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Bound And Gagged Poems

Bound And Gagged Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of bound and gagged poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for bound and gagged.

New Poems

Save Us
They cry out to be saved
By a darkness they did not birth
But even as they reach out
Their hands are cut off
And they're bound and gagged
And mutilated on TV
Leaving us all with red stained hands
There isn't an innocent left
Leaving nobody with...Read More
Categories: bound and gagged, america, anger, political,
Form: Free verse

Snoring Spouse Rocks Highland Manor
(not really, but just wanted
to get your attention.)

Thus "NOT FAKE," but
poetic quasi true anecdote
infused fictionalized
by this ole goat
with prevarication
to enliven of no note
characteristic, and certainly
not worth quote

ting - for any future
reference material, imp poet
tent to sketch a biography
of one otherwise...Read More
Categories: bound and gagged, assonance, environment, mom, mother, night, senses, wife,
Form: Free verse
Life Is Dark
The lonesome tree can stand so proud,
By babbling brook, no friend is found,
Life is dark for all to see,
And evil hope is filled with glee.

The fish that swims with the current dies,
The desolate bird refuses to fly,
Life is dark, It...Read More
Categories: bound and gagged, anxiety, depression, loneliness,
Form: Couplet
HeLl on earth
In my mind I try to see,
A place where I can just be me,
I cannot find a place to go,
That let's me be the me I know,
They all expect a certain me,
The one that they all want to see,
The one...Read More
Categories: bound and gagged, betrayal, confusion, farewell, growth, voyage,
Form: Epitaph
Have you heard who’s coming to town? 
Why, she’s only the very best actress in around!
She can make you angry,  make you cry
She can make you laugh so hard you’ll wonder if you’re high
Always graceful and always sweet
The kind...Read More
Categories: bound and gagged, deep, depression, sad,
Form: Lyric

Sick n tired of u phonies
No such thing as loyal homies
Shaking hands, hugs
Taking pictures like u love me
Oblivious of the difference
In "friends"and being "friendly"
Try to pull some buckshots
You'll get a not so happily ever ending
Walking around acting as though
They got...Read More
Categories: bound and gagged, cancer, dream, friend, lonely, trust, truth, words,
Form: Rhyme
The average one is restrained by mental leashes 
Bound and gagged twenty four hours a day
A common trap that remains difficult to avoid 
The free one is overwhelmed with possibilities 
Too much to do in one day 
An uncommon landscape...Read More
Categories: bound and gagged, city, environment, men, myth, poets, psychological, summer,
Form: Free verse
Doctor, Doctor
They say dreams are the gateway to the show, the subconscious
like dreams are the free movies you subscribe to 
once you close your eyes
If that's true
then what kind of movies am I subscribed to
What on earth do I think about...Read More
Categories: bound and gagged, dark, death, deep, dream,
Form: Free verse
Only in movies
Tonight he saw within her eyes
A different kind of light
Laying beneath her smokey glance
Was a passion to start a fire
He knew what he had done
He thought it was a secret
But the look of disgust upon her face
Got him thinking different
This...Read More
Categories: bound and gagged, anger, betrayal, body, character, death, irony,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Love Conquers All
			Love Conquers All

I had enough of lust.
And for a long time, I was waiting for love to knock at my door.
And  when I heard the knock, I became excited.
But that quickly faded, when I saw lust standing in the...Read More
Categories: bound and gagged, lust,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member My Angel
My angel is bound and gagged
As I still don’t listen for her
No matter what she did to warn me
I ignored and bound her some more
She can’t help me anymore
I’ve secured her in a dark room
Away from any helpful thoughts
And she...Read More
Categories: bound and gagged, angel,
Form: Free verse
Stay With Me
Follow me.
Take my hand and my lead.
Let the sticky, cool night air
Swirl in circles at our feet.
Beg the moon to stay around
Beg the moon for you and me.

