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The Turning

The year has finally yawned and turned       
Upon a half-revealed shoulder.
A vibrancy, intrinsic to a reemerging 
Enforcement of the strengthening light, 
In its deliberate and unconcerned      
Way, heightening, with increasing vigour,        
Each new days new made morn.                 
From out of the kitchen window I spot a 
Cautious speckled-breasted Thrush busily 
Occupying itself with the practicalities of
My soaked-through and unkempt lawn;                              
Hopefully a chance of an unearthed grub 
Or careless worm.                               
What was once submerged in a slumbering
Of seasonal disrepair                        
Now begins to gently stir ...when, of 
course, favourable conditions thus allows.                      
The first scrambling moil of enchanting
White Snowdrops sprouting, mostly 
Unnoticed, through the dark leaf molds 
Blackened surrounds.                         
For one who looks: all the subtle     
Indicators in shy abundance everywhere.     

Soon the sparse and tentative spills         
Of bulbous Crocus, faint Primrose, 
Vigorous Forget-me-nots. A crowding of                   
Lavishly painted Daffodils;                     
They appear, uninvited, on our neatly
Tendered roundabouts and embankments, 
Invading unruly verges alongside       
Narrow roads flanked by the emptied 
Whitethorn hedges; a safe haven in the
Returning Springtime allowing all manner 
Of varied flora and fauna to thrive.                                      
This gradual awakening. Firstly in the
Valleys; creeping ever upwards; unto 
Steep Vales and distant hills:-               
Here a thawing of the stiffened and 
Spiky grasses;                               
Encouragement for an intermingling 
Entanglement of Sorrel, Tormentil and
Butterwort to propagate between
Yellow-spotted lichen rock.         
Further onward yet, steadily climbing --
Then the sweeping moorland displaying
Her quilted and patchworked masses        
Of purple Heather;
A windswept moors desolate beauty,
Its perfect isolation, surpasses                                   
All I have ever known...almost as if   
Grinding time haltingly pauses and begs 
To dally like slow and patient shadows
Falling over the fingerless face of a 
Sun-dials chimeless clock.                   

Yes, the year has now reluctantly awoken.      
Only yesterday, out of the unattended 
Confines of the marbled fields, I heard 
The introductory contentions of the 
"Golden-Beaked Herald";  thence 
Proceeding to enthusiastically warble, 
With much determined pomp and brazen
Above those tilted slabs when perched
Upon the barest branch of the graveyards
Old Cherry tree;                                
It were as if he was compelled to show,
Feathered throat widely open,                   
His complete unruffled soul before the 
Indifference of the whole ignorant World!      
That ageless song...nearly, I wager, as
Ancient as those retreating, elusive notes 
From the pipes of immortal Pan.                                                     
Whilst, summoned from within that 
Ouzel's sonorous melody, which sweetly
Over a crisp, hammering stillness, it 
Seemed to be, in that short duration,
He desperately hurled                                          
His fullest repertoire...for the 
Consideration of one unworthy man.

Copyright © john fleming | Year Posted 2018

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Insanity or Death

Insanity or Death

Life begins with insanity~~
~Your soul is kicking and screaming, 

Ready to exit with the touch of human hands.
Insanity rides on a gallant stallion ready to pant.
Hides in the mind, mourning its captive soul. 
Ready to breach over holding its breath.
Projecting in and out without a guide.
Bites away at the feast, enchants for freedom.  
From the lips……….....
Taking length against a world of dilemmas, 
Contrasting to a never happy end.
The epidermis cover every wall of insanity.

To live, to eat, and to suffocate it determination without air.
Dramatically hallucination against its will of no wells.
Until it realizes it can drink without water.

No further needs a slumber.
The mind-bends and unfolds to ordinary jolts, 
When left to human consummation.
Insincerely bidding and cutting to die in the sleep.
Is how it pleads!

Graves where dreams have no meaning.
Caves where goodness can be redeemed.
A temple of misguided fortune.
All respect lost to this infection,
The patients’ weight distracted from an antidote.

The madness begins too finds admiration-
That makes catastrophe go on and on.
The psychosis of the mind and mockeries of them will never be gone
Dictating in everything wrong,
Layers of cramped bricks, level the isolation.

