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Rain Kyrielle Poems

These Rain Kyrielle poems are examples of Kyrielle poems about Rain. These are the best examples of Kyrielle Rain poems written by international poets.

God's grace
The earth proclaims His majesty
From mountain peaks to deepest sea.
God sends us rain, the flowers grow
And His abundant mercies show.

Our very breath He doth sustain

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Categories: christian, god, thanksgiving,

Awesome God
Built from nothing has everything come from love
This earth, the sun, the moon and all stars above
By Thy word commanded, the world was wrought ...

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Categories: dedication,

Plead the Blood
 Life can be like a roller coaster that turns you upside down. 
Sometimes, you don’t know whether to smile or whether to frown.

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Categories: christian,

Premium Member Spring Is In the Air

Take off your woolen scarf and coat.
Your hood conceals your pretty hair!
Now chance for snow grows more remote!
Breathe easy. Spring is in the air.

The flu;...

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Categories: spring,

You Longed The Most
We walked on uphill track of difficult times together
The tired times you didn’t treasure, passed you by
Hidden within your spent eyes sleep didn’t appear
But you...

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Categories: feelings, irony, journey, lost,

Premium Member Displaced: The Trail of Tears

As rain falls hard and soaks the ground
and thunder roars its mighty sound,
so tears of the displaced may fall,
their cries bespeaking dearth and pall.

The Deep...

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Categories: loss, native american,

Premium Member a SHORT delay
Wait for the rain to die
Wait,for the tears to dry

Wait for the mist to go
Wait,for trust to flow

Wait for anger to cool
Wait,for love to rule


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Categories: life,

God It Seems Is Crying For You
It's now seven straight days of rain.
It just exacerbates my pain.
Gone is the sun and sky of blue.
God it seems is crying for you.

What sorrow...

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Categories: bereavement, sorrow,

Premium Member No Weapon Formed Shall Prosper Against Me

    "No Weapon Formed Shall Prosper Against Me"

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Categories: courage, life, words,

When Anger Plagues the Heart
When anger plagues the heart it seems
The words we say hurt so much more.
Tempers may fly, break at the seams,
As we try to even the...

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Categories: anger, conflict,

Freedom Implores Fresh Start
Again, I was freed from a mad hurricane
Call it by any name, it's still the same
Two eldest siblings, lost their lives in the dark
Freedom implores...

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Categories: blessing, change, dedication, forgiveness,

A Friend Indeed
I see true beauty in your eyes,
like the blues that flood the skies;
you wield a world void of lies.
You are my friend indeed.

You remind me...

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Categories: appreciation,


I know, as you do, that there is no man who 
Wouldn’t trade his rice bowl empty...

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Categories: inspirationalgod, girl, god,

My Fire
A fire burns within me
It is not for all to see
Though many do so admire
My passion is my true fire

It shines brighter than the sun

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Categories: introspectionpassion,

O Lord, let me not seek in vain
A new wind blows I can but see
A hidden depth to agony
A coming drought of faith again
O Lord, let me not seek in vain

To know...

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Categories: faith, hope, visionaryme, me,

Premium Member Contradictions of Life
Two major contradictions in life can bring you to your knees
Like opposing sisters in a family, as one arrives, the other leaves
Comedy and tragedy…

Two mascots,...

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Categories: introspection, life

Scented Kisses
Scented kisses...It could be your bubble gum tongue, or possibly your toothpaste.
     You have me utterly sprung just by the way...

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Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, love, passion

Premium Member The Six - My Heart Sings Out
To hear the surf or trill of spring’s new birds;
A cat’s soft purr or strong and stirring words;
Endearments whispered; songs so cute I grin,
My heart...

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Categories: happiness, heart, joy, love,

Global Warming
In mid December snow should drop
With the temperatures bitter cold
But, summer heat has yet to stop
Global warming is drawing near

Walking around I see the trees

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Categories: inspirational