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Premium Member Sins of Our Fathers
In hindsight
I suspect my dad silently hoped,
secretly conceived,
vicariously needed his dream
I would become a multi-talented musician.

He said, No.
behind my mother's gentle apron
strings of soft-voiced disappointment,
but also hidden within unspoken fear
of Catholic influence
when I was invited to join
The Vienna Boy's Choir.

I...Read More
Categories: join, discrimination, father son, growing up, growth, music,
Form: Political Verse

Premium Member The florida of My youth - My Generation
The Florida of My Youth - My Generation
By Franklin Price

Was born in mid November of nineteen forty five,
Was the last of seven siblings (only four are still alive).
Four sisters and two brothers, I was to be the last.
(I was under...Read More
Categories: join, family, life,
Form: Couplet
The Lord Knows Best
The Lord Knows Best

chase back a dream
onto all that hurts...
Fly away past the Willow tree
a Bob Ross blend of lovers as these;

You look for better in loving eyes
love is for certain
in tender wanting eyes
Eminem on the rap vine

Tupac would have...Read More
Categories: join, anxiety, art, autumn,
Form: Free verse
Two Halves
The Gods split us in half;
from two mouths and four eyes,
from two noses and four legs,
from two hairlines and four hands,

we became one, singular -
Plato tells us so.

Yet we continue, we strive,
to merge and meld,
to link and join,
to hold and...Read More
Categories: join, analogy, animal,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A POEM FOR THE LADIES - Now a collaboration

My bladder behaves through the night
Each morning my flow is just right.... 
But throughout the day 
There is hell to pay
It's bursting; I cross my legs tight


Ladies and gentlemen please feel free to join in, send me...Read More
Categories: join, body, humorous,
Form: Limerick

Premium Member Falls Wind-o
Fall's Wind-o
by Dawne Zacharias

Fall's blustery days
Leaves floating in air land softly upon my head
The swish of leaves then crunching at my feet
The cold wind, a touch of crisp
The wind-o to my soul
Fall's memory of an earlier time
Jumping into a raked...Read More
Categories: join, autumn, childhood, halloween, holiday, joy,
Form: Free verse
Taking the Shot

The hunter is inside the camera.
Between the lens and its mirror,
Zen masters prowl
with high powered rifles.
The prey is sensed
before it takes shape,
otherwise you catch nothing.
You are in the zone.
Your mind a digital trigger
inside a plastic case.

Sometimes the whole world will...Read More
Categories: join, poetry,
Form: Blank verse
Join Me
Darkness arrives..
Quiet and still..
The night is hauntingly beautiful..
Mysterious yet magical..
Moonlight captures my mood..
Intoxicated by pure brightness..
As moonlight shines..

Join me..
As we indulge in the moonlight..
Together you and I..
A calming wind blows softly...
As it calms me so..
Need not have a change of...Read More
Categories: join, emotions, heart, longing, lost love,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member SANS 1


When you look do you see
How the story goes?
Join in the fun as pun moves
Wit and humour in brisk grooves
Where even laughter enjoys
And even transcends the mood
As moments blush briefly
In the vibrant air


Leon Enriquez
05 October 2019

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Categories: join, allegory,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Not For Contest Make it Seven
I built a model car like this except there was glue all over it
This contest asks for ABBaCCA, CBS or NBC
They are all news stations to me
ABB just means they missed the C, that would be ABC news

A Small a...Read More
Categories: join, confusion,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Please Join Me in My Dreams
Come and go away with me
and join me in this fantasy
to distant lands beyond the clouds
where we can share a life so free. 

no storm clouds looming to disrupt
no one close by to interrupt
just you and me beneath the stars
as...Read More
Categories: join, beach, dream, fantasy, romantic,
Form: Rubaiyat
Premium Member The Earth Abides Sunset Into Night
Until You rise tomorrow, heart prays out to departing Sun
May shadows wrought grow out in peace
In ink black congregation’s fields
Solemn cover growing, as moonless Night falls.

