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Gull Poems

Gull Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of gull poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for gull.

New Poems

Premium Member Loretta's Petals
brushed a rose across your stone
the wind refrained- in fragrant moan
today, a sad clump of crimson petals
pressed between wax sheets
into long shadows of memory...
this wayward heart drifting about
over the landfill of living
like a famished sea gull-

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Categories: gull, grave, grief,
Form: Free verse

Minor Damage

A cat runs across the road,
then a rabbit, then a deer.
I look left, a barn is airborne,
it flies away in slow motion,
boards silently flapping.

We have a deductible of $400, you say.
A gull rolls over the hood, sea-legs
scrambling over smooth metal.

The...Read More
Categories: gull, poetry,
Form: Free verse
The Happy Fisherman
Sailing with my true blue friend,
Every wave was a new lesson to learn
Every storm, a new chapter to open;

Listening to its deep voice,
Every story was a reverie to follow
Every silence a whisper of love;

Guided by the wind of my destiny,
Every...Read More
Categories: gull, adventure, analogy, blessing, humanity,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member so far from the sea this gull flies
he skimmed this gelid air
on a gossamer breath
ascending then descending 
adrift like my wishes

perhaps he was lost
like i in my unspoken thoughts
just wanting to be anywhere
other than where he should be

i closed my eyes
on his wings
aloft on dreams
as i spiraled
into...Read More
Categories: gull, bird, dream, love, ocean, sea,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member My Kind Of Day At The Beach
At the beach, digging beneath the pier
harvesting minute shells;
sharks teeth and all sorts of goodies; 
I make jewelry you see; Cowrie earrings paired
exclusively with brown Tiger-Eye; a tasty treasure, 
eye candy of a semi-precious nature.

Naticas, Tulips, Conch’s and Crown’s
paired with...Read More
Categories: gull, appreciation, beach, nature, ocean, poems, poetry,
Form: Free verse

Night on the Beach

A mottled crab scuppers its sea legs
in fluorescent foam.
Blue pods rattle on green tides.
Bladder wrack, Mermaid’s Hair
washing tangled ankles.
There are voices in my open mouth,
they roll over a briny tongue,
intone words from the breath
of spray and brume.
Where the sky hangs,...Read More
Categories: gull, poetry,
Form: Free verse
The Pictish Faeries
Smaller and darker
than their closest kin,
the faeries learned only too well
never to dwell
close to the villages of larger men. 

Only to dance in the starlight
when the moon was full
and men were afraid.
Only to worship in the farthest glade,
ever heeding the...Read More
Categories: gull, fairy,
Form: Verse
Arthurian Poems
At Tintagel

That night, 
at Tintagel, 
there was darkness such as man had never seen...
darkness and treachery, 
and the unholy thundering of the sea...

In his arms, 
who is to say how much she knew? 
And if he whispered her name...
could she...Read More
Categories: gull, england,
Form: Verse

Where once I saw the sun
flare like a peacock,
fish bones hiss
on a shale whipped beach,
banshee’s are dredged from sandy graves,
spume slaps nests of air.

Waves boom inside my beached ribs.
I am so full of sadness
that I hear myself mew
like a gull...Read More
Categories: gull, poetry,
Form: Blank verse
Automobile blues fuels exhausting lament
Automobile blues fuels exhausting lament...

Indicator light signaling door(s) ajar
least significant issue concerning
2009 Hyundai Sonata car
applauded craftsmanship darn exemplar,
thus said vehicle deserves favorable avatar,

nonetheless vehicular maintenance
exceeds king's ransom by far
takes lion's share comprising regular
costs of living bar
none versus stream lined budget

regarding:...Read More
Categories: gull, 12th grade, analogy, destiny, faith, fate, horror,
Form: Free verse
Iamb beak peck tammy eater
Every friggin day
mother hen runs amuck,
while all chicken's
beady eyes appear awestruck
drawing particular
agitation, irritation, perturbation...

of Punxsutawney (Doctor) Phil
(well grounded) woodchuck,
the latter glaring at henpecked
yours truly rifled
tail feathered rooster,
whether communicating 

nonverbal sympathy
towards me, a garden variety
Gallus gallus domesticus  dumbstruck,
who doth make...Read More
Categories: gull, abuse, father, grave, marriage, relationship, solitude, strength,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member Ocean
I sit on a rock
Looking faraway
Where the ocean meets the sky
Forming a huge circle

I hear 
The sand gently
Lapped by waves

A gull flies by
Glancing at me with a smile
Seeming to say
Isn’t ocean vast and beautiful?

