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Running through my mind,
Running through my veins,
A silica odor, dust walks through a fresh desert night
Cool air beneath and above the sea
A warm furnace smell, I don’t understand
Intricate to rise and receive without knowing
Up ahead in a virtue distance
A mysterious poisonous effluvium light-     
My face feels like a leaf'
My sun holds up its own pendulum rods
Inflammation comes and settles in for the night,
There it stands in a pertinacious manner, with quality
I resurrect this air created from madness, all over again
Twilight, rain stranger than strange
Visions, pursue my path into an infested dark pasture
"From the red Heaven I fell into the waters of a cobalt Hell"

Perhaps this venerable moment, will pass slower than slow
If I accept, and then decline
Would this balance the precocious state I live in?
How about when wrong directions follow my promiscuous ways 
Is my conglomeration of ideas, no longer safe?	
When I no longer value the values of the young
Will I sleep at the mercy of his ancient heart
They're the voices give and take from our health

Today, those soft, perfect eyes are calling from far away,
Ashes high, vapors and infection welding me
The bright skies swallow every thin silver line,
Where the clouds sit somehow~ in bacteria
   UNITY! Like a common curse
Always, wanting more than love can touch

We are living' it up with no alibis!
A way to be and not to BE!
The champagne leaves their cup
Awaken in a life, disturbed ~ NOW INTERRUPT!
Only in this world, lava will reach her lips
Prisoners and doers; 
All night…. Too late for a treatment
Lungs, decaying, evil rats
Direction, affection, ending all the inhalation

Running through my lungs,
Flat-lined my life ____/\ /\___ ___/\______/\___ _______________

By: PD

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2012

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No Give And Take

A child forced at a very young age It was her hell, none knowing not a clue The horrors of abuse , pain, and the rage Kept to herself,no friends, not even a few Yes a child who knew of a grown way Happiness in her life just didn't belong A child unlike others, never got to play Didn't even realize that it was wrong From a child straight past her teen years Not even thought to think "Why me?" And if she cried she would wipe her own tears Didn't really realize that she could disagree Always for others is how she did live Never taking, all she did was just give

Copyright © Brenda Chiri | Year Posted 2018

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Give and Take

The give and take in love should reach a mean
whereby the two be equally disbursed,
so givers' hearts would never suffer lean,
cold hungry hours without love reimbursed.

And those who take would never reach the stage
of ravenous and selfish, one-way traits.
Such balance would create a better age,
if give and take maintained their equal weights.

But somehow this could never balance out,
for givers give beyond the gifts they bear;
in turn, must feed on crumbs, for without doubt;
the hungry takers take beyond their share.

While takers tip the scale with all they gain,
the givers, weak and thin, smile through their pain.

Sandra M. Haight

~7th Place~
Premiere Contest: Any HM Ever
Sponsor: Laura Loo
Judged: 01/22/2017

~ Honorable Mention~
Contest: Love Justice
Sponsor: Justin Bordner
Judged: 01/24/2015

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2015

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Tit for Tat Poetry

you read out of obligation
a tit for tat consolation
a "thank you for your visit" affirmation

it's cool, this unspoken rule
I do it too, so what’s new?
It's only being civil
community code of camaraderie
who can break free?
It needs to be done
loyalties need to be won
so do the comment hit and run
then on to another one

I appreciate that, truth be told
this give and take system should hold
on poetic pleasantries, I am sold
“Reciprocity” is gold

oh, but that's not quite same
as being sure that you came
because I'm a favorite name
in your poet hall of fame

Come goaded by greed
Needing each word for your feed
Voyeuristic as I bleed
You need my pain to be freed

Come craving my rhyme fix
The potency of this mix
My poetic party tricks
Lines that give you the kicks

I'm a poet pillaged by pain
who's been baptized by rain
holding on to the sane
let me battle your bane

Read me for you know
You need me to grow
Dip in the stream of this flow
Words above, words below

Read and blaze in the fire
word kindling of your desire
let these flames take you higher
as they make each thought perspire

Obligation is overrated
Though my words might be dated
the ideas?  NOT antiquated
to existence they’re related

Come visit me
Come here so you’ll see
Passion infused poetry
let it meld you and me

Eileen Manassian

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2017

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I Was Me

First I was me,
Selfish as can be,
Wanting everything from A to Z
And wanting it all for me.

