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Blood Money Poems

Blood Money Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of blood money poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for blood money.

New Poems

Premium Member Cadaver

A young woman, her form
still bearing a mirage of beauty.
In her detail she decays
closer still, a beauty returns
as a micro-delicacy.
Her charm dips in and out
like a swan through the bodies spoilage.
Da Vinci and his artist acolytes,
those red-handed anatomists,
all owe her...Read More
Categories: blood money, poetry,
Form: Free verse

Blood money
Rises the new sun,
After a saturated sunset of sin,
They told me to pay for my secrets,
In the form of blood money,
And now all I see is crimson...Read More
Categories: blood money, betrayal, conflict, corruption, loss,
Form: Quintain (English)
Mr President It is a Gun Situation
Mr. President?
You are wrong once again?
You said that the tragic events 
in Texas?,Ohio, Virgina Beach
And Las Vegas 
were not “gun situations”

?But rather were mental health problems
And that in Texas
 if there had been no gun controls
?Perhaps fewer people would have...Read More
Categories: blood money, america, anger, angst, anxiety, political, sorrow,
Form: Political Verse
more guns for everyone found poem
Trump Administration Advances Plan to Relax Gun-Export Rules found Poem

The Trump administration 
Sought to relax export rules for American small arms,
 including semiautomatic rifles, handguns, and sniper rifles.

Because the NRA said 
the solution to gun violence
Is more guns
 for everyone...Read More
Categories: blood money, america, anger, angst, grief, political,
Form: Political Verse
I Heard Tell

Rumors flew
faster than kindling lit 
Pieces of half-truth and falsehood,
pure self-interest mixed
Vex message sent ashore by a ghost face snitch

I heard tell of some bad news,
some good ol’ boys
spreading the combustible fear colorfully

Saying hide the woman and the children;
there some...Read More
Categories: blood money, allusion, dark, fear, symbolism,
Form: Dramatic Verse

Neon Idol Attraction

Las Vegas    ...    a gangster’s irradiated dream

Sin city    ...    all that glitter glow ain’t what it seems

Neon idols    ...    false lights beckon...Read More
Categories: blood money, allusion, corruption, lust, visionary,
Form: Rhyme
the ship is sinking

Tom Waits tell me where to wait

take my blood money...Read More
Categories: blood money, muse,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Gangsters and Cherries
Italian boys go through a mafia stage
idolizing gangsters and their lead ripping ways
dreaming in blood money ,wearing a pair of snake eyes
diamond studded vixens flashing pearl glazed thighs.
Scar faces -speak easy whisky- drowning out the sun
nights vibrating with the chatter...Read More
Categories: blood money, 9th grade,
Form: Free verse
Right Hand Man

Coulda been
the Hand of the Lying King,
if I didn’t tell the truth so much

Coulda been
Caesar’s right hand man,
if I was kill willing 
to have a shogun trigger touch

Coulda been
chief consigliore renown
for the don Corelone spiked crown
But I never wanted to...Read More
Categories: blood money, allusion, history, power, truth,
Form: Narrative
I Heard Not A Word

I heard bankshots last night,
sounded like vault robbery for sure
These startled eyes, which got rudely awakened,
saw some masked bandits
mute walking on a one beam teller ...
not cash registering one word

No safety deposit reassurances were heard,
only silent alarm 
breached security measure...Read More
Categories: blood money, allusion, corruption, imagery, truth,
Form: Free verse
Assyrian Babbler

Emerald shiny baubles
attract wizard eyes ...
Balaam al-Oz
Assyrian acquisitions
be kryptonite-colored vanity
Ownership is an Alexandrian transaction,
a Grecian war rhetoric reaction
Gehazi greedy ... 
take all that your Philistine soul see,
as much as your twelve fingers can reach
Sennacherib eyes bald eagle beady,
tilt the full...Read More
Categories: blood money, history, identity, judgement, symbolism,
Form: Epic
Headless Tree
I lie on a giant rock in the middle of the river bed
staring at the tree without a head
Dry stump shooting above me
Inviting one another into  their bed
Their nude bodies pressing against each other
hugging and kissing one another
They stand...Read More
Categories: blood money, change, community, courage, metaphor, moving on, water,
Form: Narrative
Polemic: America, Land of the Dead
Every 16 hours a woman is shot
by her husband or boyfriend

