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Chronology Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of chronology poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for chronology.

New Poems

I Brains
constantly living tethered to technology
consumed by your digital methodology
every day, twenty-four seven, rewriting
your life's own ever-changing anthology
daily re-inventing a strange new etymology

continuous scrofulous instantaneous ideology
rapidly rearranging an ancient mythology
every day, twenty-four seven, rewriting
your future's undefined personal sociology
casually adding to an...Read More
Categories: chronology, addiction, humanity, life, society, technology,
Form: Rhyme

Yucatan, et cetera

Yucatan, etc.

Cortez, DeMille are gone.
It's now the locus
of postgraduate honeymoons,
urban fugues, a minor literary genre.

Knowledge and ejection predispose us
to technological parody--
antique busses, burros, plumbing, pyramids--
as if nothing ever caught on.

There is no CHRONOLOGY, the pace and mores
are too counterproductive--
poster Indians...Read More
Categories: chronology, fate, holiday, irony, leaving, parody, travel, vacation,
Form: Free verse
Life On Sundial

I only tell of sunny hours…
For me the trail of time disappears
in the depth of darkness at sundown,
but my mind doesn’t harbor any qualm,
I dream drenched in stardust of stellar sky…
I’ll trace the blazing heliacal trail
across another dazzling day.

Let the...Read More
Categories: chronology, analogy, life, sun, time,
Form: Personification
Numerical Oceans Floating On Logic
Numbers come from a singularity at sea
Grow into oceans numerically speaking 
Fluent in the foreign language of Chronology
Born from an original source sequentially conceived
Sometimes repeating calculus because they can

Starting out as the number one and counting
Figures break down into fractions
That...Read More
Categories: chronology, appreciation, birth, creation, identity, math, nature, ocean,
Form: Free verse
Vagaries Of An Unknown Methacton High School
Nineteen Seventy-Seven Alumni

Some conspiratorial and malevolent force
     must be fast at work
     cranking chronology dial
an extraterrestrial force

     donning, housing, loosing,
     plying, and trumpeting greater...Read More
Categories: chronology, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, angst,
Form: Dramatic Verse
When did the transfer happen
I recorded to keep you abreast
I wanted your moments in order
So that I could finally rest

   ~in love~

I can see that they lack chronology
My purpose is null and void
A timeline is essential
To show all...Read More
Categories: chronology, grief,
Form: Rhyme
What is this life
What is this life…reality?
Why do I question it relentlessly so?
So many moments seemingly meaningless
Meandering through this meaningful sentience,
But reality, Oxford will tell you:
Property of being real, resemblance to Origional.
Accountable, in my opinion, only through dissemblance.
What I ask, is original?
It’s all...Read More
Categories: chronology, allusion, art, confusion, crazy, deep, dream,
Form: Alliteration

Did your hear that?
You can say you heard nothing
But the truth is you are listening to the silence you've just created
A silence that is always there
It is only that we don't care
That's why...

The wind is always in motion
Sometimes fast...Read More
Categories: chronology, anger,
Form: Lyric
Tempus Fugit - Part two
   speaking severe nasal sounds, 
   when exhalation boyhood memory draws
obvious twang – another ace in the hole for bullies – 
   gnashing identityguard where gauze
superfluous, and those hurtful ingrates lobbed words, 

 ...Read More
Categories: chronology, absence, age, anger, anniversary, birth, birthday, blessing,
Form: Ode
I am a seeker on the road to truth
Don’t give me any cave revelations
Or dusty books to guide my way

I am a survivor of the constant 
That fly my way
Life was never meant to be fair
For better or for worse

The...Read More
Categories: chronology, age, appreciation, life, philosophy, seasons, time, truth,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member Outrageous Heresies Reconsidered
Imagine that process theologies
are theories about the evolution of creation stories
in which the "begat" chronology
of god v man,
is reversed to Mother Earth, 
then xman/yywoman, 
then divine-humane gods and goddesses of ecotherapy.

EcoCentric Woman gives RNA embryonic enculturation to men and women,
as...Read More
Categories: chronology, anger, culture, fear, health, love,
Form: Prose Poetry

Another solar journey hastened by.
Fading vestiges of the setting sun
Handed his scepter to the moonlit sky,
Signaling night's reign had begun.

The ceremony was repeated, in reverse.
Midnight's veil seemed hardly drawn
When sounded a rooster's crowing curse.
Ebony night kneeled to a golden dawn....Read More
Categories: chronology, day, night, time,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Looking Back
Looking back,
 my memory cheats on me.

It hides what I want to recall
 and glimpses only pieces of time.

The whole picture and its chronology
 is incomplete and haphazardly displayed.

One memory competes with another
 then both are lost to visualization. 

Perhaps,...Read More
Categories: chronology, age, autumn, memory, time,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Change
I am feeling the shock of fast change. How to cope with it is of course the question. Listen to Beethoven through the neighbor's window? Look up from the page? Appreciate doves even though they are so numerous? I seem...Read More
Categories: chronology, change, environment, hope, nature, sleep, strength, violence,
Form: Verse
Historiography Poesy
Historiography is no job for the coward.
if you are doubtful, locomate to the “cow ward”.
Summon Ibn Bantuta, Jan vansina, Samuel Johnson and Cicero ,
they all know history is made in every scenario.

“What is history” , written and tailored by E.H...Read More
Categories: chronology, class, cool, history, humor, imagery, inspiration, writing,
Form: Free verse
Time As Oracle
Time As Oracle
                  by Odin Roark

It sometimes jumps ahead
This thing called time
Leading our hearts
Massaging our minds
Forever the optimist

How little we know her
Her memory...Read More
Categories: chronology, life,
Form: Free verse
Spooked by a two headed snake,
a double of a living person squirms.
A moral crisis comes out
of a cage.  

The private space is violated 
and bloodbath of robins start-
to understand the unrest.
Antimatter will keep the mystery alive.

A distorted truth falls...Read More
Categories: chronology, art,
Form: ABC
Wednesay's Farewell
The stadium waits, the crowd assemble
The band prepares the "Hillsborough" welcome
The air thick with anticipation
The fans intent on celebration
A strip of blue, a dash of white
Unmistakedly  a "Wednesdayite"

The cherished owl displayed with pride
Symbolic of their much-loved side
Their empathy with...Read More
Categories: chronology, devotion, inspirational, passion, sports,
Form: Rhyme
a flash of golden memories, 
from the womb to the tomb, 
reflections past to present 

preserved for future generations 
so as not to be forgotten, 
recorded imagery of a time, 
stored away for another day, 
to be discovered and reminisced...Read More
Categories: chronology, family, history, love, people
Form: Free verse
Unknown Cocoon of Ending 2
Unknown Cocoon of Ending           2

Sleeping obsidian 
In tiger eye veins 
Languish unknown cryptics of beginning
Hidden form of inevitability 
Ending where the fatal knell 
Shall rest and tally the chronology


Unknown...Read More
Categories: chronology,
Form: Free verse
In November limbs are still
Thin against the dying light
From sylvan vale to hill
Poised in forms for us, contrite

Pergola bare with thorn 
The knuckles of the hemlock worn
Expansive loomed leaf arbor's torn
Preparing for winters blight
in hibernation

To discover the divination
of dendrology, their...Read More
Categories: chronology, death, faith, nature, old, old,
Form: Lyric