Then I became we,
A part of an us.
I learned to share, give and take
I learned how to trust.

Next I was you,
Believe me its true.
I would rather give than receive,
It was you I wanted to please.

Now I am them,
A family man.
Giving my children,
All that I can.

If you look real close,
It is easy to see,
I am older and wiser,
And no longer a me.

Copyright © Joe Flach | Year Posted 2010

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Our Caves

Our hearts have chambers, four in all;
   like caves, they are defined and seen.
But there are hidden caves within
   where our emotions live between.

The Cave of Love, the largest one,
   is filled, but sometimes shuts its door.
Much better to keep it ajar
   so give and take can flow, restore.

And next to it, the Cave of Faith;
   it feeds our hearts with gifts of trust
in God, our Earth and those we love;
   and also in ourselves, a must.

Along with faith, the Cave of Hope
   puts sunshine in our hearts so bright, 
that lifts us up no matter what,
   through sunny days or dark of night.

The Cave of Service in our heart
   is filled with help to fellowman;
must keep its contents flowing out...
   a part of our survival plan.

At last, the Cave of Thankfulness
   provides an echo loud and strong.
Our hearts get fuller with the joy
   when gratefulness sings its sweet song.

Heart chambers hold the beat and flow
   that keep our bodies so alive.
But unseen caves where "heartfelt" lives,
   our magic inner selves survive.

Sandra M. Haight

~1st Place~
Premiere Contest: Caves
Sponsor: Anthony Slausen
Judged: 08/07/2016

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2016

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HEAR THOSE BELLS (Etheree and Tanka combined)

HEAR THOSE BELLS (Etheree and Tanka combined)

those bells
wedding bells
one plus one    two
it is a magic time
when promises are made
a lifetime commitment     two
at the time so easy to do
but  there will surely be many trials
two souls in a give-and-take arrangement

many couples fail
fail to give each other space
space to know themselves
and those who weather the storms
owe thanks to god’s bright angel’s

Copyright © daver austin | Year Posted 2010

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Give and take

As down the path of life I go
footprints in time I make
and Mother Nature gaily plays
her game of give and take.
She gives me wisdom every year
in varying degrees
but takes away the knowledge as
to where I've left my keys.
She takes my hair in wispy strands
each night from off my head
then kindly gives some back  inside
my nose and ears instead.
She's taken my well-toned physique
but left me with love handles
that smooth, taut neck now modified
looks like a melting candle.
Grim Reaper, when you come for me
I know thy scythe be sharp,
and take away my final breath
replace it with a Harp.
Until when that time comes, dear Lord
if you would be so kind
feel free to give more laughter lines-
don't take away my mind.

Copyright © Viv Wigley | Year Posted 2016

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The Invention of Zero

By which nothing is divided.
No zero
no negative
no opposite
no hope
no Adam, no apple, no marriage, no morning.
No mirror
no knowledge
no God, no soul, no ear lobe, no Iliad, no Odyssey.
No universe
no black hole
no zodiac
no hero
no mission, no omission, no fission, no fusion.
No beanstalk
no tractor
no yellow
no 7:30, no wind, no window, no owl, no one.

In 773, at Al-Mansur's behest, translations were made of the Siddhantas, Indian astronomical treatises dating as far back as 425 B.C.; these versions may have been the vehicles through which the "Arabic" numerals and the zero were brought from India into China and then to the Islamic countries. In 813 the Persian mathematician Khwarizmi used the Hindu numerals in his astronomical tables; about 825 he issued a treatise known in its Latin form as Algoritmi de numero Indorum, Khwarizmi on Numerals of the Indians. After him, in 976, Muhammed ibn Ahmad in his "Keys to the Sciences," remarked that if in a calculation no number appears in the place of tens, a little circle should be used "to keep the rows." This circle the Arabs called sifr. That was the earliest mention of the name sifr that eventually became zero. Italian zefiro already meant "west wind" from Latin and Greek zephyrus. This may have influenced the spelling when transcribing Arabic sifr. The Italian mathematician Fibonacci (c. 1170-1250), who grew up in North Africa and is credited with introducing the decimal system in Europe, used the term zephyrum. This became zefiro in Italian, which was contracted to zero in Venetian.   - Wikipedia