Death drags its feet off into this infinite helix world.
A source of light breeding out of darkness.

"Sanity is no friend of mine!"
Insanity is earth herself, 

Where there is life, there is a reason, 
Where there is reason, there is madness,
Where there is madness, there you are,   
Feeling nothing………………...
Lost in darkness................ 

~Your soul is kicking and screaming
Life ends with death~~

(first I feared life, now I fear death)

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2012

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I ask you to mind our earth, heed our existence upon it, care for our lives and all that will occur if we cannot consider beyond ourselves, if we are guided by uncertainty, when we fear the unknown, when we shun those who differ from us in skin color, in sex, in persuasion, if we turn our eyes away, when we dance upon the hidden strings of politicians or cunning puppetmasters, when we swallow the lust of war, when poets languish in isolation, without ear or encouragement, when we torture, when prejudice blinds us to the humanity of another, when our deluded misconceptions will go public with ready trigger finger, when we mistake violence for the solution, when we fail the worthy person, when we won't bother to look past the wheelchair and to whom he really is, to say his real name, when the most expected thing we will share with him is discrimination, when we forget that here in space we are in this together, when tomorrow is the day that old and young will die in roaring explosions, in quiet corners without notice, when people are driven from their homes, when women must live in fear, when we steal identities, when evil hides in anonymity, when we rest in apathy, indifferent to the pain of others, when our fellow creatures are in chains for our profit and amusement, when hunger and hatred are accepted, when malice shrieks loud, when we cut baby girls due to generational gender inequality, from psychosexual ignorance and hard superstition; when we deny justice to one lonely voice, our world falls, stretching itself into a teardrop.
December 26, 2016 For FJ Thomas's contest - 'Concrete Crush'

Copyright © Doug Vinson | Year Posted 2016

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Call Of The Wild

I envy those living as part of the wild For I too, once heeded its call A smoldering ember since I was a child Urge, and belonging all part of the thrall. I’ve enjoyed the fresh taste of a sparkling stream Felt the tremble as you push through your fear Stood high on a peak admiring Gods scheme Felt both delight and remorse for taking a deer. I’ve walked for weeks through valleys and trees Traversed mountains with lush native grass Felt the warmth and the cold of high country breeze Navigated tussock, forests and high country pass. I’ve smelt autumn rain as it mingles with dirt Enjoyed the isolation of me and my views Valued crude shelter while nature unleashes its hurt Watched forest birds doing their best to amuse But I’m now destined to be one of societies slaves In a world where worth is measured by cash Where worry and stress are delivered in waves Where those without are regarded as trash. I felt most alive in the middle of nowhere Now dead when hemmed by city and streets Nothing compares with fresh mountain air Living free, no money, bills, or receipts.

Copyright © Mark Woods | Year Posted 2015

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Loneliness was losing you ten years ago
I now wake up each day your side empty
I miss the cuddles and early morning sex
the endless hours without your smile.

No-one to share special moments with.
At night once the door shuts others out and
the long hours creep by each one darker
It is now I again feel the isolation.

No-one to share a joke or smile with,
in others minds you are now forgotten 
yet for me it is still like yesterday. 
Endless hours stretching out, on and on.

No-one to hold me when I weep in despair
or to wipe away the tears and comfort me. 
I smile when people visit, offer some tea
but deep inside the tears never stop.

People tell me its time to forget,
well that would mean cutting out my heart.
For without you I am less than nothing
It is all the memories that comfort me.

The joyous times we together shared
and the life we lived together harmoniously.
My heart still belongs to you, none measure up
how could they? You and you alone are my soul.

So resigned I live with loneliness
fill my days with things to do.
Taking comfort in friends and family
Yet once the door closes loneliness sets in.

Written 11/19/2014

contest: Faces of Loneliness

Copyright © Shadow Hamilton | Year Posted 2014

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Butterflies of Saturn

Here are butterflies that skip 
Dull steps of metamorphosis
No isolation in coocoons
No gorging grubs like fat balloons
 Pure genesis on snow kissed  flowers
Comes with no imperiled hours
Their slow, eternal life begun
Beneath a pink pearlescent sun
Reflecting tints from rainbows born
With pastel lights of endless dawn 
Transcend through fabled time and myth
To form the rings of Saturn's mist.

