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As I Lay Here Dying
As I lay here dying, I see the light at the end of the path, but I don't want, Don't want to walk towards it. As I lay here dying, I see my whole life flash into my eyes, That's how I knew I was gone or going, NO I had to keep fighting, Keep fighting to stay alive, away from that kingdom, it wasn't my time to go yet. I am sitting here in the hospital dying, and noone knows it but me, Noone but me can feel this pain, I cut too deep this time, because of that monster, That monster made me cut once again to see that little stream of, Little stream of blood. That monster was there, as he is now, enjoying watching me die, Yet I have the sudden urge to cut again. As I lay here dying, I am having urges to cut fast, hard, and deep to keep, Keep those memories away from me, how perfect he seemed, oh how, How he ****ed that up, and killing me in the process, all because, Because I'm not enough for him, I never will be, I'll always be invisible to, Invisible to him, I'll be alright as soon as I cut, Cut again, this time maybe I'll kill myself like you want. Maybe I'll be strong enough and not give into your lies again, and, And rise up, and not cut myself like you want. But yet I am still lying on this hospital bed, Cooped up bleeding bright red. I gave into your lies, but I will no longer, you don't effect me, I making myself better better, making myself better for my superman, As I lay dying, my babe is by my side, he never leaves. As I lay dying, I think of the things I'm going to change, If only I ever get out of this wretched place. Thr light is still at the end of the tunnel, but not as bright, I turned my back, Turned my back on that light. The light started fading, as I'm slowly opening my eyes, The first thing I see is babe smiling, "Hi baby, how are you doing, do you need anything?" "Heyy babe, and no I just need you." He smiled huge then. See I woke up, I didn'y die like you wanted me to, And now I'm surrounded by family and friends who love me, and what they don't know, What they don't know is that you're the one who made me cute, Made me cut my veins, made me slice through my flesh with that razor blade, Wanting to give up my life, they don't want me to die. I no longer need you, so I'm cutting you out of my life, like you cut me out of yours, like you almost killed me. Oh trust me one day I'll get my revenge on you. Love Always~N~Forever, Briana Lynn Minard(Adler) Finished: 01-18-13 @9:22A.M. Dedicated To: AB
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