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Boa Constrictor Poems

Boa Constrictor Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of boa constrictor poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for boa constrictor.

New Poems

Premium Member Boa Constrictor and Anaconda
Boa, Constrictor and Anaconda were out on a slither.
They saw some animals up ahead, yonder, some hither.
I’ll get the baby.
I’ll get the hayseed.
With greedy appetites all three snakes were a quiver.
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Categories: boa constrictor, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 7th
Form: Limerick

Premium Member Beautiful Scars bestow Ivory Grace
It’s not just Jesus who rose into grace with scars from nails and the cross

Trees grow new branches from knots like wounded soul’s blemish’s scars

A rainforest’s undergrowth thrives in the mist of weeping from heaven

Ebony needs ivory for harmony preferably...Read More
Categories: boa constrictor, celebration,
Form: Free verse
Professional epitaphs


Here lies the glazier, Peter Lee
His wife is shattered, naturally!


Alas poor Joe, I knew him well
He fixed my roof before he fell!


Here lie the bones of Jones the vet
Inside his boa constrictor...Read More
Categories: boa constrictor, humorous,
Form: Epitaph
Premium Member LOVE IS
Love is the cacophony of life,
the stillness of your lover’s breath in sleep,
the boa constrictor hug of a grandchild,
and the outstretched arms of Christ.


2nd place/multiple placements
Faraz Ajmal’s A four line poem on what is love poetry contest
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Categories: boa constrictor, love,
Form: Free verse
Like Sphinx Rise From Ashes
On the cusp of stepping into your promised land
Listen to the little voice 
Enjoining you to cling, to hold on for dear life to the hand
Of God where your boundless choice

Lies in wait to reset your bearing and course
To restore,...Read More
Categories: boa constrictor, poems,
Form: Free verse

Ouroboros Morals

Cottonmouth America
bite the asylum-seeking refugees
at your border entry
Let them feel the hard enamel compassion
of your diamondback speech
Rip the children from their mother’s loving arms,
then take their daddy’s protective pride
and cast it aside
Give hard candy charity
to the forced orphan babies
with no...Read More
Categories: boa constrictor, abuse, prejudice, symbolism, truth,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Aspiration

Antoine had crashed once again when tempting the desert
Freedom fighter laureate poet daredevil testing the call of

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Categories: boa constrictor, hope,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Taking Care of Me
I cannot concentrate on anything but me this week.
I am nurturing little Caren, as she’s right in front.
The committee is pushing her forward for hugs and kisses
And stuff. Do you know you can kiss yourself?
Just kiss your hand and then...Read More
Categories: boa constrictor, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th
Form: Free verse
Just Ante Meridiem

High noon coming    ...   sixty minutes to go    
Three angry riders,
twelve hooves on a swift approach
Six six-shooters strapped to the waist
of six angry eyes
Revenge on a five-year slow burn
today ends — ...Read More
Categories: boa constrictor, allegory, conflict, hero, metaphor,
Form: Epic
Boa Constrictor
Miss Mary Prince
Was not seen since
She brought home her boa constrictor
I guess the snake did more than lick her.
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Categories: boa constrictor, sorrow,
Form: Clerihew
Like a boa constrictor
Coiling round its prey
Cutting off the blood supply. 
Negative emotions slowly
Squeeze out all life.
Agony and anxiety
Ultimately kills hearts.
Life is extinct.
Don't worry yourself to death....Read More
Categories: boa constrictor, angst, anxiety, heartbreak, sorrow,
Form: Free verse
Snakes alive a boa constrictor
Snakes alive a boa constrictor
By Stanley Russell Harris
The new mad author
& A Poetry Soup Honourably Mentioned Poet

I spend my days in a coil curled.
Like a rope you could say.
Never get my full-length stretched so.
As there is no room in here...Read More
Categories: boa constrictor, adventure,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member I am an elephant in disguise
                                       If...Read More
Categories: boa constrictor, discrimination,
Form: Free verse
boa constrictor
 Boa Constrictor 

