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Displeasure Poems

Displeasure Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of displeasure poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for displeasure.

New Poems

Her and I
I had truly found love,
But at what cost?
She was a beauty
And I believed it was my duty.

I brought her an endless amount of gifts
I maxed out my card
And I never imagined my money was so swift
After I learned it was...Read More
Categories: displeasure, conflict, hurt,
Form: Ballad

Premium Member Even in separation
"i carry your heart with me(i carry it in
my heart)i am never without it(anywhere
i go you go . . . "
                   ...Read More
Categories: displeasure, divorce, dream, feelings, love, romance, romantic, romantic
Form: Free verse
Das papa anathema furor he hiss toward patriarchal hierarchy
Das papa anathema & furor he hiss toward patriarchal hierarchy

Courtesy mine eldest sister Amelie
Beth (thirteen plus months my senior),
whose maternal love equals heart as emoji,
she nsync with other kith and kin
painstakingly fleshed out family tree,
formerly severely uprooted, me

knowledge of ancestry
truncated,...Read More
Categories: displeasure, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, celebration,
Form: Epic
Premium Member God doesnt Make Junk
God doesn’t Make Junk
By: Miracle Man

Never neglect,
giving God full measure.
Slacking will surely,
bring HIM displeasure

Don’t be found shirking,
for HE knows your heart.
God never makes junk, 
But HE does deal in art.
...Read More
Categories: displeasure, god, inspirational,
Form: Lyric
The Path of Dorian
O' the case of Dorian
progressing through the sea,
battering the Bahamas
then shifting to a "three",
Have you seen the damage caused,
how islands lie in rubble?
Property and lives were lost
resulting from your trouble!

Now we wait so anxiously
to know the fullest measure
of this great...Read More
Categories: displeasure, storm, weather,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Rise to Roar

How many years I have remained
silent and sullen, and all in vain,
as abiding woes and spirit drained
languish in loss, uncertain of gains.

Addicted or destined? 
I've tried to abstain.
Could I disappear, would demons be slain?

I think I will stay and write...Read More
Categories: displeasure, anxiety, conflict, courage, depression, encouraging, sorrow, write,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Mistrial
Clerk: All rise!  Now that His Honour is seated,
This district court is declared in session.
Let us do credit to this noble profession,
And ensure that all are properly treated.

Judge: Mr. Grey, what is your client's complaint?
Grey: Your Honour, he says...Read More
Categories: displeasure, anger, confidence, day, death, fear, friend,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Premium Member Taking LadyBug for a Walk
Taking my ladybug for a Walk
Casually so to not arouse any suspicion.
Because the birds would be jealous
The crow would squawk his displeasure.

The grasshopper, who usually rode my fingers
Would be so miffed, he would stop speaking.
Every creature in the garden thought...Read More
Categories: displeasure, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member VOGON INVASION-part 1
Voltage elect potential energy tween two points ver vnit vharged; 
Visible referring light spectrum intergalactic, electromagnetic, vadiation that has a wavelength tween vanometers;
Can be seen by the human eye. 
Invasions, implosions humanity asks WHY? 
Curmudgeon covering universal cruch
Calaxies burchering kinetic...Read More
Categories: displeasure, adventure, analogy, anxiety, conflict, engagement, humanity, space,
Form: Vogon
She's not an angel from faery
In the deep dark night
There is something more radiant

Shining more than a star
And burning like a sun

Just Look at her moves
And grab her in your arms

She will make you impatient
Just hold your heart beats

Night is naughty but not silent
Find a...Read More
Categories: displeasure, angel, anxiety, body, dream,
Form: Blank verse
Transient Love
I love you and I know to fear it’s true,
Despite everything that points to safer avenues,
I love you, and I hate that I love you,
For loving you is to feel, the displeasure
Of our pleasure together, an imminent end,
Looming like darkening...Read More
Categories: displeasure, feelings, love, love hurts, lust,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Dare
Dare I reveal my sorrow
 now alone, emptied of tomorrows?

Who dare believe in love forever
 when losing it brings such displeasure.

This silent song I sing
 clutches tight the heartache it brings
loss is stretched out anxious pain
 dimming all possibility of...Read More
Categories: displeasure, allusion, analogy,
Form: Couplet
Weathered Trees
Today I took a walk in memories. 
I’ve visited landmarks of significance. 
We’ve conquered the troubled seas,
We’ve diminished the difference. 
The trees are weathered but strong. 
The water still gently swaying. 
I’ve not been here in so long,
But you’re still...Read More
Categories: displeasure, depression, lost love, love,
Form: Rhyme
Looking at the mirror 
with good day’s pleasure
I see slothfulness’ glamour 
taunting with delight’s leisure
Yet ready to attack sense of honor
defying time-worth’s treasure
So defiant; not a generous donor 
offering gift that costs much pressure!

