
As I lay here dying, I see the light at the end of the path, but I don't want,
Don't want to walk towards it.
As I...

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Categories: lay, anger, angst, betrayal, body,

Lay OFF of Me
You are under his roof now...
Deny it not
You are his own comforter
Lay off of me, you stubborn child -
You feel perfect
When he's near...
When I...

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Categories: lay, angst, confusion, dark, depression,

Lay It Now
Not knowing the answer in a rotten action,
	I ask, "Where is my charming
And where is my desire?"
From "Inland"...

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Categories: lay, confusion, death, depression,

Winds of a Changing Way
	I see darkness; coldness; an abyss. I feel cold; lonely; and fear. I know not of how I am able to change my current course...

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Categories: depression, girlfriend-boyfriend, hope, lost

except who you are
 your not rich
cloths need a stich
don't left out
no doudt
you can be 
on top the tree
near or far
except who you are...

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Categories: depression,

As I lay Here
as I lay here dying 
my life is flashing before
my eyes and all I 
see is pain and misery
what did i do wrong 
to deserve...

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Categories: lay, death, depression, life, song-words,

I'm sick of dealing with people with attitudes!!
They have their good days, then some with blues.
I'm stressing hard and I'm trying not to.
My head is...

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Categories: life, people

Nicole (A Tropical Depression)
The earth grew loose and fell away
The rain just poured, and poured today
The winds rose up and help her slay
The vanities men adored of clay...

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Categories: natural disasters, nature

Lay Me Down to Sleep
now I lay me down to sleep
with wrists that bleed from cuts so deep
my eyes so dry
nothing left with which to cry
and I slowly begin...

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Categories: lay, angst, death, depression, devotion,

Lay Me to Sleep
We promised to be forever, it didn't seem so long.
Yet I would have never..., never sensed something wrong.
I wait for the end, so patiently.
My heart...

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Categories: lay, depression, lost love, sad,

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep
Now I lay me down to sleep.
From my veins my blood will seep.
I will die before I wake.
To the grave my soul I’ll take.

Across my...

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Categories: lay, confusion, death, depression, life,