 This is turning into a diary of a slow death I had another fall
I was taking picture of some Interpretable bushes where I was
sure I had seen an animal, not unlike the Tasmanian tiger.
I did not...Read More
Categories: boa constrictor, adventure, cancer, candy, car, care,
Form: Bio
Night stalker
Welcome to the forest of the dreams
It takes great power to turn angel into a demon
Power that is not yours to take
But if you insist

I’ll take your soul
I’ll be the demon
Of your dreams
And your nightmares

Gloves fit tightly around my hand
Boa...Read More
Categories: boa constrictor, conflict,
Form: Free verse
Here it is again
That sudden uneasiness
The alarms are going off in my body
My heart begins to pound
The blood rushes to my head
I can't think clearly
My mind starts to crave safety from something...
In my mind I tell myself, "It's time to...Read More
Categories: boa constrictor, anxiety, feelings, me, poetry, solitude,
Form: Prose Poetry
fast food 2
If you think the first restaurant was bad,
Well this one Is worse,
There’s a dead guy in the kitchen,
Brought in by the hearse.
Boogers in the burgers,
Flies are in the soup,
The smell of chicken clutter,
Is coming from the coup.
The cow is just...Read More
Categories: boa constrictor, funny,
Form: Rhyme
Tight End
Beatin' this path 'til my heart stop
cause any moment my heart. could. stop.
Swear any day my chest might pop
So sit tight, bout to open up shop
Call this the English chop shop, loppin' slop
'til I'm atop the top makin' rounds, spinning...Read More
Categories: boa constrictor, age, allusion, anxiety, books, change,
Form: Rhyme
Poison Ivy of Assumption
Poison ivy of assumption
a seed transforms into vines
your very branches tread fine lines. 

Cut off the ones that offend you. 
Watch as the ivy desecrates the character you never were. 
Hearsay convoluted, convictions flawed. 
Are you so jealous or too...Read More
Categories: boa constrictor, allegory, anti bullying, dark, deep, imagery, symbolism,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Challenge Of Eating French Onion Soup
My favorite dining place in town is a place called La Baguette.
'Tis a quaint French café and I haven't found its equal yet.
They serve the most scrumptious French onion soup west of Gay Paree,
And it is slurped by discriminating snobs...Read More
Categories: boa constrictor, food, humorous,
Form: Rhyme
Being Still
Being Still 

To be still here with you is the best place to be
Listening to my heart
Inside you I take a peak
From whence comes this emotion of kindness I see
A touch of a rose petal
Or a dainty daisy

Kindness is creeping...Read More
Categories: boa constrictor, christian, friendship,
Form: Free verse
we've been here before
inside here, it spins and zigzags
outside there, normal is my favorite flavor
either way, a straightjacket insanitarium awaits me
when i stay, i pay
when i go, it is like i don't know
confusion is a boa constrictor squeezing until the color of life...Read More
Categories: boa constrictor, introspection, journey, life, stress, truth,
Form: Free verse
Legless Reptile
The Legless Reptile 
The ruin made of stones ended up a home, rock by rock rebuilt 
on a hillside overlooking a valley of gentle dreams and orchids 
 so rare they only grow here. The man of the house had...Read More
Categories: boa constrictor, animal,
Form: Burlesque
Premium Member Animal Magnetism
A pet more exotic I'd wanted.
A pet to be groomed and then flaunted.
Not a dog or a cat -
Something cooler than that!
I began my search feeling undaunted

In a pet store I came on a ferret.
Such a pain he was! How...Read More
Categories: boa constrictor, humorous,
Form: Limerick
Animal Magnetism
A pet more exotic I'd wanted.

A pet to be groomed and then flaunted.

not a dog or a cat

something cooler than that!

I began my search feeling undaunted

In a pet store I came on a ferret.

Such a pain he was! How did...Read More
Categories: boa constrictor, animal,
Form: Limerick