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Best Porch Poems

Below are the all-time best Porch poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of porch poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member Starry Starry Night
When Wishes were made on a shooting star
The Heavens looked down and smiled
With sprinkles of stardust on a whisper of moonbeams
They created for us a...

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Categories: porch, anti bullying, art, beauty,

Premium Member Who But God
Who but God could paint the evening sky
And use a brush that is a fiery torch?
Tonight, the garish sunset makes me high
In awe, I stand...

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Categories: porch, philosophy, religion,

Premium Member Coffee Colored Memories
It's quiet whisper stirs my languid mind
Inviting coffee colored memories
A young man's face with future yet defined
Each vapored breath a page in history

Familiar apparitions reappear

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Categories: porch, memory, morning,

The farm
     and the porch light hums 
the sound of another 
orange dawn.

Burnt up – crisp

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Categories: porch, life, people, philosophy, time,

Premium Member The Moth
A lone moth flits around my front porch light
as wind blows through my window, luring me
to step outside into black velvet’s night.

I search the sky,...

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Categories: porch, lost love,

Premium Member Like A Moth To A Flame

Nature's Glory
As a quarry?
Alone and at peace
A life, a new lease
I pull up a piece...

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Categories: porch, abuse, appreciation, beautiful, beauty,

Premium Member From My Porch
After the end of a long hot day
At the end of my rope -  with nerves all frayed
I sat on the porch…to rest a...

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Categories: porch, summer,

Premium Member Among Butterflies Sought

Nature's Glory
As a quarry?
Alone and at peace
A life, a new lease
I pull up a piece of land
Take a little time to mend
This rainforest trembles
An open...

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Categories: porch, betrayal, butterfly, conflict, dark,

Premium Member Freedom
In solitude I dream tonight
And watch a moth in fevered flight.

It’s drawn toward my quaint porch light
And flies consumed with all its might.

Through open window...

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Categories: porch, allegory, death, dream, flying,

Gold Star
I remember as a young boy, going out to play, I would sometimes see old Mr. Kimball, sitting on the steps of his porch, often...

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Categories: porch, childhood, war, war, star,

Premium Member Halloween on the Dark Side of Town
It's a nightmare down on Elm Street. Satan's waiting here at home.
Where's that little Freddy Krueger with his nails of sharpened chrome?
And that dearest Michael...

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© Roy Jerden  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: porch, holiday, satire,

Premium Member Our October Sky

 October sky, the 1st we celebrate, a seasons heart yearned treasured moment,
    Sun rises, new beginnings, Enlightens nature, we seek...

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Categories: porch, autumn, blessing, inspirational, nature,

Premium Member What Lurks Within
What Lurks Within

I picture in my mind an old colonial room,
With a door to the garden where my flowers can bloom.
A window in the...

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Categories: porch, imagination, places, old, old,

Every Night I wonder
Every night,from my little window

I watch billions of  stars

luminating the blue-black sky

And every night

my thought is filled with you

knowing you are somewhere there

Somewhere in...

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Categories: porch, absence,

Premium Member Christmas Miracle in the Ghetto (Co-written with John Moses Freeman)
Peering at the radiating faces of happy families
So much joy emanates from well-to-do children’s sparkling eyes
Wish I could replace the grief, put smiles on the...

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Categories: porch, family, holiday, hope, upliftingme,

Premium Member Intangible
There was change, an odd pulse, a new cadence, and tone,
where my mother had been,  in the place I called home
Where two maples stretched...

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Categories: porch, change, childhood, conflict, father,

I Recall
I recall a dirty sidewalk
running in front of grandma's house
with bumps and cracks from the roots
of ancient white oaks

Meandering down to the levee
with cane poles...

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Categories: porch, childhood, nostalgia,


Out in the middle of a large farmland, I become a girl of old charm and unexpected songs again. Past the flanks where cluttered rows...

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Categories: porch, beautiful, grandfather, memory, nostalgia,

Premium Member Precipice of a Lost Innocence
I am standing outside my bedroom, on the precipice of lost innocence.
Wide eyed, and barefoot on cold hardwood.
Someone is hammering on our front door.
My father,...

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Categories: porch, childhood, mother,

Giggles and Splashes
I had waited for you seemingly forever
So long did it take before you were to come into my life
But in so many ways you had...

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Categories: porch, family, lovebooks, snow, books,

Premium Member Sepia Recollections

I sit here on the old porch steps, that I have always known
This weathered stoop, with gray floorboards
of creaks and groans, flaws and chips, ......

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Categories: porch, family, grandfather,

Premium Member Violet Eyes
I made a promise, a little visit
A busy much to do..
But, I'm running late, they will be waiting...
I should be going...the clock is ticking

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Categories: porch, friendship, people,

I Wondered
Last night I lay in the darkness of my room 
like i always do 
Me, a dim lamplight and thoughts of you 
my only companions...

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Categories: porch, dream, love,

Premium Member Sunday Morning
Sunday Morning
I try not to wake him, though he stirs slightly
As I crawl out from the warmth of the covers.
I'm tempted to change my mind,...

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Categories: porch, child, children, family, morning,

You never know till you get to know
One dark night a saucer crashed;
the military quickly cleaned up the trash.
In the distance, what they didn’t see;
a thin, white face between the trees.

Once all...

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Categories: porch, funny, humor, humorous, imagination,