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Sorrow Kyrielle Poems

These Sorrow Kyrielle poems are examples of Kyrielle poems about Sorrow. These are the best examples of Kyrielle Sorrow poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Teach Me To Be Stronger God
I began life pure and guiltless,
a girl innocent and faultless;
as I grew my soul became flawed.
Oh, teach me to be stronger God ! 

My young...

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Categories: faith, introspection,


I tread the path shown by my Lord,
when in unkind world I’m abhorred,
confused, I don’t know what to do.
Oh, God I surrender to You.

Loss of...

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Categories: god, life,

Premium Member Patience

I began life pure and guiltless,
A girl innocent and faultless;
As I grew my soul became flawed,
Oh, teach me to have patience, God.

My young soul...

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Categories: introspection,

Premium Member RECLUSE
Why has happinest abandoned me?
I know not how it feels to behold glee.
My soul yearns to be free,
Oh Lord take away this misery.

I dread a...

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Categories: dark, loneliness, pain, sad,


Existence framed, for we do ask.
Why do I need you, Lord?
This catacomb. This human mask.
The emptiness is underscored.

You breathed first...

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Categories: christian,

Premium Member This Faulty Soul
"Teach me to feel another's woes,
To hide the fault I see;
That mercy I to others show,
That mercy show to me."

Alexander Pope, 1688 - 1744


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Categories: introspection, life,

Blunt Force Trauma

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Categories: car, death, grief, heartbroken,

God It Seems Is Crying For You
It's now seven straight days of rain.
It just exacerbates my pain.
Gone is the sun and sky of blue.
God it seems is crying for you.

What sorrow...

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Categories: bereavement, sorrow,

Premium Member Grief Tormented
Anguish comes to me in the night,
     With deep sorrow, I always fight;
Tears sadly, I cannot repress,

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Categories: grief,



I wanted truth, you told me lies,
you love me but you agonize.
Now, I am glad you acting mild
for I and her have...

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Categories: abuse, depression, feelings, relationship,

My Lord Jesus
Deep pain and sorrow I suffered
Joy and rest of mind you offered 
This opened my blind eyes to see
My lord Jesus ,I will praise thee.


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Categories: dedication, life, religious, labor

A Friend Indeed
I see true beauty in your eyes,
like the blues that flood the skies;
you wield a world void of lies.
You are my friend indeed.

You remind me...

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Categories: appreciation,

Premium Member Awful Weight of Agony
The phone just rang; the wrenching news has caught me unaware.
My heart is numb, my tongue is dumb; I stumble down the stair.
I cannot comprehend...

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Categories: bereavement, death, grief, heartbroken,

black humour
Black Humour

The day tragedy struck, a misfortune that also held in 
It´s  grasp a tendency to giggle, a black sort of humour
when laughter threatens...

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Categories: animal, dog, smile,


After the heat and then the rains
As a cool quietude starts to reign
Bringing into fraught lives more glee
Comes the day of lights, Diwali

Time, on fireworks...

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Categories: faith, happiness,

Let Justice Ring
Sound our sorrow that all might hear
The children wailing as they cry
Save tomorrow from abject fear
Ring out, wild bells, to the wild sky

Air our grievance,...

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Categories: social

Premium Member The Bells

The restless wind will not put by
Ring out wild bells to the wild sky
It pulls and pushes and bends at will
Those ancient bells will not...

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Categories: holiday, life, new year,

My Friend Lynette...
My friend Lynette....
     As we face tomorrow, let us live each day like it's our last.

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Categories: friendship, inspirational, lovefriend, friend,

is  my heart breaking?
i can't tell
in my silence 
i can't hear my heart yell

shouldn't this loss sorrow me?
can't i feel sadness to some degree

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Categories: confusionheart, heart, me,