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I heard I might find a poet here Part 3

"May I?" she asked motioning to my dog-eared notepad as a child might
asking for a cookie expecting to be told it would spoil her dinner
I took another swallow, my hand instinctively moved to the book 
to protect it or keep her from disappointment, maybe both

"It’s just a love poem, no big deal," I replied as she inched closer
Her perfume more intoxicating than anything Angelo had on that dusty shelf
I felt weak as my mind went to another time 
where this sort of thing actually happened

An old movie, fancy gowns, pinstriped suits and fedoras, a swing band playing for a crowded dance floor, champagne, diamonds and gold cigarette cases
"Hey doll, can I buy you a drink?" I felt a tap on my arm as I snapped 
out my ill-timed dream to see an inebriated guy hitting on her 

She looked at me, eyes pleading though I sensed she could handle herself 
"She’s with me." I blurted as again that stardust smile returned to her face 
"No offensh pal, jush don’t see a goddesh round here too often." he slurred
"Well she’s my goddess, now beat it." I barked in my best Sam Spade impersonation, feeling quite proud of myself   

She raised her glass again as I touched it with my bottle, we both took a sip 
"Thank you," she sighed reaching across me, laying her smooth hand atop mine still resting on the booklet 
"So you’re a love poet?" she said in a voice that could have turned winter to a summer day at the beach 
I chuckled, "I've been called that but not sure I’d go that far." Her fingers gently caressed mine

"Are you going to let me see or do I need to get you drunk first?" she laughed now using a finger to trace seductive figure eights on the back of my hand  
My mind whispered, give her the book but my ego moaned, just enjoy her touch a little longer... my mind won
She excitedly took it like I had just handed over the keys to a new Jaguar

I watched as mahogany eyes perused my words,

Warm me this evening
neath satin affection
Find in my lips
every need and desire

Touch me with wings
soft as midnight sonatas
Floating on dreams
filled with all you require

Dancing to melodies
sprinkled with stardust
Under a shimmering
hypnotic glare

Lie in my arms until
sunrise is calling
Here on this night that we
both long to share

Oh my, she sighed melting faster than soft butter on hot toast
“That is the most beautiful poem I've ever read, "I hope you don’t mind"
She leaned in and kissed me, her moist lips drenching mine, then said
"I’ve never kissed a love poet before"

Copyright © Chris Green | Year Posted 2016

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Just Three Pounds

Three pounds a month they
ask, save the Tiger, save the
Panda, save the Jaguar, save
the rain forest.
Three pounds a month for
the children's hospital and 
for the save the children's
fund, the RSPCA, RSPB,
Cancer research, just, only
three pounds a month, now
my pockets are empty with
all these donations.
Our governments, they also
donate, mainly to the 
yes those poor sods who
caused the majority of man's
suffering with their greed and
Please just three pound a 
month for the Daniel 
Cheesemans poetry fund.

Copyright © Daniel Cheeseman | Year Posted 2010

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The SnaffyLaffy Swiger

The SnaffyLaffy Swiger
Looks something like a tiger.
His stripes are big and bright
Just like a rainbow.
They shimmer glittery
Beneath the moon glow
Florescent green, pink, blue and yellow.
SnaffyLaffy is a happy laughing fellow.
In the night he likes to prance,
And he’ll ask you for a dance,
But first you have to find out where he hides.
By my story’s end, you’ll know where he resides!

SnaffyLaffy’s fun and daffy.
He loves sweets, especially taffy.
This swiger, cute and stylish, walks with swag.
His short and stubby tail will start to wag
If you offer him a treat,
But not vegetables or meat!
Remember, SnaffyLaffy likes things sweet.
For a chocolate kiss from you,
There is little he won’t do.
Roll over or do back flips out your door.
I’ve even seen him sweep somebody’s floor!

Yes, the SnaffyLaffy swiger,
Who looks much like a tiger
Can stand up on his feet like you and me,
Or like a speedy jaguar he can be
Because when there is sun,
SnaffyLaffy likes to run,
And in the light of day,
This swiger runs away.

He runs to candy shops the people say.
Running through them, quick as lightening,
He steals candy; it is frightening
How fast he moves. 
He never ever stops.
He takes gummy bears and gum drops,
Licorice sticks and chocolate cherries,
Stashing all inside 
A secret pouch he carries.