After my father's appointment by his homeland as a state official in the customs house of Bugia for the Pisan merchants who thronged to it, he took charge; and in view of its future usefulness and convenience, had me in my boyhood come to him and there wanted me to devote myself to and be instructed in the study of calculation for some days. There, following my introduction, as a consequence of marvelous instruction in the art, to the nine digits of the Hindus, the knowledge of the art very much appealed to me before all others, and for it I realized that all its aspects were studied in Egypt, Syria, Greece, Sicily, and Provence, with their varying methods; and at these places thereafter, while on business, I pursued my study in depth and learned the give-and-take of disputation. But all this even, and the algorism, as well as the art of Pythagoras, I considered as almost a mistake in respect to the method of the Hindus (Modus Indorum). Therefore, embracing more stringently that method of the Hindus, and taking stricter pains in its study, while adding certain things from my own understanding and inserting also certain things from the niceties of Euclidxs geometric art, I have striven to compose this book in its entirety as understandably as I could, dividing it into fifteen chapters. Almost everything which I have introduced I have displayed with exact proof, in order that those further seeking this knowledge, with it pre-eminent method, might be instructed, and further, in order that the Latin people might not be discovered to be without it, as they have been up to now. If I have perchance omitted anything more or less proper or necessary, I beg indulgence, since there is no one who is blameless and utterly provident in all things. The nine Indian figures are: 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1. With these nine figures, and with the sign 0 . . . any number may be written.   - Fibonacci, Leonardo of Pisa

Copyright © Robert Ronnow | Year Posted 2015

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No Other Lifetime

I don’t seek another lifetime
There is only here and now
Only these days and these hours
I have to make it last somehow

Only on this day to savor
Tender touch of body bliss
Only in the NOW to treasure
Give and take of hungry kiss

Here and now is what is gifted
Here and now I take a stand
All of life, and each desire
Now must bow to my command

I will bathe in passion’s pleasure
Dip into desire’s hue
Lose myself in wanton wonder
Wrap myself in me and you

Life another place won’t offer
And no other heaven waits
Nothing but the here and now, Love
Enter through MY pearly gates

Here I am; I lie here waiting
For the haven of your arms
Squeeze a lifetime in this moment
Let me revel in your charms

Here and now, don’t keep me waiting
On your lips is heaven’s taste
All the joy that can be gathered
Waits on these lips, cherry laced

Here I am, no promised morrow 
This may be my last of nights
Never waking to the sunlight
Never knowing your delights

In this sacred tryst between us
Is the time for love to bloom
Here and now, is all we have, Love
Let our pleasures time consume

In the union of our bodies
In the beauty of this place
Is eternal timeless glory
In our hearts it leaves its trace

Eileen Manassian

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2015

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Sweet Seize

The breeze
Has blown my way
A brush of scented moisture
Like a kiss upon my flushed cheeks
A sweet embrace
Of a presence nearby
That blends its thoughts with mine
Mind eye.
That sees,
A silent give and take,
That no one sees or hear
yet echoes throughout the heavens
It seems.
Thanks to the breeze
That moves over the sea
To brush a kiss upon the cheeks
Sweet seize.

By CarolineCecile
Copyright © 05.16.10

Copyright © Caroline Cécile Delacroix | Year Posted 2010

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Eve's Apple Pie

Save your soul in a pickle jar
Wishes will get you only so far
Today is yesterday in review
Will tomorrow bring anything new?

Saints are sinners that God forgave
Dead bodies are farmed into the grave
You give and take and take and give
You live to die and die to live

Paradise was lost by a fleshy bite
Innocence was deflowered by knowing right
Adam's apple jiggles when he lies
Nothing is sweet as Eve's apple pie

Copyright © Fritz Purdum | Year Posted 2008

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The Fire Dance

Two naked bodies lying face to face
Conversing silently locked eye to eye
He gently pulls away from her embrace
In touching her exudes an ardent sigh
The rhythm of the moment had begun
Entangling arms and legs the stillness breaks
Like dancers moving gracefully as one
They share hot burning fires of give and take
As rapture comes she shudders in his arms
His perspiration falls like summer rain
Encore performance rings a new alarm
With tender kisses he assures no shame