Copyright © Suzanne Delaney | Year Posted 2013

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Winter Blues

Winter Blues

If you have to lose a love then
not in winter
when words are cold and eyes are 
closed to light
while watching falling snowflakes you remember
a pain that spurred the wounded heart to write.

If you have to lose a love then
not at Christmas
when happiness is just about to burst.
It’s not a time for callous acts and anger
that bring you blues instead of leaving gifts
and make you want to never see a Christmas tree again.

If you have to lose a love then 
not in blizzards
when everyone is cuddling with a friend
and with each inch of snow in isolation 
you contemplate your life and thoughts forlorn
wandering the depths of desperation all day long

If you have to lose a love then
not in winter
when Valentines are favored for the blessed.
Fire and ice together all in red
as advertisements leave you
with unmarried winter dread.

There seems to be no shelter for the loveless.
In a frigid cold they shiver for the warmth of a caress.


Copyright © Janis Thompson | Year Posted 2018

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The lies, 
I laugh
I look at you
I can't stand you
I hate you
I can't believe you
I can't believe it!
How I allowed 
You in my life
Almost your wife
Cut me
Deep with this knife
Self destruct

Eat it and weep
As you read 
About my new love
Distance is just a mass
I close my eyes 
To kiss him
I close my eyes
And you disappear

Oh! My God.
My eyes are open
Take me so far away
Into another place
I don't need this disgrace
I don't want to be crazy
Or labeled insane 
Like a crazy train
Explain the new love I found
I love the sound
To be in your arms
Not in his shadow
I plead to you
I bleed for you
I try to run into you
But the more I stay
I can't turn away
My life's is set on,
Self destruct

You are my everything
He is my nothing
With you my heart sings
With him it suffers
You are my tune
He is my off note
You bring light to my moon
He brings me darkness with doom

Blow me up
To spill my cup
A self destructive life
A dagger- a knife
Just kill what is left
Deep inside my chest
Then I found you

You took me
You shook me
You removed this isolation
Gave me your sensation
Better remedies
Rescuing me from the seas
I am drowning
Come save me
My days are done clouding

He has ruined 
What is not visible 
You have loosened 
My heart to invincible

Cherish me
For all to see
Heal the pain
Wash the stain
Cover me under the rain
Give meaning to my sanity
Search for me
Give me your love 
With no date, over due
My heart now belongs to you
Excuse the effect if you find me disruptive"....
It all comes with being self destructive 


Copyright © SKAT A | Year Posted 2010

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Such a finely honed sword is this loneliness
Slicing through tenuous sinews of yesterday.
I search for obscure corridors of happiness
Knowing that somehow I forgot the way.

From gloomy clouds I harvest the sorrow
Dripping into the cupped hands of my heart.
For there is no optimistic promise of tomorrow
As I curse my ship and unintelligible chart.

How bitter sweet this gateaux of quiet solitude
I garnish it with sprinkles of immense silence.
For loneliness is but a mere shift of attitude
From peaceful design to destructive violence.

I gather the jigsaw pieces of empty conversation
Falling snippets swirling on the winds of sound.
A soliloquy of madness expressed in futile oration
In chilling isolation the laughter of my soul is bound.

I strain to catch the words swirling on the breeze
Yesterday was surely a symphony of chatter.
This finely honed sword cuts deeply with ease
And though I bleed... it surely doesn't matter.

Copyright © Heidie Buys | Year Posted 2009

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Ode to Winter

Light splashes in the eyes and vibrate
My heart to a rich ecstatic state
Joy is the only bird in the leaden sky
Calling the winds to choir on high
And I in the crystal world spin and spin
Till shards of snow caress the face
Like a pillow from scraps of watery tin
And all green and all colors erased.

                        Cast back the old belief of isolation
                        Of wintry purgatory and grief, jubilation
                        Is a white sheet of innocence here
                        The sinner like a diamond in the air
                        Frost symbol of death, and Lewis hopelessness
                        Shall not sing my song without regret
                        I take a different motif for my symbolic crest
                        The beginning of the pain I now forget.