This pouch is on his tummy,
Where he stores things nice and yummy
And this creature has been blessed
With a pouch so strong
It is the very best!
He’s the only creature known that can survive
With only sugar keeping him alive!

When the sun begins to set,
SnaffyLaffy needs to get
Very quickly to his lair.
I’m almost done, 
and then I’ll tell you where!

SnaffyTaffy likes the game called Hide and Seek.
If you want to take a peek
At this swiger SnaffyLaffy,
You have to bring along with you some taffy.
He will smell it and come prancing.
Then with Snaffy you’ll be dancing.
Close your eyes and go to sleep
Because his hidden lair
Is in your sweetest dreams.
Dear, precious child, 
Perhaps you’ll find him there!

for Get your Dr. Seuss on! Poetry Contest

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2015

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Perfect Storm

From the forest, deep, she came
Like a jaguar, quietly prowling
Drawn there by my late-day flame
Typhoon in the distance howling.

Black hair with a coal-blue sheen
Eyes like ink and faultless form
Linen sun dress, white and clean
Tawdry tan, my perfect storm.

White-cap sea foam licked the sun
Then softly tasted sweet, its bright
Slow melting on that briny tongue
And savoring still, the fading light.

There beside the aqua ocean
Palm fronds laid in proper form
With sublime and torrid motion
We let loose our perfect storm.

High above, the Perseids streamed
Weeping sky with tears of fire
Wishes granted as we dreamed
Meant for fools to thus inspire.

Flightless angel birthed in darkness
Wrapped me in her pinions, warm
Sacred embers, cold and sparkless
Burning for my perfect storm ...

Lost in her ... my perfect storm.

** FIRST PLACE in the "Standard Contest Number 340" Poetry Contest, Brian Strand, Sponsor. **

** SIXTH PLACE in the "A Perfect Storm" Poetry Contest, Craig Cornish, Sponsor. **

Copyright © Gregory R Barden | Year Posted 2017

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Eyes of the Orient

Oh, mercy ...

Amazing eye whites, perfect and pure as glacial ice - they draw me in, like
diving into a clear Caribbean lagoon, fluid and cool ... brown iris so dark in contrast that they're lost in the inky black of pupil, but striped here-and-there
with gold flashes that shear the dark, like streaks of yellow orchid on the back
of a jaguar, residue left from a jungle pursuit ...

(Fast - bright - dazzling!)

The softness of the single lid, so warm, like the plush of a blanket, as oriental
as the cap of snow that winks its way over the slopes of Fuji in Autumn ... at
their supple edges, the most delicate and diaphanous of lashes, wispy
black feathers that flutter like the wings of a lunar moth, drawn to the warm
blue light of the moon ...

(Rare - slender - gossamer!)

Lashes that quicken the thrum of my heart with each batting, and frame the
most enigmatic and mysterious objects that a gentle, beautiful face could
ever hope to brighten - coy and abashed ... porcelain skin, soft as the breath
of a hummingbird, painted by the hand of sublime Creation - an opalescence
as flawless as the giggle of a child, and as divine as lotus blossoms skipping
on a spring mistral ...

(Lithe - lustrous - seductive!)

Hair blacker than than the void, with a hint of blue lustre found so rarely in
nature, perhaps in the mane of an Arabian stallion, or the iridescent skin of
an Ethiopian - misty and tenebrous ... with a shine and depth almost magical,
and a texture that invites the digits to explore its depths and lengths - parting
bangs, gently raking through to the back of the head, sweeping to bare
shoulders, sifting down the back and further ...

(Smooth - contoured - electric!)

So long and straight and sinuous, flowing like a waterfall of inky dark silk,
liquid tresses splashing playfully off the curve of the back, accentuating
those limpid surfaces - molten and libidinous ... I have dreamed you a
thousand times, and a thousand more, I have imagined the starlight dusk
alighting on your form like fireflies, the sparkle in the expanse of your eyes
like moonbeams peeking through the willows, as they waltz to the music
of the wind ...

(Vivid - fluent - gleaming!)