One American is killed with a gun
every 15 minutes

Over 80 Americans are shot and killed 
every day

7 children are “unintentionally” shot
every day

33,000 Americans are killed by guns
every year

Every day 55...Read More
Categories: blood money, miracle, missing,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Boob Jobs And Bomb Jobs
Boob jobs and bomb jobs

Sisters in arms those tits and those weapons of massive 
destruction sex and death go together in dynamics
thermodynamics psychodynamics fused on the playground 
of this life of this poem on which I’m allowed to feel strong...Read More
Categories: blood money, conflict, perspective,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Rat-A-Tat-Tat
The typewriters tap,
with a rat-a-tat-tat,
like a fourth estate rap
to provide us the pap
(that serves as a snack with a rat-a-tat-tat)
in a newspaper scrap
crammed with meaningless crap
from the editor's yap
(spewing flimflamy flak, booming rat-a-tat-tat)
after gashing a gap
in the daily recap
with a...Read More
Categories: blood money, society, violence, war,
Form: Rhyme
Burning rocks had 
a near miss. The 
questions splatter 
the blood-

to inspire and break 
you inside and out. 
Unbecoming, to end the 
relationship. The story?

begins of an introvert. 
The ungreen grass waits 
for your wet toes, 
to breathe again.

The blood-money...Read More
Categories: blood money, art,
Form: ABC
I Do Not Envy The Poor
I do not envy the poor in the land;
What does my life has to do with their stinking lives?
I do not envy the needy in the society;
Their lives are one of my dreams to change,
I do not envy the drunks;...Read More
Categories: blood money, africa, age, art,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member The Righteousness of God
He was in a life where he was always at odds cause he didn't know he's the righteousness of God. He was living the life of a straight up thug, fast women and guns, drinking and drugs and it all...Read More
Categories: blood money, abuse, addiction, anger, faith, hope, drug,
Form: Narrative
Trails of blood money
Paper trails of paper cuts
A destroyed forest ...Read More
Categories: blood money, money,
Form: Haiku
Africa my beloved continent
Beautiful and attractive, many
Came as visitors yet their aim was to
Dig gold and platinum
Everyday they dug to reach her belly and they
Flee back to feed their own blood and sold us her the remains
Gold jewelry, we buy...Read More
Categories: blood money, africa, flying, political,
Form: ABC
Chemical Fire
Chemical Fire
Burn baby and give me some sulphuric hydrochloric acid smoke,
your fire gives me toasted tiktox and crisps me up nicely.
Boom goes the roof when 55 gallon drums go flying and it’s all ballistic.
The money shot is when the boss’s...Read More
Categories: blood money, crazy, death, evil, fantasy, fire, satire,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Judas Kiss
Thirty pieces of silver
My soul condemn to hell
Even in the presence of God
One can feel left out
Jesus how I love you
My life I surrender for thee
But something wasn't enough
I needed more than even God could give
Even God could give
Envy? Jealous?...Read More
Categories: blood money, betrayal, bible, friendship, judgement, love, religious, suicide,
Form: Free verse
My Clementine Oh my darling
Indulgences Indulgence my clementine                                    ...Read More
Categories: blood money, betrayal, bible, jesus, metaphor, religion, religious, truth,
Form: Couplet
Tonight when I think of the people
I cannot tear you out like a page
For men and ideas are the struggle
Ideas can only explain our rage.
There should be a Lumumba day
In Africa, wherever the Congo flows
Some vision as foundations stay
Some death...Read More
Categories: blood money, tribute,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Blood Money
Red cents fill the coffers of the rich.
It is the blood and sweat of others,
yet, no longer enough, no longer enough,
worthless as the silver-less lie of a dime.

It is the blood and sweat of others
melted with base metals, base morality,
worthless...Read More
Categories: blood money, introspection,
Form: Pantoum