Let Persephone sleep, my Yalda is here
The white breast of her flesh my pear
And I a child in a new womb of innocence
Drink of pure light and devote my sense
To leaps of faith from promise to spring
The eternal moment when season shall keep
Ivory joys before the bright immortal king
Just like a seed of winter vacating sleep. 

Copyright © L'nass Shango | Year Posted 2009

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Needle Point Lullaby

He sang sweet songs, sweet needle point lullabies
His eyes were crystalized, their awestruck blackness ate me whole
I stayed mesmerized by his carelessness and smooth complexion
He spit ease and promised comfort
His perversions helped to define me
He fed off the helpless story my eyes told
Like a rat chewing holes in already worn socks
The deeper the needle dug, the closer we became
2 more strangers brought together by a spoonful of pretty crystal flakes,
Praying for something better
The dope trampled through our veins, fusing us together
I take the shot and let it break me to pieces
I become fragments, collaged together to make one unnecessary disaster
I am legs. I am eyes. I am lips. I am warmth. I am sultry. I am body language.
I am delirium. I am carelessness.
I am 37 flavors of wreckage
I am the thrust in his hips and the look in his eyes. I am property.
I am the dope sack and the remains left behind
I am just weight on the mattress
I am another girl on another motel bathroom floor
I am the holes in my arms
I am confined, super glued to a picture of a drug addicted whore
Yet, I still believe I am endless
I stay paralyzed in this moment, in my fear of a better way
In this ecstasy
I stay paralyzed in my regrets, in my remembrance of all things lost
In all the moments I lost my control in an empty dope bag
It wraps around me like lights on Christmas tree
My bad decisions and remorse surround me
In a cheap motel room with broken windows and a broken tv
It breathes in my heartbreak and exhales my defeat
I am alone but my broken parts fit right in
The sticky windows separate us from daily life
This is a place of isolation, not escape
The morning sun doesn’t shine on us
We’re just chasing after freedom in the wrong place,

Singing our needle point lullaby.

Copyright © Jenny Monteverdi | Year Posted 2016

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Alone for for now driffting apon the sea.
You stayed at the shore.
Cause you never found comfort  in someone like me.

The sunset is empty when your alone.
Worthless is the kingdom.
When no one is willing to share the 

I was your clown when in shadows I always 
found a way to make your spirts lift.
Ive lost all since of direction.
Since you set me adrift.

Was it only a moment something I cold not see.
the heart bleeds still.
From this prison called a memory.

The storm doesnt effect me out here.
Its not death.
But isolation I fear.

The wind is my only friend the ocean my home.
Searching for that which I cannot have.
On this endless quest I roam.

Drawing a heart inside your hand as
 through the sand you sift.
From the comfort of the shore I wonder
do you  recall.
Are love you set adrift. 

Copyright © John Patrick Robbins AKA Gonzo | Year Posted 2009

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Living in Isolation

	My son has lost his eyesight
	And lacks mobility.
	His doctors are confounded,
	But I seek no pity.
There is much love in caring
Full time for those in need;
Hard work and sacrifices,
A focus to succeed.

	My career was put on hold;
	His life is in my hands.
	There’s nothing more important;
	I bow to life’s demands. 
Divesting self-attention
Enduring broken sleep.
Exhaustion brings disruption,
Emotions that run deep.

	Few friends now come to visit.
	One thing I know for sure -- 
	Without a diagnosis,
	They will not find a cure.
The fear of escalation
Disrupted life and hope.
The overwhelming feelings
Destroy the will to cope.

	I know my son would thank me,
	If only he could speak.
	I worry what will happen, 
	I’m old; his future’s bleak.

* June 25, 2018.

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2018

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When You Float In Outer Space

When you float in outer space
with no one else around,
it gets a little lonely
and you start to miss the ground.

The familiar touch of Mother Earth
and friends to share the news,
is the kind of isolation
that can give someone the blues.

But you don't have to be in space
to feel alone and down;
you might swim a crowded pool
and still feel like you could drown.

But all it takes to raise some hope
that there'll be better weather,
is connecting with a friendly face
just like a spacesuit tether.

So if you feel you're out of touch
reach out to find a smile,
and if your feet are on the ground
then go the extra mile:

find someone who's drifting off
and offer them a hand,
bring them back into the ship
and help them safely land.

