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Devalue Poems

Devalue Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of devalue poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for devalue.

New Poems

Premium Member For speaking my mind they say
Move back to the stone age 
What kind of story is history going to write
let us examine a cold hearted nation and her many flaws
injecting children with dead remains horror filled
killing has become second nature to certain individuals
Everything about condemning...Read More
Categories: devalue, abortion, abuse, betrayal, conflict, emotions, faith, heart,
Form: Narrative

Lost interest
lost interest
ignorance is popular
yet difficult in 
our observation

it has become
a way of life 

our generation culture

what matters sim
not important 

because the world 
needs to grow

yet our growth
devalue more than
it values

who is deceiving
who today in our 
smart technology world 

are we...Read More
Categories: devalue, africa, deep, humanity, sympathy, world,
Form: Epic
Silent prayers
silent prayers
common sense
drives a sensitivity
in me 
so I see what I feel 
deep inside of me 
it touches my soul 
and if I have to cry 
I chose to pour 
it on out in my silent 
through my 
silent prayers

silent...Read More
Categories: devalue, africa, courage, deep, humanity,
Form: Epic



                 Those that live Wall Street,
           ...Read More
Categories: devalue, art, funny, humorous, irony, satire,
Form: Free verse
Trapped in a cold world
Trapped in a cold world
the faces are same 
I see them most times
am use to them 
yet they teach me 
what life means 
to humanity

this faces are familiar
they are humans 
they are living 
yet life speaks 
in theirs faces 
what...Read More
Categories: devalue, africa, care, deep, humanity, love, society,
Form: Epic

A sheet of paper
OEM factory
Devalue the character
An imitator...Read More
Categories: devalue, education,
Form: Acrostic
Some act as though a person completely loses their humanity after they let you  stick your  in them, what a deranged way to be to dehumanize people, devalue people because they gave into a primitive urge just as...Read More
Categories: devalue, deep, for her, lust, rude, social, society,
Form: Free verse
Mr Frank and 11C are over
I am washing away grade 11C
I am rinsing my hands of 11C
I do not want to make amends
I will never take you to grade 12

It was 2018
The year began with a passion 
The transaction in my heart was secure for...Read More
Categories: devalue, conflict, education, perspective, school,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Ugly government bodies
Provide terminations to everyone that has a choice 
some choose not to kill and stay involved 
in saving human life rather than devalue 

An unborn child to begin with 
in the womb of all places a mother holds keys 
where...Read More
Categories: devalue, blessing, child, emotions, faith, life, love, mother,
Form: Terza Rima
People who devalue us do not determine our value
“Some people are mad at you because you are not suffering the way they expected you to…”

You only see what your eyes want to see
But you have no idea that 
I see beyond the scope of your smile!
You have a...Read More
Categories: devalue, education, endurance,
Form: Didactic

She was Everything Yet Nothing at the Same Time
From the dark emblems of my sanctuary
History breathed upon me a red rose
I revealed the picture of royalty
Understanding the real value of loyalty!

She had an engine of beauty
Yet love was to bring an avenue of unity
Flashes of her shadow
Sprinkled the...Read More
Categories: devalue, love,
Form: Romanticism
When the president provoke the youth
when the President provoke the youth
my president said the youths
are lazy 
my president said we the youth 
just sit around waiting for 
of wish I never had not even 
for once 
my president said we are 
not educated
I wonder...Read More
Categories: devalue, abuse, africa, confusion, insect, lost love, pain,
Form: Epic
Another finger on the trigger
another finger on the trigger
the world has gone wild 
we are no longer humans
but beasts in human flesh 
if not let some one explain
why this too many hips of murders
yet we party like all is all good 

the world is...Read More
Categories: devalue, africa, america, conflict, dedication, deep, heartbreak, humanity,
Form: Epic
Strong will Continue
The weak won't survive, only the strong will Continue
If you're sensitive or get offended easily you'll get added to the menu
You'll get eaten up by anything or anyone 
If you're weak you won't make it, only the strong will Continue...Read More
Categories: devalue, courage, culture, environment, inspirational, truth, uplifting,
Form: Free verse
Getting Paid

It is often said
You may get paid 
In your own coins.
That happens when
The tables are turned
And the fingers are burnt.