Oh, but how the dance of your eyes shames all else, the willows in their most
soulful weeping can not add measure to the allurement of your gaze ... the
sky of twilight, in its deepest dreams, is but a sad distraction to the wonder
of your aspect  - intense and burnished ... the near incomparable glistening
of the moon, even in its most perfect rising, does not hold equality or rite to
the enchantment of your vision ...

(Catching - holding!)

The precise prismatic fire of the most perfectly cut diamond, could not hope
to bewitch the mesmerizing spell that you cast with but a glance of your
eyes - enigmatic and entrancing ... they say the eyes are the windows to the
soul, but I believe the eyes ARE the soul, and yours are as deep, mysterious,
complex, and carnal as any I've ever known, with a fathomless acumen that
penetrates my defenses with ease ...

(Enthralling - hypnotizing!)

I am helpless before your sight, as vulnerable as sand before the tide, and
easily as swept away by the current of your beguiling charms. Your eyes are,
to me, the very definition of all that the word "beautiful" encompasses - 
elegant and ravishing ... they are as the most immaculate lotus blossom,
floating on the onyx black of a mountain pool at dusk, rippling with emotion
and sensitivity, and pulling me inward to their sublime perfection ...

(Helpless - forsaken!)

I leap from the edge of my insecurity, and dive into their liquid exquisiteness,
falling down, down into their prurient expanse, to be consumed by all they
wish to be, (falling - diving!) ... consumed, by all they want of me, by all they
see in mine, by all that they bespeak, by all that YOU ...


Copyright © Gregory R Barden | Year Posted 2017

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Dreams of what may have been

I’d love to sit on a big leather chair,
And smoke a fat Cuban cigar.
And own a Monet,
And a little chalet,
And drive a red hot Jaguar.

But, alas, here I sit on an old wooden bench,
Sucking a ciggy filled with tar.
And my art's on a doormat,
In a cheap council flat,
And I drive an old rusted car.

Copyright © Lewis Raynes | Year Posted 2016

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Active Emotions

The aardvark who was ashamed looked at the floor
The ant that was angry banged on the door
The bee who was bold ventured on a quest
The bear who was bored drew upon his vest

The cat that was calm never entered rage
The cockatiel who was content sung in his cage
The crocodile that was cheerful looked very pleased
The deer who was disgusted brushed against the trees

The dog who was delighted wagged his tail high
The eagle that was envious soared across the sky
The goat that was grateful helped a near farmer
The gorilla that was glad ate his banana

The giraffe who was grumpy didn’t like the day
The horse who was happy galloped all the way
The jaguar that was jealous ran away far
The monkey who was mad jumped upon a car

The parrot that was proud brought aloud his voice
The snake that was sad made a poor choice
The seahorse that was silly caused a lot of strife
The tiger that was thankful loved to enjoy life

Written by Geraldine Taylor ©

Copyright © Geraldine Taylor | Year Posted 2017

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The Jaguar's Leap

Fearless jaguar
Making your leap
Into Destiny
I wish you luck

Your Spotted grace
gliding off of
The Rock
In intensity

You and your
Velvet pelt
Dotted in gold and brown
are thrown into infinity

Copyright © Savannah Rose Harper | Year Posted 2009

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Day Dreamers Call

On this night
If given the chance
I’d be driving through the bright city streets of New York
Surpassing the speed limit
In my yellow convertible

My hair flying high above the state of worry
The music hard, loud, seductive 
Blissful amnesia my state of mind
The broken promises, all forgiven
And long ago forgotten.

The wind, an infinite array of scents
Forming a bouquet
Around my disenchantment
And healing the wounds that once ran deep.

A singular traveler,
Setting forth an adventure
For parts far away
And unfamiliar.

Copyright © Laura Dodd | Year Posted 2015

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Jaguar Paw's Triolet

(written after I saw this incredible movie a few years ago)

Apocalypto, we begin
anew.  To woodland deep we go,
where waters still flow crystalline.
Apocalypto, we begin!
From death there is new origin,
for Earth cries out and makes it so!
Apocalypto, we begin
anew.  To woodland deep we go.