Copyright © Cary Snowden | Year Posted 2018

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A Palindrome called Temptation

A Palindrome, also called Mirrored Poetry, is a poetry type not listed, so I put it under Free Verse.  If anyone finds a better categoy for this please let me know.  Thomas


And **** replaced love
Day after day
We are bombarded
Sex and beauty
Objects over heart
Thoughts lustful, confused reality
Isolation supplanted communication
Clouds out move clarity
Facade my life
Life my facade
Clarity move out clouds
Communication supplanted isolation
Reality confused lustful thoughts
Heart over objects
Beauty and sex
Bombarded are we
Day after day
Love replaced **** and

Copyright © Thomas Carney | Year Posted 2014

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Poem From a Weary Heart

Decisions good, decisions bad
Either way it's happy or sad
Losing a job, or losing a friend
It's hidden but stays until the end.

Life's challenges are not really fair
Leaving our hearts in pieces, our minds in the air
Many find it true, to be extremely hard
Life's a game, choose your next card

Decisions that are like a two edged sword
Can leave you speechless, not saying a word
My heart has been shot, not one time, but eight
And still I have no remorse, anger or hate

How can it be? I be treated so bad
And not be angry at the cruelty I've been had
It's just a curse to many and a blessing to some
They say, "In the long-run, your happiness will come."

No matter stay high, just take every blow
Don't count back the days, weeks or years ago
That your heart was pieces and now it's been lost
No matter the feeling, it's not worth the cost

Many times you hear, "It happens to most."
But do they not understand, what matters to me most?
Just having an arm, wrap around me at night
Someone to cherish, in my heart so tight

At several times, I've turned to isolation
But all it brings is love deprivation
Sleeping at night, laying there all alone
It's a child at age 5, when no one's at home

I hold it together, and think of the past
And the friends from the Navy that will forever last
I think of the future and where I will be
On a ship or a boat, set sailing and free

But I can pretend it doesn't hurt and not show it at all
Only some people can read me, the signs, so small
They see pain in my eyes and no heart on my sleeve
They try to relax me, they do it with ease

So this is my story for so many ears
This is how my life's been for so many years
Not just with my heart, but with my mind and soul
After the Navy, the hurt doesn't get old.....

Copyright © Andrew Johnson | Year Posted 2009

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The Cure To Everything

Offer decay for my maggot king,
Plant people not flowers,
Untold power but just witnessing,

The meat and the bones surround,
Eat people not sushi,
Can see death but what have we found?

Production means we can consume,
Deny people grace,
Glittered path to our abortion room,

I hold my pen my like five charging rams,
Crush people like sawdust,
My redemption was never even a plan

My words aren't just empty they are screaming,
It's like the insects have found a better meaning,
Open my eyes and the nightmares not so far away,
Why does tomorrow have to happen today?

Life's just a bomb that I'm winding,
Only out to hurt the ones that love,
If you could see through my eyes,
And ask how could Heaven let this happen,
Would you scrape their ending off of me?

What if I let,
The weapon philosophy,
What if I make,
Psychotic symphony,
What if I act,
Like you are the enemy,
What if I hurt,
All that's real to me,

Lasted but for just how much longer now?
People spread like disease,
Age of information but you don't know how,

You're reaching out with prosthetic arms,
People alive in paradox,
Grazing your feces for the political farms,

Times like this have happened before,
Great flood for people,
Deconstruction of the envious core,

In the damage of blind acceptance,
No more people,
Suicide is our only life in penance,

All we can be is sin in our citizenship,
Like the fallen Gods they pretend to worship,
Dark and cold so we engulf ourselves in flames,
God loved me but it's not a lover's game,

Life's just a bomb that I'm winding,
Only out to hurt the ones that love,
If you could see through my eyes,
And ask how could Heaven let this happen,
Would you scrape their ending off of me?

What if I break,
The spinal deception,
What if I seek,
The violent affection,
What if I call,
Demon infestation,,
What if I sink,
The forgiving isolation.