On the tower to stay
A heavy price you pay
To make a designed foray
Across many layers of grey.
You deceive none...Read More
Categories: devalue, encouraging, symbolism, uplifting,
Form: Rhyme
Original self
original self
live life 
be true to your self 
take your steps 
but wisely 
even when you
make mistakes 
is ok
learn by it not remain
with it 
know your inner self 
that is the power 
you sick unknown

original self 
keep your fire alive...Read More
Categories: devalue, africa, confidence, courage, encouraging, freedom, humanity,
Form: Epic
Premium Member Like the Politician
Slope of his promises he traverses
he turns out to be a diplodocus
having plans not concrete and disjointed
his words alone sent flames to the burnt town
we had hope to fly, now can’t even trot.

1. Perfect in his craft, a gas in...Read More
Categories: devalue, abuse, betrayal, hate, heartbreak, heartbroken, sad love,
Form: Lyric
The power of words
the power of words 
words are powerful
words create impacts
it could motivate 
it could destroy
it could save 
it could kill

the power of words 
words are meaningful
it could tear down 
it can build
it can tear through 
to touch the heart
it can touch...Read More
Categories: devalue, africa, cheer up, courage, encouraging, humanity, inspiration,
Form: Epic
i took off like an eagle
from the den of experiences
now i fly like a falcon
with a speed in wisdom
as i roll like a lion 
i need no sleep like 
a fish either 
am i restless like
a sleeping dog 
life has...Read More
Categories: devalue, africa, change, confidence, courage, deep, humanity,
Form: Epic
Handle your feelings
handle your feelings
don't let people
 change you 
don't believe
 you could be 
loved always 
instead of letting
the world pull you down
live a life of legacy
that is your remedy

handle your feelings
our greatest problems?
is our feelings
feelings is so powerful 
it could lift...Read More
Categories: devalue, africa, anger, freedom, humor, relationship,
Form: Epic
Intelligent humans
Intelligent humans
We have been cheated on 
We have been used since
A very long time in africa
We have always been their 
Ladder to an ill large wealth 
Yet we still believe in their 
Why fight for policticians   ...Read More
Categories: devalue, africa, dedication, humanity, mentor, smart, visionary, war,
Form: Epic
Daily Damaging Days

Dying days dances dearly,
Destroying deleted determined details.
Distill distraction display devoid,
Defiant development drives devalue days.
Dial up diamond depressed diary.
Diabolical destroy dethroned desires.
Designed dependable desires dialogue
Demonstrate defined deliverance.
Draft daily demaging days,
Dare delect day dreaming data
Dazzling death-toll debtors deceives
Debatable decency decision...Read More
Categories: devalue, art,
Form: Alliteration
Premium Member We Think It Free
We Think It Free

We sought our independence from oppression.
Have we won our freedom from an oppressive ruler
only to become subject to oppressive rules?
We elect common citizens to represent us,
to champion our causes, speak for us, 
whimper when they cave to...Read More
Categories: devalue, freedom,
Form: Free verse
My Heart Will Stay
We've run from our hearts .....why do we run from love?,
When it is the only thing in this life We live for,
With my heart in my hands, I give it to you,
The odds could be stacked against me, but this...Read More
Categories: devalue, love,
Form: Light Verse
If it was yours
If it was yours
The greedy never cares 
The care he gave 
Can't be without his evil benefit first
So bad he run a community 
Now worst he run the world 
To a doom by his steps of acts
That now is our...Read More
Categories: devalue, abuse, africa, change, community, corruption, evil, power,
Form: Epic