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2010

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from three miles away
the unmistakable sounds
of howlers chorus  ~

a slithering snake. ~
crushing prey without mercy
green anaconda  ~

small eyed black caiman
twenty foot alligator  ~
watching and waiting ~

waiting in the trees  ~
unsuspecting deer walks by
a jaguar strikes  ~

through overlapping branches
laser beams of sunlight pierce 
the dense canopy   ~

worlds largest rodent
like a giant guinea pig
capybara dives  ~

painful insect sting
as painful as a gunshot
the bullet ants bite  ~

rainforest rivers  ~
home to pods of pink mammals
fresh water dolphins  ~

jesus christ lizards ~
walking across the water
miracles happen  ~

hanging upside down ~
eating green vegetation
slow moving sloths  ~

native indians  ~
rub poison on arrow tips
from the green dart frog

a very short tail  ~
long shaggy coat and red face
bald vakari swings ~

face of a lion ~
now an endangered species
lion tamarin ~

pygmy tribes food source
monkeys, pigs and antelope
hunting to survive ~

Copyright © Tom Cunningham | Year Posted 2018

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Underneath the light of the full moon, a she-creature
Prowls through the thickets wild.
Stalking quietly waiting for the canvas city to
Slumber into a lazy sleep, ever closer silent sleek black
Paws sneak forward ready to draw its vengeance.
She is the curse of the gypsies, made from the
Blood of a crimson star, which split apart and fell
To earth below.
Two small shards burnt through the forest canopy,
And cut deeply into the earth's soil itself.
Creations ground zero, for rebirth leaving behind
Two lunar figures, one of light, the other as 
Dark as pitch, identical twins of a solar eclipse.
Spin did the wheels of the gypsy’s caravan, stopping nearby,
Finding these orphan’s of the skies, they became
Foundling's of the nomad’s tribe.
Oh beauty of the heavens did glow in the light
Of the bright child, as darkness’s black emptiness,
So burned within her ebony sister kindred.
These solar babies grew in power year by year,
Until thirteen summers and nights had passed by,
One day a great storm came to the tented world
Of the gypsies, flashing thunder and lightning,
Burned and tore at the traveling village.
The dark child crouched in shadows corner,
But the child of light emerged willing to sacrifice
Her life for those whom had saved hers.
Ascending upwards to appease the heavens
Itself the storm God, welcomed and excepted
This child of lights sacrifice.
But the child of darkness was angered, and
Took her revenge on the gypsies, vowing to
Leave none alive.
So she follows them, stalking where ever their
Wheels cut into the damp soil, this is the curse
Of the gypsies.
So these nomads must keep moving always,
But on this night many souls shall know pure
For through the thickets under bush,
She waits for the canvas town to sleep, then
Will strike, to satisfy the aching within her blackened heart.
By tooth and claw strike, to be illuminated by
The beautiful face of her sister twin, whom
Weeps amongst the heavens above,
In sorrow for those she herself loved so
Much, are killed, by the darkness of her
Own sister kindred.,
Whom roars with fiendish delight, at her victims
Pain, the black jaguar a lost child of a fallen star.


Copyright © cherl dunn | Year Posted 2014

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Choices in the Jungle

     Set me adrift
     Turn me right around,
     That's where I'm going.
     That's where I'm found.
     Snakes to eat.
     Venomous, poisonous
     As all this retreats.
     Spines in the river;
     Sharp, hungry teeth.
     Pass through the darkness
     A clearing now nears.
     Towering waterfall, loftiest trees
     A Jaguar now glimpsed, into Jungle is seen.
     Turn me right around
     As rain clouds appear.
     The Waterfall.  Darkness.  Too few sounds.
     The others now listened, but I
     Near the Jaguar was found.

Copyright © Erik Spector | Year Posted 2014

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It's one night away from my most awaited day.
Tomorrow I'll be no longer free and single.
My friends called me to go somewhere else.
Say they prepared something to spice up the moment.

I hurriedly stood  up from my bed.
Choose the best dress to make impress.
Wear a push bra to improve my breast,
And a sexy silhouette to feel comfy underneath.

I rushed to a place and see what they hide,
In a small unit of a bestfriend that is so dark.
I have done a wildest thing in my life.
That will remain a top secret 'til everyone of us die.

It's an "all girls" party night out.
But to a surprised they had for me.
In life-sized cake appeared a machete.
I almost lost in space in the next episode.

