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Plot Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of plot poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for plot.

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Premium Member Sylvia's Flower Garden
Musky fragrance inundates
my nostrils as I enter 
the garden center:
a rhapsodic feeling
in idyllic surroundings.
The air is humid
like an Amazon garden,
heat barely tolerable
making my glasses misty.
Soft music, dulcet and sweet,
swamp the amazing conservatory. 
The caterpillar had shed off its chrysalis, 
and...Read More
Categories: plot, flower, garden,
Form: Free verse

An October Haunt
A new ghost in this ethereal sleeve
Fresh from the new dug grave that reaked of death
By chance he morphed on this Halloween eve
It was not yet in him to moan and gasp breath

Fresh from the new dug grave that reaked...Read More
Categories: plot, halloween,
Form: Pantoum
Premium Member Ugliness
Ugliness lingers
when beauty is gone
much further divided
than dusk is from dawn

I reference not
the figure or face
but rather the heart
of our lost human race

We fancy ourselves
as noble and great
yet treat one another
with hearts full of hate

And day after day
with greater aggression
we...Read More
Categories: plot, corruption, society, truth,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member tears of rain

                                       ...Read More
Categories: plot, cry, death, rain,
Form: Shape
Premium Member CLIPPED WINGS

They think it “cute”
when I do my perched two step
not so much when I repeat
words I wasn’t meant to hear.
They took the mirror out
“It confuses him”, they said
“He thinks it’s another bird”
Not so!!  When I pecked
its vacant eyes
it didn’t...Read More
Categories: plot, bird,
Form: Personification

transmutation translation
japanese actresses
a japanese script
with english sub
titles tell of a
plot twist 
and why

the seven samurais
turned western
but this more
set romeo
and juliet
as at

both female leads not
as at stratford and
avon where boys
were woman
because of
a higher

but avant-guarde
where the duel
en garde took
the path of
no going

now as...Read More
Categories: plot, muse,
Form: I do not know?
We Want A Politician Who Will
We want a"Politician who will "Decrease the "Gap"between"The Richest of The Rich",and "The Poorest of "The Poor"!!! This will complete his or her "Duty" in a "Democratic Society"!!!! We in a "Democratic Society" call that "A working "Democracy for "ALL"!We...Read More
Categories: plot, 12th grade, absence, adventure, america, anniversary, anxiety,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member Gingerbread Cottage Fright

At the edge of a wood, in days of summertime,
Lived Hansel and Gretel, once upon a time;
Whose dear father, a poor woodcutter,
Could no longer earn their bread and butter.
Late one night, a conversation overheard--
As from sleeping, the children had been...Read More
Categories: plot, children, family, fantasy, happy,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Effects Of The Affected

Intricate dull summer, autumn's scourge,
Dog day noons, sultry dusk undress the night,
Mirage, sweaty foreheads entertain an oasis,
Rise of Fall, leaves, plot ere barked disguises,
Autumn's quarrels, chartreuse hawks verdant green hue,
Spar shades, tones, pigments re, imagination,
Expelled from hold, abandon o'er cold,
Huddled...Read More
Categories: plot, appreciation, earth, imagery, life, meaningful, nature, uplifting,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member At least I could tell her now
Time flies so swiftly, indeed. Tells the dates on the calendar 
A gathering in a  friend’s house, I could still remember
One friend could not make it, and we all missed her.
Then a phone rang, her voice was on the...Read More
Categories: plot, friend,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Leaf's Life

Rise of Fall, leaves, plot ere barked disguises,
Autumn's quarrels, chartreuse hawks verdant green hue,
Spar shades, tones, pigments re, imagination,
Expelled from hold, abandon o'er cold,
Huddled neath shedding sunshades,
Sun pierced, stains owned ardor brown,
Wrinkled facing fertile lengthened passage,
Refreshed, sprouts anew.

2019 October 06
October...Read More
Categories: plot, color, green, imagery, nature, repetition, seasons,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Must Stay Strong

Must stay strong, writing humor helps a lot
At times like this, it seems like it's all I've got
Helps me through this ordeal
Thought I was strong, very unreal
Hoped it was my imagination, just a devious plot

...Read More
Categories: plot, love,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member EMPTY WORDS

Apt art aids
Prompt plot paid

Etch etch earns
Late lob learns

Glimpse good grade
Trust tough trade

Craft clear core
Meet much more

Ply prompt praise
Rest rude raise

Make minds meet
Grace good greet

Treat taut taste
Weed wills waste

Sift soft stakes
Mad mind makes

Graft good gist
Lure lame list

Words work well
Time trains...Read More
Categories: plot, allusion,
Form: Alliteration
Pine Cathedral
Deep in the woods, nearly three miles back,
far from New York with its tall glass and steel,
on a low ridge that has no proper name,
I stumble on something that feels surreal.