Talk to me.
Parting your lips right on beat,
Hiss the s’s, roll the r’s
Let...Read More
Categories: bound and gagged, hope, memory, nostalgia, moon,
Form: Rhyme
The Pirate
Pirate Peter Pan flew over his ship
Among the stars and misty clouds
While Tinker Bell his mistress old
Sat on the deck sunning her skin
And when a ship was sighted afar
The lost boys sharpened their knives anew
He bound and gagged one and...Read More
Categories: bound and gagged, funny
Form: Free verse
Bound and Gagged
Watching as you
glide into apathy’s arms,
and collapse
listless and wondering
in awe of emptiness.

As your hands lay open
mine are bound,
our words of hate
hang from barbed wire,
string out, 
like the miles of fur
on a rabbit proof fence,
separating us forever.

We passed
into other lives
now as...Read More
Categories: bound and gagged, introspection
Form: Blank verse
I'm Whipped
She makes me smile with her words
that she lovingly places there to see.
Does she know, just what she does
and how she truly affects me?
Her smile, infectious and so lovely,
casts light upon the common man.
There’s heat emitted from that gleam
that causes...Read More
Categories: bound and gagged, love, passion, people, me,
Form: Quatrain
Like a Tomb
Goodbye now
Is this how you wanted me?
I cannot breathe
your memory
is simply choking me

You’re like a tomb
dark and dead
You put bad thoughts
into my head

You’re why I can’t sleep at night
You ruined my life
and ruined my mind
I curse the day
my heart took...Read More
Categories: bound and gagged, angst, depression, girlfriend-boyfriend, lost love, sad, song-teen,
Form: Lyric
Star Of David
he stood 
among the swasticka's 

a star 
in the center of chaos

and still
he couldn't comprehend

with ticket in hand 
for a train 
that was heavily laden 
with lost hope 

he was bound and gagged 
by religion 
that was neither practiced 
or...Read More
Categories: bound and gagged, history, people, sad, social,
Form: Free verse
This could be pain, this could be suffering. But it's not.

Taken from the darkness from which a home was made.

Thrown to the light, thrown into judgment, unknown.

An unbridle love, grown immense, not encouraged.

Chained down, bound, and gagged. Calling it vacation.

Eternity...Read More
Categories: bound and gagged, death, introspection, loss, sad, universe,
Form: I do not know?
Having always used words,
to express the emotions inside.
Now unable to find words to define,
allowing the feelings to hide.

Not knowing where to start,
lost as to how to begin.
To remain bound and gagged,
no where to turn, no way to win.

Left with feelings...Read More
Categories: bound and gagged, confusion, sad, feelings, me,
Form: Quatrain
He still recalls how it all went down,
One mistake was all it took.
He went left, his team went right,
Those two steps led to 59 hours of pain and fright.
A twinge of pain, a foggy voice from his back,
Then the whole...Read More
Categories: bound and gagged, death, life, sad, pain, voice, fear, voice,
Form: I do not know?
The Valium Bath
Fixed under water glass
Like a splinter beneath Poseidon's skin
There is no Sunday
And no one knows Rhyme
With her cool hands
And her goat's feet.

There are only
Walking dead
From whose wool-lined mouths
Pour blindfolds
And broken keys
Strangle holds
And bloody knees.

Rapunzel bruised
Left for dead forgotten
Bound and gagged
By...Read More
Categories: bound and gagged, angst, confusion, introspection, life, time, visionary,
Form: Free verse
Dead Letters
From cold concrete floor to plaster ceiling
in cardboard boxes, damp and peeling;
beneath migraine fluorescence,
humming, blinking incessance.
They languish spectrally bound and gagged,
indexed, filed, stamped and tagged:
a desert vista of yellowing paper.
They say nothing,
travel nowhere.

Confetti never thrown on a wedding day,
left in...Read More
Categories: bound and gagged, allegory, life, loss, lost love, mystery,
Form: Verse