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Categories: gull, ocean,
Form: Free verse
If I was the world
If i was the world,
I would have given the sun
its rays light and
 warmth or,

I would have grant you the moon to smile
by darkness
 In a Scarry night would have
dressed the sky with stars
The future ,its fantasies could have merge...Read More
Categories: gull, love,
Form: Ballad
the king
The king of seagulls sat by the window sill
It had only one leg the other lost in battles
Years ago, no it looks scruffy old age had
Taken its toll and shrieking seagulls above
Sensed its weakness and had no mercy
Towards the elderly,...Read More
Categories: gull, assonance, character, confidence,
Form: Blank verse

A blind flight
above a brooding sea.
Dawn levers the darkness.
Ireland rising.
Whitecaps, bright tumbled cliffs.
Briny turf, moss-rooted walls,
wind-havens and cottages.
So green!
Tidal meadows run to dewy swards.
Patchwork pastures knitted to bogs.
Then the sodden towns,
oyster shell gables glisten like new peat.
Verdant hills raise rocky...Read More
Categories: gull, poetry,
Form: Blank verse

 The two baby gulls II have been watching
 Have grown rapidly in the last few days
Today they are out flapping their wings
Not quite daring to fly.
Over the circle the mother gull. shrieks 
A warning, but it could also have...Read More
Categories: gull, beautiful, beauty, blessing,
Form: Blank verse
The Eagle has landed
"The Eagle has landed”

Apollo 11 lunar module named “Eagle”
prediction defied naysayers ain't no boon
dog gull announced successful landing
while voice of Ole Blue eyes did croon

in Sea of Tranquility on moon
sometime about high noon
halting advancing armies
from one after another platoon
set down...Read More
Categories: gull, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 8th
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Premium Member Black Sheep Contest
Black Sheep 

Her beleaguered parents, had it 
with her.
That daughter and her mouth,
forever causing a mighty stir!
They went to downtown
To see Dr.Zhivago, hoping this 
might quiet her.
But no, in their daughter, it was 
more like an intellectual stir.

She stopped going...Read More
Categories: gull, adventure, america, brother, freedom, identity,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member blue dream
of the azure sky
and the blue swirling ocean . . .
     a gull screams loudly

July 10, 2019

Poetry/Haiku/blue dream
Copyright Protected, ID 19-1165-404-02
All Rights Reserved.  Written under Pseudonym.

For the contest, Haiku-Hue
sponsor, Kim Rodrigues

Sixth Place...Read More
Categories: gull, nature,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Life Support
Life Support 

The night is calm and shimmers 
in its moonlight coat. 
I sit and watch the ocean as I 
wrest with dark demons. 

The vision engulfs me; 
I see her sweet innocence 
etched on a pillow of death, 
awash...Read More
Categories: gull, angst, child, death, farewell, father,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member SAILOR --
All captains pull cold, old mainlands.
Never a valley.
The lad rises like a warm moon.
Ooh, desolation!

 is a big gull.
Reefs like small shores.
Gulls travel!
The stormy sail fights the sailor.
 grow like big captains.

        ...Read More
Categories: gull, analogy, character,
Form: Free verse
your face
Categories: gull, mother,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Premium Member Drop Zone
Against the backdrop of time she stands at a slippery cliff face

Braces against the winds of the past and whispers a sound prayer

Takes off her shackles and heavy boots of torture and censorship

Bare of overwhelming fear her naked feet feel...Read More
Categories: gull, confidence,
Form: Free verse
A sky on the forehead

A sky on  the forehead 
Lilacs and larks inside
Eyes  enjoying the bliss
Give me milk with bread

Those deep touches of joy
How sweet your palm mom
Molecules mount a gull
Your smile so cute and coy

Look at pockets of my grin
And the...Read More
Categories: gull, baby, beautiful, jesus,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member SAND LESS BEACH- A Haiku

unfriendly foreshore
a little, bad hammer swims
beyond the sand less

mud color red clay
water dissipated skies
fish hidden gone where

capture unfriendly
a cross eyed, mad sea gull swims
on the sand less beach 

skydiving sea gull
people playing volleyball
on the sand less...Read More
Categories: gull, analogy, appreciation, beach,
Form: Haiku