The girls were all screaming out loud when he danced.
The sensation gets higher up to the 7th alarm.
The room is gettin' hotter as he moves like  jaguar.

The next thing I remembered is a total darkness.
No screams and loud music, I left alone in the house.
I found my body lying in bed all alone,
My push up bra and undie is missing all along!

I freak out and get crazy to what I'd found.
This is the day I supposed to wear a white gown.
By the sound of the bells and hymn of choirs.
I walk gorgeously in the aisle, with my push up bra inside!

Copyright © Aiyah Torres | Year Posted 2014

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The Amazon River

The Amazon River

The Capybara wades the shore
A Wooly monkey climbs a vine
To search for food up on the trees 
The Amazon that I adore
Its total nature I will bind
Bromeliads have blushed with love
Blending in the waters shore

The Jaguar stalks to hunt his food
The Anaconda will digest
His conquest on the night before
Humans carefully sense the mood
The Fuana find their time to rest
Anteaters sniff upon the floor
for ants and bugs to sense for food

The Dolphins rise up then they fly
Agressively create a scene
Boats pass on by and view the sight
As a silent Caiman wades on by
The quiet of the night serene
Stars surround the forest night
The Dragonflies decide to fly

Stillness in the eerie night
Nature's forces will blend in
Insects sit on exquisite leaves
A struggle of each species plight
Resplendent as they'll all akin
Coalescing as they interweave
The Amazon and all its might 

Human Nature Contest
sponsored by Marugu Mu
Ralph Sergi January 28, 2016

Copyright © Ralph Sergi | Year Posted 2016

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Cattiness, it doesn't work
nor do cherry cheese cake or
romantic northern lights,
fairies, unfortunality
anniversaries and the like.
Make it better for me baby

Lioness has surface value
silky sultry claws of steel
sharp and growlingly
howlingly purring
over a  tasty meal.
Baby make me it for better

Cougars come and cougars go
with rippling roaring shoulders
they just don't care
life's a stage, let's get it over.
Better baby for make it me

Jaguar speed and sharpness
wind in the hair
speed demons, debonair
sleek, cocky
the antonym of cocky.
Me better it baby make for

Roxanne, my pet
you've never yet
disappointed me.
Wise innocence
tinged with helplessness.
It for baby me better make

Cattiness, baby, get over it 
You've so much to make. What you fretting for?
You call yourself me... can't do better?

Copyright © Nancy Jones | Year Posted 2011

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Zoo Day

All aboard the zoo train, let's ride there
Be amazed as you see the mighty bear
Cougars, big cats, crouch inside their lair
Desert tortoises creep, they move so slow
Eagles perch and stare from branches, low
Foxes peer out from within their dens
Great giraffes gawk, their necks extend
Hyenas laugh as they run and play
Iguanas lie and bask in the sun all day
Jaguar, so regal, as she paces in her stall
Kangaroos nibble on leaves, near a wall
Lions pace, the kings of the jungle
Meerkats hide in small holes and tunnels
Now we view those amusing apes
Orangutans, with their funny faces
Past the fountain, we see the polar bear
Quite a sight, as he swims over there
'Round the bend, we enter reptile land
Snakes that slither over rocks and sand
Tribal music sets the stage to see
Up high, as we look into the banyon trees
Vociferous squawks, from bright toucans
Wild echos reverberate over the land
Xanadu dreams, on this enchanting day
You feel you've traveled miles away
Zoo magic memories were made today.

For Abecedarian Contest

Copyright © Laura Leiser | Year Posted 2015

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This old car

This old car written by a parky ,

I have a friend Denitia 
A lovely lady she is
I rang her up one morning
To see if she was in

We decided to have some fun
In an old reck of a car
So off we went 
With tools in hand to find this old car.

