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Garden Poems

Garden Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about gardens. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for garden.

New Poems

You are a great painter, I know it very well,
Your every paint is like evening temple bell,
You can paint colourful flowers of garden,
Tiny droplets of water that make all ocean,
Our earth is beautiful and we are so great,
Due to lack...Read More
Categories: garden, earth, faith, heaven, love,
Form: Couplet

Premium Member Onions in My Dreams
Onions in my meatloaf, in chili, and in sloppy Joe's they make us smile
In scalloped corn, and of course mashed potato gravy once in a while
Onions are chopped, ready to be slopped into everything here
For my husband and I adore...Read More
Categories: garden, food,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member YET AGAIN A GALE
From out of ink-blue emptiness
there bursts forth an attack.
The hilltops quake; our house it shakes.
Its gable takes a crack.

Slate parallels with perfect lap,
slide to random fish-scales.
And taut phone wires tugged tight to eaves
dance to discordant wails.

A Coke can, light with...Read More
Categories: garden, storm, weather,
Form: Rhyme
by Michael R. Burch
The rose of love's bright promise
lies torn by her own thorn;
her scent was sweet
but at her feet
the pallid aphids mourn.
The lilac of devotion
has felt the winter hoar
and shed her dress;
she shivers, nude and sore.
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Categories: devotion, divorce, farewell, flower, garden, rose, winter,
Form: Verse
Premium Member If I gave you

If I gave you my heart on a big silver platter
would you sit with me here at the edge of the moon
Arranging the stars in a musical pattern
singing along as they whistle their tune

Then could we climb to...Read More
Categories: garden, good night,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Winter Walk
I walk the garden run
   in the icy chill of winter sun,
 where flowers once bloomed in their colorful glow
   but now sleep silently beneath the snow;
clear and ever on the move alone
   the...Read More
Categories: garden, winter, writing,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Where There's A Will

It has been over three months now and still no Grans will
Through the letterbox; comes another, got to be paid bill
As the insurance didn’t cover for my Grans Zombie death
Then left all alone, to...Read More
Categories: garden, encouraging, endurance, funny, grandmother, hilarious, inspirational, irony,
Form: Epic
Premium Member Ask This of Yourself
Does the butterfly dream of (or gravitate more) to the form
That emerges from silk (spun cocoons)? Does the mist
Of a waterfall know it births rainbows, sense honor in fall?
Though it plummets scant inches or thousands of feet,
Does it know it...Read More
Categories: garden, journey, life, love,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Spring Afternoon
The wind among the trees,
the sun behind a cloud.
A peaceful day in my backyard
is where my soul is found.

It may not be too large,
for fences it enclose
but my whole world waits for me there
for worries there run slow.

Leaves in sunlight...Read More
Categories: garden, appreciation, spring,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member I Will Reincarnate as a Boy
I will reincarnate as a boy next time I am born I promptly decide
But when I come back as a bunny I have to figure out how to hide
In bunny land it is all and good, and I feel safe...Read More
Categories: garden, fun,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Fagun has set in
You are truth in me 
Palette, color and canvas 
Give painting springtime

Fagun has set in 
Youthful all around garden 
Cause you're near by me

Flowering hands, smile 
Poetic lips, poetry 
And you divine gift

Today eyes give birth
Virginity of pure love
In the...Read More
Categories: garden, love, valentines day,
Form: Haiku
The Birds Would Return, Someday

At the fringe of dark clouds of despair
Beguiling dreams gleamed like the silver lining
Created fluttering wings of birds of desire
Driven by the squally winds through the rainbow arc
Entered the realm of sunburst new horizon.
Flock of these birds flew in en...Read More
Categories: garden, bird, desire, loneliness,
Form: Abecedarian
Premium Member I Came Back as a Bunny
I will reincarnate as a boy next time I am born I promptly decide
But when I come back as a bunny I have to figure out how to hide
In bunny land it is all and good, and I feel safe...Read More
Categories: garden, animal,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Jesus Purpose
Jesus’ Purpose
Written: by Miracle Man

Mankind was born with his nature depraved,
and it took Jesus’ death who had no sin.
Since the garden, man's been to sin enslaved,
the cross fixed a way to be born again.