An old-growth forest grove, somehow survived
the thirst of furnaces and...Read More
Categories: plot, appreciation, beauty, imagery, nature, places, spiritual, tree,
Form: Rhyme
Who did it
I really do not know 
But this evening
I will see 
This truly iconic show

The Mousetrap* it is named
its claim to fame I hear 
Is “the world’s longest run”
Now in its 67th year

Dame Agatha Christie 
well ~ she wrote...Read More
Categories: plot, murder, mystery,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member A Dissing of Shakespeare
Today there's a dissing of Shakespeare
   His penning's dismissed as old-hat
Take time to get know him --
   He's wittier than Dr. Seuss' Cat

Many point to the Merchant of Venice
   To prove he was anti-Semitic
Read...Read More
Categories: plot, judgement, literature,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Coming Courageously Home
I'm returning home
from a bag it yourself grocery,
and listening to an African-American novelist
respond to questions,
actual open-ended real NPR questions,
like old school inquisitive journalists once asked
before the polarizing days and nights
of fake right/wrong answer questions
and their concomitant fake avoid entrapment non-responses.

I...Read More
Categories: plot, conflict, courage, health, hero, integrity, peace, racism,
Form: Political Verse
The Friend You Forgot
The times your side was only me, 
help, protection, you no longer need,
emptied our friendship now history, 
you’re not my friend, you’ll never be.

I was the true friend you forgot,
wanted best for you never not,
take your side against the lot,
chucked...Read More
Categories: plot, best friend,
Form: Rhyme
by Wayne Wysocki

A gypsy told me destiny
Has etched the road ahead --
Someone else expressed that we
Can plot a course instead.

While worldly scholars speculate,
Perhaps the truth goes thus:
The universe just shows the way,
The rest is up to us....Read More
Categories: plot, destiny, fate, philosophy,
Form: Rhyme
the thought
the thought- 
is giant silent tree 
you can take seat under it, 
is mountain 
you can take seat beneath its feet, 
is ocean 
you can go more inside of it, 
is sun, moon, stars and their lights 
you can make...Read More
Categories: plot, how i feel,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Red Herring of Lapsing Time

Fall’s felicitous red herring —
the mystery of leaves morphing.
The autumnal applause fairing.
Verdant heat and daylight dwarfing.

The horologic ticker chimes,
as lines are drawn on pumpkins patched.
Gramps, it’s apple picking time. 
The scarecrow’s wise with balding thatch.

Forensic crisp of maple leaves —
children...Read More
Categories: plot, age, seasons,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Must Be A Plant
American author Martha Grimes,
Best known for her "Richard Jury" series,
Is a top seller at the New York Times,
Thanks to Jury's subtle queries

Jury, a DCS at Scotland Yard,
Has pals in down-to-earth "Long Pid.",
For whom he has a high regard,
And whom he's...Read More
Categories: plot, america, character, friend, green, horse, rose,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member WORDS

Gain good grip
Sense sure strip

Watch word wit
Frame fond fit

Taste true trip
Soft sound sip

Prize pure plot
Set sweet slot

Browse bright book
Love lifts look

Whole words work
Joy juice jerks

Last light lifts
Glimpse grand gift

Leon Enriquez
20 September 2019

...Read More
Categories: plot, allusion,
Form: Alliteration
Premium Member Scrabbling
Oh, what a poet I could be,
If it wasn't for Babslou93.
Each day new words come thick and fast,
Each one I think I'll make the last,
But no, I can't resist the lure,
I send a stonker right back to her.
Then back she...Read More
Categories: plot, games,
Form: Light Verse
I feel myself slipping into the darkness of an abyss.
Drowning grasping at complete nothingness with a stinch of death and despair.
Mind racing of thoughts I normally can’t recall, viewing in my mind like a slideshow.
Continuing to fell myself fall,...Read More
Categories: plot, dark, loss,
Form: Sonnet