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Winter Imagism Poems

These Winter Imagism poems are examples of Imagism poems about Winter. These are the best examples of Imagism Winter poems written by international poets.

Premium Member clink-clink
sunlight sparkles
on virgin snow
fresh air tingles
rosy cheeks...
you see your breath
lips shaping
smoke rings...
sniffles clink-clink
like crushed ice
from a paper cup
as they strike the ground ~
ooh! you can't...

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Categories: sun, winter,

Dead Lock
During the deciduous winter
The little ones have come
They sing sweetly
I hear it with great anguish
The fact that you are not with me bothers me
If I...

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Categories: 4th grade, absence,

Premium Member Winter's aging ruins
Low gray skies fret
over winter's aging ruins
  slushy pathways
  their squishy footprints
  leaking to either side
A half-snowman's grumpy...

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Categories: old, sky, winter,

Premium Member Winter in Canada
Fall's golden beauty-
faded and blew away

the wild winds howled
and clouds filled November
with filigree snowflakes-
that did not stay

November was foreboding, and
December was filled with days...

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Categories: winter,


Time the wanderer  -
For  a pyramid moment stilled  -
On a rain-filled winter night
In dark  narrow streets

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Categories: extended metaphor, ireland, peace,

Premium Member one word haiku inspired


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Categories: winter,

The Night Hawk

Whom shall I tell my tale of woes?
who shall sing with me 
my song of oblivion
the evil that descended hearth-stead,
in the tail of...

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Categories: anger, black african american,

Premium Member Liberated

Pre-dawn morn
snow blankets the ground
under its cover
fast asleep...
Well, hello, Mr. Sun
and welcome!
Smile, sparkle and shine
on spotless white lawns...
Aha! The first tear in the fabric
a clump...

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Categories: freedom, green, snow, winter,

Premium Member Seasons Mirror

Spring bring forth the LIFE
Summer living the BREATH
Autumn dying near STRIFE
Winter raptures our DEATH

2019 September 09


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Categories: autumn, life, mirror, nature,

Premium Member If Summer Were a Color
If Summer were a color
Then it might be yellow-green—
Turned amber by the breath of fall,
Of the seasons in between.

And if Autumn were a color 

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Categories: seasons,

Premium Member Perennials In Their Seasons
Winter perennials lavished with hope
under layers of crisp snow
waiting their turn 

Spring perennials hope to be noticed
duller than annuals
but more dependable and loyal

Summer perennials outlasting...

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Categories: flower, garden,

Premium Member Revel In Winter
opening your heartstrings
seeing your happiest self
mastering the cold
enthusiastically enjoying day's snowflakes
loving life and your place in it
feeling God's joy for the day
Intuitively wise, yet open

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Categories: winter,



The fearsome ice
Held us all in thrall
  - Mighty,  weeks ago  -
Now bows its head 
To the sun’s holy fire:
Subjugated without grace,

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Categories: color, spring, weather, winter,

Premium Member I Long to Walk a Desert Path
I long to walk a desert path,
Where stunning violet shadows lie,
And high-flying eagles circle my way,
Curious about what creature am I.

Silhouetted in a streak of...

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Categories: imagery, nostalgia,

Premium Member Mystical Magic Surrounds Jack Frost's Handiwork
Frosted icicle ledges 
Cold air surprises our noses
Hard diamond water forms ice
Asthmatics run for their inhalers

Dripping icicles forms well tipped arrows
Crystal spider webs of glass...

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Categories: winter,

Premium Member WINTER MONOKU
when all else is dead...

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Categories: flower, imagery,

Premium Member The Glitz The Glamour The Frost
The whiteness is blue, and wet, and fluffy to the eye,
Even when it is not.
It brings hot sweet cocoa and warm mittens into the memory,

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member Frost Faerie is Amazed At Her Own Power
Nothing was moving on this frosted gray winter's day.
Birds long gone. Woodland creatures hibernating elsewhere.
Everything was iced, a dazzling glitzy frosted heaven.

There were twinkle lights...

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Categories: 6th grade, 7th grade,


Dim road in Moscow’s winter taxi.
Maybe our Uzbek driver’s memory 
Drifts  to Bukhara,Samarkand and Tashkent: 
The shifting sands  and the...

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Categories: city, memory, romantic,

Premium Member Christmastime
Cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and pumpkin, float on the air to my waiting nose.

Sounds of paper tearing while laughter echoes throughout each room, inundating my senses...

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Categories: celebration, children, christmas, family,