Now we're charged to be a light...Read More
Categories: garden, god, humanity, jesus,
Form: Lyric
What a Girl musnt
One day, she had found herself old enough to hold her dad's pen,
And scribble onto a piece of paper, as her dad had done so.
But as she began, and to say it was her first time, her hand moved uncontrollably.
...Read More
Categories: garden, corruption, dad, passion, women,
Form: Free verse
While I stand in the crowd 
I miss the familiar shout and cheer,
I have come to greet you, O Spring!
You have filled my garden again
With bright colours
And its air, with inspiring scents. 
Soon, there will be fruits to pick
And I...Read More
Categories: garden, feelings,
Form: Free verse
This earth we live is a garden
A bird wakes up in the morn and flies away
To the garden-trees it heads
To check fruits that ripened at night
That its bone-beak may fruit harvest

This earth we live in is a garden. Everyone with a beak
A farmland where each one...Read More
Categories: garden, allegory, earth, life,
Form: Imagism
Inner vocal Quiver
?As if a child should understand an  adult’s muddle,
putrid oil slick puddle,
the dreadful pain we foist on wide-eyed offspring.
Robotic elders crush with rigid slabs of Portland censure whatever spark remains in t iny rosebud coloured cheeks before their prime.
Those...Read More
Categories: garden, care, caregiving, change, dedication, deep, devotion, environment,
Form: Prose Poetry
Our garden
As the sun rested upon the glowing grass
That swayed with joy as the wind brushed through,
Flowers blanketed across our garden
Followed its rhythm,

Colour fed the atmosphere:
White, purple, green,
Colour nourished the plants,
Without it, they would be lost,

The dancing raindrops perched
Upon the steady...Read More
Categories: garden, break up,
Form: Free verse

Where lies their Solomon?

Where lies their Solomon, when the world got its white garb burnt,
Sow a whiter black?

Where lies their Solomon then?

When our men now find wombs in themselves,
Our women now play second fiddle to men.

No thinkers please!!!

Where...Read More
Categories: garden, 2nd grade,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Wind Spinners Throughout My Garden
Wind spinners throughout my garden
Perky and pretty
Moving with the wind
Sharing the truth of the day
In a hearty happy way
Makes the land lovable
Creates a magical feeling
Dazzling my imagination
Greeting faeries brownies and elves

...Read More
Categories: garden,
Form: Imagism
Premium Member My Garden By July
Buttercups, daffodils and bluebells mark my garden so sweetly
One row of flowers enhancing the surroundings rather neatly
Tomatoes, carrots, beans, peas and onions growing underground
By July I will have the most glorious garden of anyone around

...Read More
Categories: garden,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member My car My truck My House
My car
My truck
My bank account
My house
My children

I stared at the woman
Do you mean our car, our truck, our bank account?

Sure she agreed
His too, and this is my yard, my garden cart, my tree,

He came out of the house
Can I get...Read More
Categories: garden, humorous,
Form: Light Verse
How True Love Adores

You walked forlorn, waned in winter wasteland.
If you’re held by warm arms of azure sea, 
enter my  ardent heart clutching my hands,
you’ll find love, not lost in obscurity.

You’ll see silver moon set the sky aglow.
When the sunburst dawn will...Read More
Categories: garden, love,
Form: Sonnet
Dawn’s xanthous blooming through the forest trees.
Bouquet from God’s hand suddenly immersed in light.
Flaming pine without a flicker, matchless crimson seize.
Skinny oaks like a garden gate, applauds pleasing sight.
O blaze of origin -
Sun’s ancient grin.
That was art and then the...Read More
Categories: garden, art, change, february, flower, snow,
Form: Rhyme