Like sleep, finding pleasures in dark’s strange place venues 
So much less defined away from...Read More
Categories: join, dark, life, light, night, sleep, sun, sunset,
Form: Free verse
Saša Milivojev - KUNDALINI

I will quench my thirst on water spring

I will recall bygone memories

Will awaken Sahasrara chakra

With Heavenly lustre from above

I shall join the Light in Glory with Love

That in luminosity its way will find

Bringing Peace to the Spirit...Read More
Categories: join, blessing, humanity, inspiration, light, love, philosophy, poets,
Form: Lyric
Family Thighs
Family Thighs
I see her fine firm thighs and know she’s sixteen
This is fine just like it is when I ask her to show me
Those same curvy legs minus her jeans

She makes a show of taking them off
While watching me watch...Read More
Categories: join, desire, lust, sensual, sexy,
Form: Prose Poetry
Fervor For A Moment With Thee
Sometimes I think about the way that
it could be if you were here.
And if we were unfolding that red, checkered
ocean, releasing in waves as it hits the earth of green fringe.
Below the tree we lie, and bees and ants
would join...Read More
Categories: join, desire, friendship love, imagery, imagination, sad, smile,
Form: Free verse
How Did You Vote
This is for any Remainer, and LEAVE should share it, come back at me Remain go on......
I looked at the two political systems and decided on the one I thought would serve the people better, 
I looked at the loopholes...Read More
Categories: join, england, freedom, political,
Form: Rhyme
When My Demons Come Out To Play
Do you want to see behind my eyes
I very much doubt that you do
It can be a place of great beauty
But wait around a minute or two and the sky will turn black
My demons come out to play and if...Read More
Categories: join, addiction, conflict, forgiveness, introspection, pain, sorry,
Form: Free verse
A young Native American boy was interested in his heritage
like many of us he wanted to know where he haled from
for he knew who he was and who he is…determines who he’ll become.

His father took him to an old cemetery…without...Read More
Categories: join, native american,
Form: Verse
Premium Member O'LORD GOD MAY I CRY NOW Because There Be No Tears Allowed in Heaven-
Lord I no you said, that there’re be no more tears in heaven
So may I cry now
My mama be gone
My daddy too!
Oh! Lord my wife has been taken back home…
Now I am alone, 
But yet I’m not alone
For you see...Read More
Categories: join, addiction, analogy, anxiety, appreciation, cry, love hurts,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Brooklyn Bound

White ...


cabled vaults -

join thoughts to sky ...

my city slumbers 'neath its cloak of snow.

Written and submitted on September 23, 2019
For the "Make It Five" Poetry Contest
Joseph May, Sponsor.

( Syllables = 1, 2, 3, 4, 10 - counted at More
Categories: join, appreciation, city, imagery, metaphor, new york, snow,
Form: Tetractys
The Conspiracy Theory
Peter says to Paul
Let's climb the wall
and peer the other side,
Is pasture greener and wide?

Abdul says to Rasool
I am nobody's fool,
Which side of the bread is butter
or burnt, I know better.

Jacob says to Rufus
Why do they all make fuss,
We'll inherit...Read More
Categories: join, community, corruption,
Form: Rhyme
Higher Frequency Meditation
To reach a higher power we need a higher frequency. Prayer is one way
to arrive at the door fully dressed and ready to join the Universal light. 
Those that have gone before us are paving the way and sending us...Read More
Categories: join, appreciation,
Form: Narrative
Endless Thoughts
In assorted hues till endless is broken,
A mortal mind wishful and boundless
Will as ripples circling on the deepest water,
Awakens joy - furies in trends so ageless
Until deaths’ encrustation suppress. 

Endless thoughts ebbs mental captivity, 
There vast of flairs, it owns...Read More
Categories: join, memory, uplifting, words,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Woman Who Dares and Man Who Would
Silent lake secrets of a summer’s evening
Beyond meadow’s grasses, rustled in bits of expectation
Light sparkle of reflected diamonds dance on shimmery pond 
Cool clear waters delighting the heart of Sister Raccoon and Brother Opossum

Devoted forest trees stand guard at her...Read More
Categories: join, imagery, love, moon, nature, romance, romantic, sweet
Form: Romanticism
Premium Member At festive occasions
At every festive, grand occasion
  Not all can join in celebration
Their minds beclouded by their sorrow
  Leave them be, until tomorrow...Read More
Categories: join, celebration, sorrow,
Form: Epigram