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Confusion Lay Poems

These Confusion Lay poems are examples of Lay poems about Confusion. These are the best examples of Lay Confusion poems written by international poets.

She Lay There

Grievances were given
Everyone proceeded by
She lay there
The people talked
The people cried
She lay there
Memories of long and close
One in particular just stared
She lay there

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Categories: lay, allegory, community, confusion, fate,

Lay awake
Each night I lay awake
Wondering how much more I can take 
The pain is unbearable
The tears just flow
I dont want to be here anymore

What can...

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Categories: lay, confusion, cry, depression, poetry,

I call this topic wow!

Wow how stupid it is to go abroad and adopt a kid, when our own kids remain in the foster care...

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Categories: abuse, confidence, conflict, confusion,

As I Lay Here Dying
As I lay Here Dying

As I lay here dying
I set myself up for failure
I try my best
Is it going to be good enough? 

I try...

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Categories: lay, addiction, confusion, humanity, image,

As I lay dying
As I lay dying I cling to this life, everything in it 
The pain and the strife,  the heartbreak the sorrow
Always knowing you can...

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© James Moon  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: lay, confusion, death, deep, heartbreak,

The Echoes Of Digression
Somebody's tale will ever take with what's like the tasting of the cask? Way beyond the seamstress fusty taste, This loop turning patterns of yarn...

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Categories: allusion, betrayal, career, conflict,

Lay OFF of Me
You are under his roof now...
Deny it not
You are his own comforter
Lay off of me, you stubborn child -
You feel perfect
When he's near...
When I...

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Categories: lay, angst, confusion, dark, depression,

Lay It Now
Not knowing the answer in a rotten action,
	I ask, "Where is my charming
And where is my desire?"
From "Inland"...

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Categories: lay, confusion, death, depression,

As I Lay Down
Thoughts racing through my mind
As I lay down to sleep at night
Playing through the events of my life
Darkened shadows dance on my wall
Dreams have no...

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Categories: lay, life, sleep,

Body of Change
What’s going on with my body?
What’s going on with my mind?
The thoughts in my head,
are not thoughts of mine.
His body is so sexy, yet so...

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Categories: confusion, life, me,

Simply Unforgetable
Lol here i go writing another big ass letter today. Gosh seeing you for those 15 min or wat ever is now making my heart...

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Categories: adventure, confusion, dedication, devotion,

As I Lay Dying
I feel lazy and weak
Words, I can no longer speak
Body so worthless, fully limp
All my pride faded, officially a wimp
Brain barely carrying out its function

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© Ali Akl  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: lay, caregiving, confusion, death, faith,

Abounding is the imperfection of this world
But seeing them is just as odd
And not seeing them too
For we are left in a ruse
Only to look

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Categories: confusion, mystery,

Angel Of Darkness
i woke up out of a nightmare this morning
and lost my sleep
an angel of darkness 
came up to me
and said today is my last
got me...

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Categories: confusion, imagination, sad

Lay Off The Beer
Where does he stay, when you are here,
that mean old man, you find in your beer.
Everything is fine, but then you leave,
and out comes meany,...

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Categories: lay, confusion, life, mystery,

lay back, relax
i closed you out.
(close one door open another)- you banged & the wall
almost fell. i asked,

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Categories: lay, allegory, confusion, imagination, introspection,

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep
Now I lay me down to sleep.
From my veins my blood will seep.
I will die before I wake.
To the grave my soul I’ll take.

Across my...

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Categories: lay, confusion, death, depression, life,

Greatest Hypocrisy
I can't believe you!
I've done nothing to lose your respect,
and everything to have gained it
people say you are so "lovable"
they obviously do not think you...

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Categories: angst, confusion, friendship, people,

Comfort don't love me 
I let people step on me 
I'm ugly 
I've come to conclusion
what I'm doing 
is in my own illusion
and it bug...

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Categories: confusion, me, drug,