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Death Imagism Poems

These Death Imagism poems are examples of Imagism poems about Death. These are the best examples of Imagism Death poems written by international poets.

Look up into the blue blanket sky feeling granular and fearful and sometimes fear isn't always to be afraid but to be immersed letting the...

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Categories: allegory, creation, death,

Yesterday's Gone
Hope's, dreams; realities truth
Junkers,rust buckets old times pass 
Day of morals become battles
Who are we but just the world
Yesterday's Gone, tomorrow just begun

Today's dilemma, tomorrow's...

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Categories: adventure, character, meaningful, symbolism,

Premium Member Last Thoughts of a Dying Warrior
His mind lay prey to mumbled threats within,
drawn to perch upon a twig-thin edge 
slung between a gauze of blatant dreams.
Like some homeless bird come...

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Categories: adventure, dark, goodbye, obituary,

Premium Member - Hell Is Open -
An inferno of thoughts and chaos
            No one sees that the smile does not...

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Categories: dark, death, deep, evil,

Corpse Party
I ll go download illegal games from illegal websites ,
get my location tracked and webcam hacked.
No pressure inside my chest it's just my wrecked head,

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Categories: evil, fantasy, gothic, hate,

Premium Member Of Sallow Pallor
Trust is an oak tree with shallow roots.
so very treacherous in windy weather.
I feel as though I'm glued to the floor;
pinned like a moth to...

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Categories: age, dark, death, funeral,

Premium Member White On White
The wailing shrieks 
of a banshee
warns of death
hidden amidst the chaos
created by a blizzard.
And skeleton trees
rattle bare bones
as Winter's wrath
shakes and pounds them
with fists of...

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Categories: anxiety, image, imagery, snow,

Premium Member A Winter Storm Came
The mountains,                        ...

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Categories: beauty, cool, mountains, snow,

Premium Member A Winter Storm
This winter storm comes
Without emotion, intellect, or care
Blowing its dry freezing air
Puffs up fallen leaves
Floats them up into the gray sky

Will it leave death in...

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Categories: introspection,

Falling Petals of Rose
This poem is for my lovely friend Andrea Dietrich for her falling petals of Rose post:


Falling petals of Rose

beauty is not...

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Categories: introspection, rose,

Where Is He That Will Feed Me

An invisible thief,
Beyond the dark horizons,
Our hearts will once more sing,
For those who leave us for awhile,
We believe their...

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Categories: 11th grade, death, deep,

Premium Member My Red Birds
My red birds sitting in a tree,                  ...

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Categories: baby, family, love, song,

Premium Member Belligerent Nature of Chess
War on a chessboard, cutthroat  and intense, 
Vicious attacks and desperate defence.

Battle of wits with such a charming thing -
The Queen has upper hand...

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Categories: conflict, humorous,

Premium Member My Dream Vacation
The silver bird took us off,                   ...

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Categories: adventure, bird, boat, food,

Premium Member Surviving An Angry Sea
For sixteen hours the angry sea tossed us like unstuffed cloth dolls.
We were at her mercy, as she flipped us and tossed us.
Most of us...

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Categories: ocean, sea, storm,