This car was for the crusher 
It had no seats or wheels 
But we put our heads together 
And started to build

We worked on this old car all day 
And found some good old wheels
We sorted out the puncher 
And polished up the steel

They all come up such a treat 
All sparkling with a gleam
And then when we looked with in the car 
There was no seats to be seen

So of we went to have a fined
And there to our amaze 
Was an old pink push chair 
That will do as a seat 

We needed a front seat 
So that we could drive 
She put it in excitedly 
And decided she would drive

We realised  it need a battery 
And found one on the ground, 
We checked it out 
and to our surprise
It started up the car

We both jumped in, And of we went 
Not knowing we're to go
And this old car went chugging along 
And never let us down

The radio was blaring 
The music so much fun
We sang along in rhythm 
To the 70 s songs

We followed along the rd 
And vagus did we find
It was all lit up and all aglow 
With beautiful fairy lights 

We parked the car,And wondered around 
We had so much fun that night
There were saloons and bars 
And dancing to ,all through the night 

We had so much fun,We wanted to stop 
But had to get on our way 
We wondered back to the car 
But we had lost our way

We both could not remember ,
were we parked the car
This poor old cars gone missing
It's a jaguar 

It's blue and brown , 
it has got lots of rust
And has  a beautiful pink drivers seat,
It sing all the songs that you can sing 
All from the 70s 

So if you find a car , that's blue and brown
And lots of rust you see
And that it's a jaguar 
That sing along to the 70s

Please look after this old car
It's to good to be crushed 
It won't never let you down 
Even though it's full of rust

But we have never found it 
It's gone from our minds 
We just hope that one day 
We will hear it coming by

We listen out for the 70s
The songs we so enjoyed 
And prohaps one day we will remember 
We're we left the car

Sue gage 

Copyright © Susan Gage | Year Posted 2017

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Back To Life

Jaguar Paw, a fearless tribesman, had to flee back to where the waters still flowed crystalline, escaping horrors of a sick society. Back he ran, to save his family and start again - back to life, the pristine world that was his origin!
An English Quintain based on the Mel Gibson movie, "Apocalypto." For Brian Strand's Ekphrasis Contest

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2011

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Something Evil

Tonight I sleep in the jungle
Jaguar’s creep through the bush
We have dogs to hunt them, but in the end they are no match
I pull my poncho over my head to keep the rain out
We are not hunting jaguar’s but men
The men are on ambush
Put in the field to destroy
A probe if you will
The jaguar is only hunting to live
As the night grows colder and the bugs increase their intensity
The roar in my ears becomes unbearable
Did something move in the bush
Was it a  taper or a spook?
My watch is almost over.  Do I dare go to sleep?
There is something out there and it is evil……. 

Copyright © Stephen Kilmer | Year Posted 2013

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My First Car

My lawyer drives a Jaguar, a slim and glitzy marque. He seldom ventures near the Law, (the work's done by his clerk), buts sends in bills at Partners Rates; that avaricious shark. My Broker's Merc is spanking new; it takes his fishing rod. He, as of right, once gently slipped in shoes his father trod. All pomp and circumstance he struts, this self appointed God. Accountants' BMWs have litres by the score. Mine's filled his up with gadgetry and Wilton on the floor. And now he's had his Coat of Arms emblazoned on the door. I used to have a set of wheels, a Morris Minor van. It was a dear and much loved friend which ran and ran and ran. I polished it with tender care and was its greatest fan. Alas! It's gone to pay the bills. But why? I cannot see. All day they guff and huff and puff and then demand a fee. I do not want their 'sound advice', I want a car - for me! ~
For Carol Brown's 'First Car' Contest by Charles Clive.

Copyright © Charles Clive | Year Posted 2012

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- Jaunty - Pleiades J -

  Jaguar is a large cat
    Jumping in the river
     Just because he loves it
         Join animals grassland
     Jacket a work of art
    Jolly protects his wife
  Jungle roaring sound well

March 05. 2017
Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
Pleiades : J - Contest
6 syllables ; 7 lines

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2017

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My Dear Friend

I called you over today my friend,
For I have a secret to tell you.
For no Man nor Woman knows,
Only you and I my dear friend.

From the times of childhood to adulthood,
You have been there,
and you have never left,
and you never feared,
The outcome of our friendship.

Let us go my dear friend,
For a long and nice walk.
And keep quiet and lay under,
lay under the somber tree,
with all the soul leaves hanging over us.

Oh, look how these leaves cover us,
with their shadows that cast over us and cool us.
Cool us from the heat,
The scorching heat,
The heat of the unbearable sun.
Oh look, look at the beauty,
The beauty of the butterfly.
Look at the bird and see how they fly,
Look how they fly together,
and forever.
Look at how life flies in beauty.

