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Best Mantis Poems

Below are the all-time best Mantis poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of mantis poems written by PoetrySoup members

Male Mantis Murder
Subtitled: WELL! You didn't have to bite my HEAD off...

Gladly would I die
for your love, my dear. No! Wait!
Just kidding! Just kid...


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Categories: mantis, funny, insect, nature,
Form: Senryu

Mantra of a Mantis
Have you ever seen 
a Praying Mantis green?
Or heard the tunes 
he enticingly croons,
searching each day 
for innocent prey?

Mantra of a Mantis:
"Eat or be eaten!"


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© Lin Lane  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: mantis, insect, introspection,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Praying Mantis
Oh, praying mantis, there with majesty,
you hold your slender arms so still and sweet,
in prayer like form that somehow makes us see
a kind and gentle...

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Categories: mantis, betrayal, insect, life,
Form: Iambic Pentameter
Premium Member Praying Mantis - for contest
Praying Mantis

Patience – a virtue
silence in the sight of God
Grace – before meals


submitted to – Praying Mantis – Poetry Contest
sponsor – Anthony Slausen

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Categories: mantis, humor,
Form: Senryu
Praying Mantis
My girl she can keep very still,
it's no major act of will,
and can hold a stare without her eyelids dropping,
with her arms held out and...

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© Viv Wigley  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: mantis, insect,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Praying Mantis
Verdant, skinny,
Praying, sneaking, planning
Insect, wife, insect, husband
Surviving, hoping, dying,
Fearful, easy,

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Categories: mantis, animal,
Form: Diamante
Premium Member Praying Mantis

for what is it
she prays
motionless Madonna
rapt in stillness
awaiting the unexpected
mate or meal
slender neck
cleavaged eyes
pious predator
poised on spindle legs


for Personification Poem Poetry Contest


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Categories: mantis, death, fate, life, love,
Form: Personification
Praying Mantis Haikus, Contest
Premenstrual syndrome
Gain discombobulation
Guys wisely worry...

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Categories: mantis, funny
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Praying Mantis Pet
Hello, I am a praying mantis from the tropics,
a killer really, once I bit off the head of my lover;
and then I ate him, yummy...

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Categories: mantis, insect, nature, pets,
Form: Personification
Premium Member Three Messengers
Old and ugly and well married is the visage
that I carry, and yet, there is another world
that keeps opening up its magic door.
It sends me...

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Categories: mantis, allegory, old, me, old,
Form: Free verse

I was happy curious and 
with rapid anxiety.
couldn't wait to bring the 
good news from the place

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Categories: mantis, creation, lust, , cute,
Form: Free verse
Goin' Green
Reuse, Repair, Recycle—that’s the Mantra I have heard
Goin' Green is about those three refreshing little words
So, I’m gonna rehash a poem I penned by free...

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Categories: mantis, holiday, humor, political,
Form: Rhyme
The People Watcher
See the people watcher
Still as a mantis
Endless ambient sounds, unidentifiable
Does not prevent his gaze
He studies her eyes; her smile
And undresses her mind
The watcher finds himself

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Categories: mantis, life,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Do Dinos Soar

Do DINOS SOAR, do fish have SOLE
Do elephants have ANTS in their PHANTS
Have you ever seen a real HORSE FLY
Or a FIRE that's started by...

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Categories: mantis, humorous, mum,
Form: Quatrain
Outgrew the broken wings
Once there was a youthful, bubbly butterfly.
Who loved to fly under the sunlit azure sky.
        Colors of joy...

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Categories: mantis, encouraging, inspirational, metaphor,
Form: Couplet
a praying mantis
on knees busy revering
me so bewildered
if this small mortal complies
why humans are ungracious...

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Categories: mantis, betrayal,
Form: Tanka
Premium Member Small Scale Murder
Mrs. Mantis, being hungry, ate her mate, therefore, he died.
Judge Junebug, in her wisdom, ruled the death insecticide.


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Categories: mantis, death, humor, insect, word play,
Form: Light Verse


Birds ATE Worms,
Worms tilled Soil,
Frogs ATE Flies,
Bees Made Honey,
Fish ATE Worms,
People ATE Fish,
Cats ATE Fish
Butterflies and bees
Grass Grew, and...

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Categories: mantis, earth, environment, natural disasters, nature, world,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Insects A to Z
A is for Ant, tiny but stout, they can lift fifty times their own weight,
B is for Bee, reaps nectar for honey; may opt to...

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Categories: mantis, kids, science,
Form: ABC
HEAD(s) or TAIL(s)

summers’ last prayer

you’re about to lose your head…

while getting some tail

*For the Praying Mantis Haiku Contest

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Categories: mantis, funny, lost love, nature
Form: Haiku
The ABCs of Things Green
The ABCs of Things Green

Algae, alligator, artichoke, asparagus, aphids, Andradite,
Brussels sprouts, broccoli, Buffalo Treehopper, and beans,
Cuckoo Wasp, Cabbage, cucumber, Common Green Darner, and celery 

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Categories: mantis, bird, food, fruit,
Form: Abecedarian
Haiku 5 - mournful cries, way of nature, flight into eternity
mournful cries fill the air
mother bird calling for its baby
eaten by the cat

mantis catches butterfly
I am sad: yet, that is 
the way of nature

loud feathered...

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Categories: mantis, baby, bird, butterfly, cat, death, flying,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Greenish
What does it mean, to be green,
Referring to color, not politics or emotions.
There's some tints or hues, between yellows and blues;
With a lot of room,...

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Categories: mantis, beauty, blue, color, green, yellow,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Checkpoint in Amerika
Gulls circled above, spiralling through car exhaust
Kids fidgeted in the backseats of chaos

Eerie silence, interrupted by overheated transmissions
Someone blasting The Doors...theme music

Stern, heavily armored Homeland...

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Categories: mantis, angst, confusion,
Form: Lyric
While Beauty Sleeps

While Beauty sleeps, there are souls upon this earth that have never known her. Many seasons have passed and her eyes are still...

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Categories: mantis, beauty, drug, nature,
Form: Dramatic Verse