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Cow Poems

Cow Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of cow poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for cow.

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Premium Member LABELS
Everything must have one.

Without it is ambiguous ,  doubtful 
Open to questioning 
Could be something else 
Would be incomplete 
Needing ;

The peculiarity of Time has made them a necessity 
Coffee must be labelled as coffee 
Otherwise chaos ensues ;
It...Read More
Categories: cow, community, culture, education, for teens, introspection, perspective,
Form: Free verse

Carnivore 4
Walking around the grassland there is a cow standing.  The cow has gained weight over the past few weeks.  At the market, the owner makes a profit when he sells the cow.  At the slaughterhouse, the animal...Read More
Categories: cow, confidence,
Form: Prose
Premium Member A Trip To The Candy Store At Stake
Gretel and Hansel were given 
A seven 
But they did not know why 
Since they did not lie 

They decided to be Titans 
At the time of this writing 
Venturing into the forest 
Just like the television commercial cat Morris...Read More
Categories: cow, beach, brother, candy, emotions, football, sister, success,
Form: Rhyme Royal
Im back
Hello, I’ve untangled the hell, I say hello I’ve abandoned the fail made sense of the past at long long last understand the collapse I’ve remembered the cracks the water weighed down from taps I’ve turned them back no trickle...Read More
Categories: cow, celebration,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Only Money Matters
Who’s that cow standing in the way

Moo-ove, Moo-ove

No, that’s a donkey,listen how he brays

Hee-haw, Hee-haw

I’m not the kinda person to be hurtling insults

"But that's a crazy monkey with a blabbering mouth"

Who’s that dog with the toothpaste grin

Bow-Wow, Bow-Wow

He gobbled up...Read More
Categories: cow, dream, life, money,
Form: Verse

Premium Member My Far Side
You say, I’m too far, 
towards the far side?
It’s a hazard of my left-handedness,
that I see the logic in abstraction.
Worlds lay within worlds
and colors bleed personality;
Oh, it may be distasteful
in the world of mathematics
to give a square five sides;
not in...Read More
Categories: cow, how i feel, imagination, poems, poetry, psychological,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Therapy Cow
Jane brought her therapy cow on the plane
Which drove fellow passengers quite insane
   They lit the cow's farts
   But Bessie took heart
Her perfume made her diSTINCtively vain...Read More
Categories: cow, animal, flying,
Form: Limerick
The Saga of Suzanne the snowflake and Cyril the racist ware squirrel part 1
Cyril is a squirrel that comes from the Wirral, 
he looks cute and furry but he's gone a bit feral, 
Cyril dislikes foreign squirrels, 
won't hear no ifs or buts, 
he says the tide of squirrelgrants are going to have...Read More
Categories: cow, allegory, animal, irony, political, racism, snow,
Form: Light Verse
Nicola The Nonchalant
a woman to never represent the majority
a woman to never respect the majority
a woman to never speak for the majority

forever talking of independence
saying it is Scotland's desire,
lost the vote for independence 
nonchalant to Scotland's desire,

a one track horse, 
and of...Read More
Categories: cow, political,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member What Should We Do with Uppity Women
Women of the early 1900’s should have been justifiably outraged
Owned like chattel by their men
Elections were held willy nilly
And if you did not have a willy, you were eliminated
The rare woman who thought she should be
a voter, was not even...Read More
Categories: cow, women,
Form: Narrative
Attention Deficit Disorder
In my life some have been most unkind
to my little mickey mouse mind..
'your energy is quite unsettling" my
teachers would say. "We'll
put you in the back of the room
for the rest of the day..
They couldn't feel my drums
they didn't no my...Read More
Categories: cow, self,
Form: Light Verse
Class Test :: Letrilla

My classmates asked how was the test
replied getting max, it's my best.

Good topic; wrote poem on cow.
Spellings OK, rhymes were perfect.
Meter, syllables count, twice checked
right stanzas placed, correct rhythm picked.
Got zero, while expected ‘wow’! 

