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Brown Nose Poems

Brown Nose Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of brown nose poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for brown nose.

New Poems

Filthy is the Color Of

Some got a pathological need,
a dirty obsession for that coffin wallpaper
They wrapped themselves in the black widow veil
of murderous deceit
For what?
To taste the yellow snow 
of an unclean life   insurance policy,
a crimson crypt guarantee
They’re willing to scarlet signature...Read More
Categories: brown nose, allusion, dark, truth, wisdom,
Form: Alliteration

Scare Her Will Some
You’ve an ahrse the size of Jupiter 
and a head that couldn’t be stupider 
as for your teets I’m not sure they exist
you’re a nasty narcissist 
brown nose and lips 
probably Nazi in a past life 
genocide your pastime 
I...Read More
Categories: brown nose, dark, evil, power,
Form: Rhyme
Obsequious Odor

Brown nose,
head bowed low
Sniffing submissively so

Wag the sniveling tongue,
show the power privileged ones 
much servile love
Catch the prime scraps
tossed from your master’s table

Give a howl of gratitude,
back bent ... eyes to the floor
Do a lot of begging for a little...Read More
Categories: brown nose, allusion, imagery, psychological, senses,
Form: Burlesque
Premium Member Clown in the Ground
From the first breath 'till my death
I've played the role of happy clown
first- wearing the newborn silly hat
plastic phone placed in my hands
parents cooing at my first "smile" 
knowing all along it was only baby gas.

Then the hormones ran wild
thinking...Read More
Categories: brown nose, beauty,
Form: Rhyme
Right Hand Man

Coulda been
the Hand of the Lying King,
if I didn’t tell the truth so much

Coulda been
Caesar’s right hand man,
if I was kill willing 
to have a shogun trigger touch

Coulda been
chief consigliore renown
for the don Corelone spiked crown
But I never wanted to...Read More
Categories: brown nose, allusion, history, power, truth,
Form: Narrative

Froggy Kiss

“Truth isn’t truth,”
that’s what some Cap’n Obvious toady recently said

He was pissy mad, when his angry tears wet the bed

Lieutenant Rudy Brown-Nose 
a has-been sniffing the swine caboose breeze:
Loco breath wafting 
between sulfuric methane,   prune puckered lips —...Read More
Categories: brown nose, character, integrity, philosophy, truth,
Form: Rhyme
A Cyrano Situation

Pinocchio politicians
got long nose ambitions
Pirate patch parrot thoughts
in the bosom
keel dereliction decisions
Gender gypsy tramps bought,
paid horizontal submission
Whore whispers being said
Global security is premature burial 
on a bald eagle spread bed ... 
squirting liquid lies: moo white noise emission
Face paste looks...Read More
Categories: brown nose, allegory, parody, truth, wisdom,
Form: Burlesque
Premium Member Never Hit a Potamus
Never Hit a Potamus

Never hit a Potamus,
on his grey brown nose.
Cos' if you do, he'll flatten you,
by jumping on your toes.

For 7 year olds
Contest to follow
KS 28.1.18...Read More
Categories: brown nose, animal, kids, nonsense, silly, word play,
Form: Rhyme
Never I Did

I never liked you
no, no ... no, no
never I did
I never cared for your fake
Eddie Haskell face at all
Your tart tongue cut my birthday cake ...
seedy, greedy hands took a slice not small
This here Beav got a nose that can...Read More
Categories: brown nose, emotions, how i feel, perspective, truth,
Form: Dramatic monologue
Premium Member playground politics-writer's notes
playground politics

we zap and zip
read my lips
we hide and seek
from teacher's peek
on swings
we wing 
on slides
we cried
marbles play 
swords we flay
should i repeat
another beat
marbles play
swords we flay
never mind 
what we find
king of the hill
jack and jill
story told
she was very bold
jill...Read More
Categories: brown nose, perspective, prayer, school,
Form: Rhyme
During a Round of Golf at Pebble Beach
On Pebble Beach's seventh green
I paused to watch an otter.
He dove, cavorted, spun around,
An acrobat on water.
Then lolling, drifting, eyeing me
He twitched brown nose and whiskers.
His thought, that moment, mirrored mine:
"He plays all day, that rascal."
...Read More
Categories: brown nose, golf, humor, nature,
Form: Light Verse
I am not a Lamb
A Wolf...A Lamb...A Wolf

Forgetting myself...started with me
To be sweet, to be fit in.
Impress by agreement.  A Lamb I could be.
Convince all my thoughts; 
Copacetic is me

*So it began...
My best thought is, I'm at peace.  I'm content. 
Be...Read More
Categories: brown nose, confidence, courage, i am, strength, truth, voice,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member PAUL AND SARAH
He was born in backwoods Missouri.
1840 the year he arrived.
Conflict, sickness and hard times prevailed.
Through it all he grew strong and survived.
Skills to live were a gift from his father.
Faith in God from his mother each day.
Never taking his freedom...Read More
Categories: brown nose, adventure, america, blessing, journey,
Form: Rhyme
The modern Knight
 The modern Knight 

The Knight of the realm ,
Was a great man of courage,
Who protected the people,
Got dubbed by the King,

The bravest of brave,
Moralitys brightest,
Loved by the people,
Now the rich mans plaything???

But it became some snobs, crass title,
Given to...Read More
Categories: brown nose, adventure,
Form: Epitaph

It's a November
when I find myself walking 
My hand holding yours
Side by side arms swaying
Your little fingers interlocking with mine.
I believe it is a happy day.
I think it shows on your little sun-tanned face.
I feel it myself from deep within.
Slowly welling...Read More
Categories: brown nose, child, children, happiness, inspiration, joy, nature, sun,
Form: Free verse
Teacher's Pet
In every class I’ve taken yet
There’s one who longs to be
A brown-nose, suck-up teacher’s pet
And man, it bothers me!

The one who always answers first
Or quickly volunteers
To hand out what must be dispersed
Ahead of all her peers.

The one who helps the...Read More
Categories: brown nose, people,
Form: Rhyme
Both my kids have Birthdays next Month
Is weird to be born
in society thinks is the 
greatest ever and for good reasons.

I was being breast-fed when my mom heard the news
of JFK
She remembers, I don't.

I don't member RFK either or even 
MLK, but what I will tell...Read More
Categories: brown nose, history,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member This Tear
This tear                                  So tightly held these salty...Read More
Categories: brown nose, hope, inspirational, loss, love
Form: Free verse
Premium Member God Asked Me
One day, one time, God spoke to me.
The Creator who knows everything supposedly,
had a question that needed answering from yours truly.
"You're always helping others in need less fortunate than you,
and many of these people aren't particularly liked by you.
Why do...Read More
Categories: brown nose, caregivinggod, people, god, people,
Form: Rhyme