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Tree Imagism Poems

These Tree Imagism poems are examples of Imagism poems about Tree. These are the best examples of Imagism Tree poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Gnarly Exposed Tree Roots
Gnarly exposed tree roots 
Sheltering the fey
Pops of purple violets
With dash of yellow
Adorning in quiet ways

Mischievous forest pixies
Prancing in silence
Discover this oak is hollow
Build an...

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Categories: fairy,

Night of Rain
'Tick', 'tock', 'tick', 'tock', the ticky-tocky click of the clock continued to beep
'Ree-raw', 'ree-raw',  the roaring of the frogs was heard over and over...

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Categories: art,

I sit under this hollowed out willow tree
A shell of what it used to be 

In the cover of darkness, it's where I'm free, it's...

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© Amber Rose  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: art, dark, dream, imagination,

Premium Member Delighted by her Sweetness
Blips of sunlight on a dappled brick garden path led me to
experiment with a glimpse, and then a peek.
I was immediately mesmerized by the beauty...

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Categories: garden,

Premium Member Los Amantes
   They snugly tied 

            a lovers knot


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Categories: imagery, love, romance,

Premium Member Winter in Canada
Fall's golden beauty-
faded and blew away

the wild winds howled
and clouds filled November
with filigree snowflakes-
that did not stay

November was foreboding, and
December was filled with days...

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© Dear Heart  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: winter,

When I started walking
On a road lying so calm,
Housing moon & stars
the sky painted a chuckle, 
A deep silence stepped with me
and made every step...

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Categories: imagery, moon, night, star,

The Art Of Living

The soil is doting deep and the roots are strong, 
the tree of life survives the surge of all storms.
From the spring-strewn sky allure of...

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Categories: imagery, inspirational, life,

Cut the papaya

Cut the papaya into pieces
The tree became  slender
Throw away the lid of your wishes
Tear the police force asunder

It rose from the sea into lilies

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Categories: life,

Premium Member As Her Artistry Prevails
Nature does a landscape well,
And in vivid hues, the sea—
Capturing each wave and swell,
Or as perfectly, a tree!

Even as she smiling toils,
Till her artistry prevails—

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Categories: art, color, image, imagery,

Premium Member I Live in a Magical Garden
I live in a magical forest
Tall ferns greet me on the east
Along with frothy Queen Anne’s lace
And a purple lilac tree with dainty blossoms

I live...

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Categories: garden, nature,

Premium Member Shangri La
Yellow lilies in turquoise pots. Smiling happily, smug even.
But as happy as their cocky orange spotted cousins? Maybe not.
Their blue-red dark lily cousins had appeared...

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Categories: garden,

Premium Member A Morning Walk
The southern joy, I see it; a majestic piney wood; its fresh aromatic pine scent climbing my nostrils; membranes absorb its woodsy essence as I...

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Categories: appreciation, earth, environment, image,

Ah! The birds delicate voice sings
Dawn broke! Precious chirping ringing in my ears
The exaggerated sun rays lift the beauteous hues
But for some reason the experience...

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© stacey law  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: blue, imagery, rose,

Premium Member Dwarf Cloud Forest
Elfin forest, 
Hiding in Peru,
Waiting for fog drip

Gnarled trunks,
Lichens, ferns, orchids,
Mossy forest's trolls

Intense tree canopy
Keeping shy mountain gorilla's secrets
Holding raindrops hostage

Perpetual fog,
Adding a mystique 

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,


Pin drop quiet
Feather white ground
Yesterday’s prints half-filled
We wend home
Arm in arm
Pointing out stars
Always there 
But seeming crisper
Just below zero

Then the corner

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Categories: night, snow, weather,

Premium Member Another Halloween
Hovering spirits in the nights obsidian sky, 
avoid the moons lemony light.
Grinning ghouls leer at costumed children trick and treating from, behind every skeletal tree...

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Categories: candy, halloween, night, october,

Premium Member The Perfection of Six
Grown from a wellspring sanctuary, drinking from the Tree of Nutrition,
Our child is born, a small hand clings to my finger, tears fall and the...

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Categories: beautiful, bible, faith, growth,

Premium Member The Weeping Willow
The Weeping willow weeps silently!
Ever wonder why the weeping willow weeps? It’s a tragic story of a beautiful and magnificent tree. Apart from it’s appearance...

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Categories: appreciation, fantasy, innocence, metaphor,

Donkey times
Donkey times we live
those of us on earth
calling themselves alive

do it as best you can
let the earth feel you
and mouth  yawns bliss

give your fellows...

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Categories: life, metaphor,