Copyright © Steven Delauder | Year Posted 2016

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Oh! Sky the lonely heart
Dwelling upon my untiring soul
Lost with an unspoken word.
Fountain of misery teaches him
That defiant endurance…
Oh! Sky the lonely soul
The creatures fly and obey
But the hollowness prevails.
The Sun burns him with anguish
Yet he weeps with pride.
Oh! Sky my undeniable hero
You made me the undefeated queen,
But I remained lost in my thoughts of isolation!
Now I wish to merge in you
Come my hero …my sky!

Copyright © Red Fiery | Year Posted 2011

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The Fraud

a hallway.  offices.  tinted sunlight.  
people who have forgotten my name.  
but i am here.  
and then a room.  and a meeting.  
and i am unprepared.  
“you’re up”  says the leader.  
and my lungs fill with heaviness as they all turn towards me.  
my mind screams.  
my throat locks.  

and then a word fights through the scream.  
and i breathe.  and find a voice.  
and then another word.  
and a thought.  
then relevance.  
i am moving.  
and eyes do not wander.  
but the scream fights on:  
they will find out.  

i was connected at one time.  
so the scream would fade.   
but not now.  
these many years later.  
“we could use you again,”  
he had said.  
and i had relented.  
but why?  boredom?  faith?  
the scream of fear vs. the scream of isolation?  
or a familiar voice dragging me back from madness.  
“what have you been up to?”  
he had asked.  
and i had lied.  
and now my mind all scrambled between work and stupor.   

“what on EARTH are you talking about?!” 
demands the one who should have taken over for me.  
and the throat locks again.  
and the scream rises up.  
and he knows it.  
but sympathy has no place here.  
so i struggle with the scream. 
and find the words to hide the Fraud  
as he shakes his head in disgust.   

and i remember why i left.  
so i wade in the scream until i am done and take my seat.  
and the scream that never dies whispers, “what else is there?”      

Copyright © Sam Toil | Year Posted 2014

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Another impoverished evening
draped so strangely bleak,  the moon weeps
for one more burning a soul must retain...
And she clings among lost stars
with frozen heartbeat thawing   minutes
weighed on jagged sounds of owl's play.

No twilight concerto to sway     not yet
as  zigzag street lights pound upon
heavy fog  clutching iced flakes  on rooftops
like hushed matte from night's gale
pouring bitter ovules to a past in need of relief.

While in her vein is a constant downpour
of Bach's untenable requiem
as hands pound on ivory keys,
immersing in the fever of  the moment
until fingers carve a solemn journey 
into wiry  trails of insolent rain.
How she summons  the goddess of morn
to cure thistles of wait and pang,
sifting each beat, each note without interludes
until this child- woman shifts her face against  breezes, 
tasting madness    rawness on lapping winds…

In disheveled lingering    she cuddles 
unspoken words, her own song
on panels of cut-glass-------with acceptance
the world could  still breathe despite a torment:

just a twirl  of air's cadence

the night shuts off.


Jamie Pan's  How Long Can A Poetry Go

This poetic attempt is a cross between existential expression
and stream of consciousness technique. The former highlights
contemporary man's response to anguish, isolation,uncertainty
of life in the midst of change.Thus, this poet explores
the outpouring born from inner annihilation-- being
absent from the self- YET allowing space to exhale for a new
awareness to surface.

Dovetailing this language of despair to the stream-of consciousness 
technique allows the spontaneous, raw float of thoughts without
the pleasure of edit, like journaling and ' writing down the bones.'
I feel that literary devices ( from metaphors, enjambment to alliteration)
come into play , well, quite instinctively.

In my creative writing class as a college professor, I ask my students
to write with their less dominant hand to discover the 'heart of the matter.'
Then again, that's beside the point. This author will leave this piece to assault your senses, and then, softly break all defenses. Thanks!



Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2017

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I am Made of This

 I am from those moments
George Ella Lyon

I am Made of This

I am from the isolation of pioneer spirits-
an ancient beekeeper- a vintage lacemaker

I am from a land of dancing brolgas -
and Rainbow Serpents

I am from agapanthus and flyblown windows-
I am from sunlight bathing shadows
the fluid drain of time- crisp July mornings

I am from the veins in leaves - 
butterfly wings

I am from the sudden clutch-
of sad departings

I am from threadbare curtains-
the crystal charity of others

I am from pure grief-
all this
and the breath of stolen  dreams

written  5/10/2009

Read Notes about this poem above

Copyright © Suzanne Delaney | Year Posted 2013

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Can I sleep with you

Incurable insomnia had perturbed my eyes 
Negligence had destroyed your hopes too 
You were drenched by a heavy shower of sadness. 
Till My bare lustrous skin approached your hours 
Your hands gradually caressing my dynamic curves 
 Long black curls had fallen on your shoulders 
The ecstacy of my passion reached its final hours 
Emotions ran down to my neck 
You were drugged by a blissful kiss 
Isolation was broken with this union . 
Endless nights  spent in your arms 
 Loneliness was ravaged by the kingdom of happiness 
I slept in your deep tranquil eyes . 
Till the moonlight disappeared in the lonely sky . 
This rapturous dream was beautiful and true 
Can I really sleep with you ?

Copyright © Red Fiery | Year Posted 2011

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At the center of the hurricane blast, within the lightning
Flash lies the wicked eye of the calming storm, a weeping
Echoing of a widow maker’s somber moment, stilled by
Frozen remembrance lost beneath the traitorous waves
Of a broken heart!
Lantern lights cast an eerie shadow across the desolate
Sand dunes, in silences isolation this prisoner of passions
Tempest refuses to admit loves vanquished flame, yelling
Against the howling storms hellish rage, I’ll not give him up,
You’ll not taketh my beloved’s spirit away!
Rolling is the tides of forget-me-knots folly, a crushed
Rose crumpling beneath the harsh torrents lash! 
Rushing at accelerations cyclone speed the clouds
Of destructions malice, charge at she, yet loves
Devotional stands strong, held by the anchor rooted
Within cherishes everlasting spiritual longing!
The grappling fingers of an angry aquatic under sea lord,
Thrashes unmerciful at the rocky edges of death’s
Blackened hand slamming, hammering against destiny’s
Grave stone of reality’s forsaken!
The lanterns light flickers for a seconds hushed pause, 
Here in that momentary lull passion faces vengeance,
In a war of the faded roses, no one wins except the
Tears of the storm!
Bitter flowery petals cling onto the rocks of desires
Sheltering cove beyond, as two faded shades
Silhouettes meet amongst the waves of the vanquished!
But in loves torrential rain united, no power on earth
Or in hell’s feverish pitch, shall separate these spirits forever Bound within the human heart, for true love concurs 


Copyright © cherl dunn | Year Posted 2016

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In this sudden moment
I’ve a simple wish to walk about spreading love
Oh, the thought seems so...bright, so…sunny
Yet – and I cast this flash aside – 
A thought in isolation is thought without 

I’m taking the best minutes of a long day,
Have gathered round imagination a peaceful sort
      of garden…or…or forest in my idyll
And  I a sturdy tree standing high, quite singular,
With the emerald leaf-people spread all about 
They and my eyes dancing to a single, sweet 
My white cat sitting at the kitchen window,
      oblivious, adds shapeless, benign geometry
      to the mix

And the footloose vision might progress,
But the intense quiet rushes, breezily, inside
      my head –
(those invisible specs of original creation,
      whirling impishly, become noisy)
Now a car horn
And my ecstatic inner vision gone to reality

Why can’t the jealous world leave us lovers

Dave Austin   

Copyright © daver austin | Year Posted 2015

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A mystery it holds, 
deep within itself,
where emotions absolve,
and fit illusions to oneself.

an unending mansion,
with no rooms around,
where path never ends,
and silence is the only sound.

the mind games it plays,
ripping off every hope,
luring further deep in,
and sorrow one can seldom cope.

the fear slowly encapsulates,
over every mild attempt,
to reach and get out,
of this vastness of contempt. 

the isolation it includes,
comprises every breath one takes,
with no moral support,
body and soul, it easily breaks.

eyes opened or closed,
vision remains the same,
emptiness surrounds one,
creating a total insane.

how can one escape,
this poigant feeling,
suffocating inside,
with aches and no healing.

why does one dissolve,
in this ocean of extreme pain,
where paranoia consumes one,
with absolutely nothing to gain. 

what is this darkness?
a sky of manic stress?
or does it have stars of light? 
one can find and conquest.

Copyright © Suraj Grover | Year Posted 2016