Paper asked: write Essay;...Read More
Categories: cow, poems,
Form: Verse
fibbing on acci squared
don't count
on me be
cause odd
ly enough
though i'm
one of the
ranks i've
at be

actually say
ally not ma
the ma tic
ally why
when i
add up
the sum
of us as
i am

ways getting 
oddly even 
after doing 
it with you
twice i still 
come up
with a to
tal of one
on a...Read More
Categories: cow, muse,
Form: I do not know?
When The Storms Came
When the storms came it was catastrophic
They came with cattle bashing hammers
Winds whipped up in ferocious tornado action
They came with the giant cyclops on their backs  
Angry because of the extra visual acuity missing
They were wielding axes too to...Read More
Categories: cow, abuse, animal, discrimination, judgement,
Form: Prose Poetry
Waiting in the box
A cow is goaded roughly, into a big steel box,
Eyes bulging from sockets, nose puffing snot,
Butcher pulls a lever, trapping its head tight,
Takes out big heavy pistol, aims it right,
Presses it BANG between, the beasts eyes,
A bolt shoots out, no...Read More
Categories: cow, animal, dark, food, life,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Do you know me

My friend, do you know me?
   I am a Pharisee
No, not per the dictionary
  Which mischaracterizes my beliefs and me

For while he keeps the tradition, it's true
  A Pharisee's an ever-evolving Jew
He delves deep into the...Read More
Categories: cow, identity, jewish, today,
Form: Rhyme
My Nineteen Gems
Posted - 12/29/2019 :  12:05:03 AM | Ksjpari's Poems | Edit Topic | Delete Topic
These are my students of Millennium School who find Joy in me . They showed the way I could teach. I have really touched many...Read More
Categories: cow, 10th grade, high school, motivation, people, student,
Form: Monorhyme
This is the story of how Daisy the cow
Became one of Santa’s reindeer
Poor Rudolph was down with the flu
So Santa said “Daisy, come here”

“I’ll put a splash of red paint on your snout
And for one night you’ll be able to...Read More
Categories: cow, children, christmas, humor,
Form: Rhyme
Issa: translations of the Oriental Master
Petals I amass
with such tenderness
prick me to the quick.
? Kobayashi Issa, loose translation by Michael R. Burch
This world of dew
is a world of dew indeed;
and yet ...
? Kobayashi Issa, loose translation by Michael R. Burch
Standing beneath cherry blossoms
who...Read More
Categories: cow, animal, friendship, garden, humanity, humor, imagery, nature,
Form: Haiku
Have you ever been told
Have you ever been told you’re ugly not welcome
You smile with a mouth you shouldn’t open
Have you ever been told your bum looks like a birch tree
you’re an abundantly dirty sight it hurts to see

Have you ever been told you...Read More
Categories: cow, hilarious,
Form: Rhyme
The animals of Spitalfields Farm
The pig goes oink,
The cow goes moo,
The farmer carries buckets of smelly stuff and poo,

The farmer pulls on wellies
A raincoats and a hat
Taking care not to get run down flat

Here comes a wild tractor,
Flying madly out the barn
Driven by the...Read More
Categories: cow, animal, child, children,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Twas the Night Before Christmas -slightly revised

‘Twas the night before Christmas,
and once in my bed,
no visions of anything 
danced in my head.
The night – uneventful -
no kids bothered me.
No sound of small feet
rushing out to the tree!

My husband lay snoring
at least until ten.
I put on some...Read More
Categories: cow, christmas,
Form: Rhyme
Hope in Nature
When hope eroded by life's extremes
as life mocks fermenting a wish to die
I let twilight bathe my drooping eyes
and take my heart to nature's scenes. 
Nature flirting in it’s proud green attire
behold the swift squirrel& early magpie
And silky cob webs...Read More
Categories: cow, morning, nature,
Form: Rhyme
Most imp potent and salient playbook page
Most imp potent and salient playbook page...
'bout fluffiness of hair after washing

Now get ready for...
yup intelligent persiflage
determining if potty "talk" gauge
correctly calibrated courtesy this sage.

Beats out global warming
by a long stretch
most important commander
must set example you betch
chore life no matter
if...Read More
Categories: cow, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Like A Garbage Can

If you step on someone's foot, they open their mouth
Just like a garbage can but an oral outburst they arouse
Nastiest ever known
Quite an angry tone
“Watch where you're going you stupid old cow!”

...Read More
Categories: cow, humor,
Form: Limerick