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Death Italian Sonnet Poems

These Death Italian Sonnet poems are examples of Italian Sonnet poems about Death. These are the best examples of Italian Sonnet Death poems written by international poets.

American Dreams
For God and country, swaying toe to line.
Like whispers lost upon a mighty wind.
A cadence echoes; “soldiers ‘til the end.”
Why bestow our youth upon the...

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Categories: patriotic,

The other side of the wind
I grasp it’s there, somewhere beyond the clouds,
Afar from scattered thoughts that drift and fall
On mental power’s shoulders as a pall,
And strangle sprouts of standpoints...

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Categories: dream, muse, perspective,

In Contemplation of Mortality

Each time our eyes the fading skyline draw,  		
Those hollow waters of that black-lit sea,
That worries wits with nous and bid us see,
The model...

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Categories: death,

A Lullaby for the Drowned
Moon kisses blown by evening’s silver lips
caress the ocean's pricked up ears. They hear
a mute rage, frothy hackles raised to spear
a passing fleet of ghostly...

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Categories: death, lust, moon, night,

Premium Member Resurrected
So close to death in Winter's cold embrace
Within a frozen dream I lie below
A pristine eiderdown of  fallen snow
Where ice has formed in patterns...

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Categories: spring,

Premium Member Fiddleheads on the River Walls

I know it's there somewhere beyond the clouds,
beyond the snow which gently floats and falls
on arborvitae's shoulders like a shawl
and o're the face of summer...

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Categories: life,

The Long Burial
With a strange, strangled gasp, we gulp the cold air
Crisscrossed by bats in their mad zigzag dash
From out of this cave, out from under this...

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Categories: assonance, death, grave, life,

Premium Member Juliet
Oh pity love that in its cruelest clutch
cast pain so deep it cannot bear to live;
without the sweetest kiss that love can give -
without your...

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Categories: love,

My life is gone
My life is done and no longer fun
When I'm here I have no time to spare
I have no fear and I am ready to disappear

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Categories: death, depression, society, suicide,

Premium Member Failure
Tomorrow has become today once more
Another day has passed in loneliness
Afraid to love, it's my fault I confess
That feeling of rejection I deplore

This emptiness inside...

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Categories: loneliness, sad,

Premium Member To Be Immortal
To live forever! Think how it might be!
Oh Fount of Youth more prized than all earth’s gold.
To be as ancient gods and not grow old!

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Categories: life,

Mortal Becoming Immortal
The immortal, invisible King dwells
in the light to which no man can draw near 
But by God's grace immense, He did appear 
as a man...

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Categories: bible, death, god, humanity,

My Immortal Forgiveness

I made Earth and then let spill
miracles in every spot,
wanting You should want for naught
and when I'd brought light to fill
up the world, I worked...

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Categories: blessing, creation, forgiveness, god,

Immortal in Love

When I ascend into immortal light,
Beloved, gather up red roses laid
upon my grave before dark skies pervade,
then toss abreast our silver stars of night.
Reflected amber...

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Categories: death, life, love, rose,

From Where I Drift
From where I drift from my old home, the roads
And places that I roam, I stay at peace.
Never can a word of a soul release

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Categories: conflict, death, deep, desire,

Premium Member Castles In The Sky
The sandman will take pause and say a prayer
Then reach in to his special bag of sand
And with a sweeping motion of his hand
Bright glitter...

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Categories: death, dream, poetry,

Premium Member Beneath the Elder Trees
What creeps in space beneath the Elder trees
   where time exists unfettered misting shore
   that haunts and howls yet never says...

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Categories: abortion,

Premium Member A Visit With My Dad
On hands and knees brown leaves were brushed away
My fingers traced his name engraved in stone
The birds remind me how the years have flown
As tears...

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Categories: absence, appreciation, father son,

The Bridge of Dire Necessity
Moist jungle's steaming breath assaults my face
Molasses air I struggle to inhale
Your ruddy visage slowly drains to pale
Sharp cliff, black knife wound in the verdant...

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Categories: adventure, courage,

The Ides of March
The Ides of March, cruel fate’s Spring Cleaning Day.
Solid walls collapsing around his head.
The day his trusted friends leave him for dead.
Mighty kingdoms burn and...

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Categories: birth, death, loss, nature,