I challenge you, my body’s indolent suitor
upon...Read More
Categories: displeasure, christian, dedication, faith, god, jesus, spiritual, work,
Form: Personification
The Gesture
Saturday someone
in a run down pickup truck
stuck his hand out the window
and gave, what man calls,
the finger.

was this meant to
make me feel blue
or more then likely
to reel at me
some sort of displeasure?

I failed to see
how a gesture
could accomplish
a reaction.

He gave...Read More
Categories: displeasure, smile,
Form: Free verse
Slivered Thoughts
I left home 
I have not returned yet 

A narrow stream runs behind my yard
I throw seeds in it and hope for the sun to rise
Beautiful coloured flowers will grow, 

Drops of rain fall
The odour of wet earth fills my...Read More
Categories: displeasure, earth, tribute, world,
Form: Light Verse
Facebook As Sounding Board
With a middle name as "Flag this Scapegoat,"
I best not be surprised bullied from cutthroat
villains (supposedly kind hearted facilitators/
moderators, sans Facebook administrators, but
woe whiz me hyperbole 4 lite dramatic affect),

mine psyche stung, when months after months
no incidents of lamentable discrimination...Read More
Categories: displeasure, 11th grade, 12th grade, body, confidence, courage,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Premium Member Falling In Love with Wolfman
Her family was singing and laughing, blue grass music fanatics.
They were knee-slappers, land loving, happy-to-be semantics.
She ran off in the middle of the night with a sweet talking man.
He tried to take her light, delighted in putting her down into...Read More
Categories: displeasure, abuse, anti bullying, bullying, love hurts,
Form: Rhyme
School Sports
3 school sports I play
I can't do anything but pray 
I cheer, play volleyball and softball
Sometimes I feel like people want to brawl

Cheer is pain and pressure 
It really puts me in great displeasure
We're loud , proud, and sharp
We cheer...Read More
Categories: displeasure, 10th grade, cheer up, dedication, school, softball,
Form: I do not know?
Inward Bound Within Apartment B44
The ghost of Harriet Harris abhor real
disillusioned, disenchanted,
and disembodied (incorporeal
spirit of mine late mother) doth feel
displeasure toward this sole son seal

ling himself most every day inside
the one bedroom flat, a bargain deal
asper costs pegged to monthly
social security disability as sole
income...Read More
Categories: displeasure, absence, appreciation, care, dad, fate, health, marriage,
Form: Free verse
Dad's Estate

Dad left me no money or treasure,
His artifacts were trivial and small,
He left me no stocks or insurance,
He left hardly anything at all.
A handful of pictures and poems,
That last letter that he had sent,
The memories of childhood and manhood--
I...Read More
Categories: displeasure, father,
Form: Rhyme
Unspoken Words
Why do I let myself want things I cannot have. Dream things that will never be. Will I always hurt for eternity? I want a love that will last forever yet I'm stuck in this life of displeasure. So I...Read More
Categories: displeasure, dream, emotions,
Form: I do not know?
Time To Shower When Pervasive Odor Of Ureic Acid
Time To Shower...When Pervasive Odor Of Ureic Acid

Doth strongly waft, sting,
and nauseate about me
olfactory nose flying zone
bombarding cilia of
nasal passageway analogous
to displeasure wrought by

crashing, deafening, exploding,
ear splitting xylophone,
also synonymous isolated like
barenaked lady within
remote location of Lake Woebegone,
voluntarily forced to bathe

in...Read More
Categories: displeasure, appreciation, dad, father, health, paradise, self, uplifting,
Form: Prose Poetry
Lip Bent Overly Yours

Most dastardly
Executive Majesty,
we serve at your pique pleasure
obsequiously so 

Yea, Darth Lord,
we be the surreptitious, servile ones:
Leper skin publicans, publicly hiss reviled

Tonsil rear ends torqued low 
is our mealy-mouth status quo

We’re liquored up lap dogs

Always lip bent overly yours

Tongue rolls...Read More
Categories: displeasure, parody, perspective, satire, word play,
Form: Burlesque
Premium Member Rolling Eyes

I'm really sorry if I rolled my eyes out loud
Most likely a sign of displeasure, especially in a crowd
I try to keep them silent
Not a difficult assignment
But there are times when an extra is allowed

...Read More
Categories: displeasure, fun,
Form: Limerick