Oh the beauty of nature,
The beauty of nature,
Looks and blends in the beauty of your looks.
My heart beats,
Everytime my eyes look upon you!
Look at me, like the Lion in the Safari, prowing, looking for his pray,
The beauty of nature blends into the beauty of your heart and soul.

You are the Jaguar,
The black Puma,
The Tigress,
who roams the green and yellow jungles,
I am the Lion in the Safari and you are the Lioness,
who roams the yellow Safari,
with her sweet, aborable cubs.

I called you here today my friend,
To tell you a secret,
A secret no Man nor Woman knows,
Only you and I my dear friend.

It is today that will live in infamy,
and your laugh will be pleasant to hear,
and your eyes, which glow in excitment,
Will show me the truth.

Oh come now, from this place of beauty and nature.
Come away from this place that brings the beauty out,
In your smile,
In your eyes,
and in your laugh.

Oh how your laugh it makes me smile,
and hold you closer and you don't resist.
Then I think to myself, while in the twilight,
"Oh look how she did not resist me!"

You, my great friend,
How we spent our days and nights together.
Now looked at through a time capsule of memories.
Oh, let us live once more in those memories.

Memories, oh sweet memories,
Now tired and wanting to go to bed.
Memories, tired of looking at sorrow souls,
Memories, my dear friend tired of us,
holding hands and laughing.
Oh let us revive those sweet memories,
and live forever, under the sheet of matrimony.
Live with me,
Love me forever,
Everyday let us love each other.

My dear friend,
We have been through thick and thin,
Through night and day,
Let us spend many more years together,
and love each other forever.
Will you marry me?

Copyright © Chris Boskovski | Year Posted 2013

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The Captain of Destiny Industry

God asked Noah to construct an ark
He provided him a detailed instruction
God gave him a head start, prior to construction
It would have three decks, a door and a window as its bench mark

Then Noah And Sons Ark Company (NASAC) began its task
The ark had no rudder, so the folks laughed at Noah and his boat
It needed no rudder to steer it, it only needed to float
“Umm, God do you think we can fix a rudder on this ark?” Noah ask

“Noah my son, this is where most folks miss my boat
To need a rudder means you know how to arrive at your destination
My son I will steer you to safety, I am your salvation
I’ll finance the project; here you are with the bank note”

So NASAC constructed the ark out of their comfort zone
But how did Noah get all the animals on board?
God supernaturally directed the animals like a horde
About 80,000 animals went in, each identical sexes like a clone

It was full with thousands of animals with a smell of a zoo
Most of the animals who took a nap during the weary ride were bored
The King Lion, the Eagle and the Elephants were the Executive board
The young pigeons in the ark often “coo”

But was old Noah sure it would rain? Was it a mystery?
Did he project the atmospheric weather forecast?
Noah was indeed a wise man, he began to broadcast
No one heeded and the flood did come; it was the worst disaster in history

How many would buy a Jaguar without a steering wheel?
Are you so wise fixing your own rudder?
To steer around the mountain you encounter?
Rest in Him, for He predestinated you for the good pleasure of His will 

By faith Noah, being divinely warned of God of things not seen as yet, moved with godly fear, prepared an ark to the saving of his household, by which he condemned the world and became a heir of the righteousness which comes by faith. Heb 11:7

Copyright © Gideon Foli | Year Posted 2013

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Attention Animal Lovers

The Endangered Species Act
referred to as The ESA
is currently having problems
that may not go away.

Several species of wildlife
many a beautiful beast
Could very well become extinct 
they're endangered to say the least!

Culprits, don't really seem to care
but they're at fault it's true
Oil Companies, Loggers, Special Interest Groups
just to name a few!

Global warming destroys their habitat,
their ability to hunt and such
Urban and Agricultural development
also don't help that much.

The aforementioned culprits and others
have undermined the ESA.
Some endangered species were left off the list,
"conveniently" needless to say!

The Grizzly Bear and Bighorn Sheep,
the Jaguar and Whooping Crane,
the Black Footed  Ferret and Canada Lynx
are some that I can name.

All these animals are quite unique,
there's really quite an array.
So we all gotta do whatever we can
to support the ESA.

Copyright © RALPH TAYLOR | Year Posted 2011