The glowing coals are banked for warmth at night
Slow burning flame will rise with morning light

                 for contest: June 20 2016

Copyright © Daniel Turner | Year Posted 2016

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Concerning Friends

Concerning friends, on this, we all agree.
The face of things of which delight and feed, 
the friend does most completely fill the need.
Yet, having friends, you are no longer free.
You share and share alike the things that be.
The give and take, starts as a tiny seed.
Soon trust becomes ‘your common friend in need’.
You start to think, “what has become of me”
Then you can see your choice was but to love. 
One does not lose themselves, in truth of thought.
You give your heart freely, now rise above,
to claim your place among your friends thereof
with whom bad thoughts of you are never sought,
and wrap esteem around you as a glove.

abba abba cdc cdc Italian

apr 5 2012 cgh

Copyright © Charles Henderson | Year Posted 2012

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All Woman

Is it the sparkle in my eyes or the thickness of my thighs?

Is it the fullness of lips or the curve my hips

That lets you know that I’m ALL WOMAN 100%

Is it the grace of my walk or the way that I talk?

Is it the life that we share or the warmth of my care?

That lets you know that I’m ALL WOMAN 100%

Is it the softness of my touch or the fact that you can never get enough? 

Is it the give and take or the love that we make?

That lets you know that I’m ALL WOMAN 100%

Is it the thought of my taste that puts a smile on your face?

Is it the sweetness of my skin or that overwhelming yearning within

That lets you know that I’m ALL WOMAN 100%

Some say phenomenal,some heaven sent

But I say I’m ALL WOMAN 100%

Chiquita Baity

Copyright © ChiquitaChiamaka Baity | Year Posted 2011

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When you look into a mirror
Do you see beyond yourself?
Does that person before you
Look ahead or back in time?
Would you see another life?

If you were ever born blind
Just who would you look at?
Living what you have become
Injustice you give and take
Will you stand as only one?

Copyright © ... Gigno | Year Posted 2010

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Love Is

Love is a mystery when we are in our youth, searching for answers, looking for truth. With hormones flowing we do our best to understand love; it becomes a quest. Love is passionate when we come of age. It becomes an obsession as hormones rage. Along with our lovers, we can’t get enough; we fail to realize that it is only lust. Love is strong when we take a wife to be our soulmate the rest of our life; to stand by our side and give us support even when life seems to come up short. Love is familiar with the friends that we make throughout our lives; it’s a give and take. We give them strength in times of need; They are there to assist and help us succeed. Love is comfortable as we grow old with our wife by our side to warm us when cold. Throughout our life on her we can depend; she’ll be there beside us when we reach the end. Love is eternal that comes from above. That’s what the bible tells us about God’s love. It is unconditional and forgiving of sins, He is there to love us when life begins.

Copyright © John Gondolf | Year Posted 2017

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Drifting Apart

Give and take
then retreat
to wounded silence
licking our lacerations
before picking up
where we left off
with the razor wires.

Copyright © vince gullaci | Year Posted 2007

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Between All Or Nothing

There is balance in the rhythm of life
A give and take for which we strive
In the middle between all or nothing
We find our own path to survive

Caring for others unconditionally 
An altruistic motive though unrealistic
To want to care for others is generous
For some it can become fatalistic

We must take care of ourselves first
Though to think only of ourselves is wrong
We donate time or money if we have it
If we give all we can't sustain for long

Financial gifts cannot leave one penniless 
Self caring responsibly requires healthiness
Imagine giving time until one is senseless
There is a balance that requires gentleness 

Self care and caring of others is healthy
Even as children learn about sharing
Limits are important also for the wealthy 
Finding boundaries a necessity for caring

July 25, 2018

Take Care Of Yourself First Contest
By Caren Krutsinger
Honorable Mention

Copyright © Susan Gentry | Year Posted 2018

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Happy Valentine's Day

the immense emotion,
you know the one 
that emphasized: your pain.

Manipulate it
in sado-masochism
as the mutual 'love' slaves
give and take
each-other to\for their satisfaction.

Ball in mouth, hanging,
as the victory swings
in lustful devotion
upon the church of satan's alter.

© S. Wesley Mcgranor

Copyright © S. Wesley Mcgranor | Year Posted 2018

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Humans need hope to help them cope

heeding its call for give and take.

Heartfelt vows spin words into rope

having found fragile bindings break.

Half truths leave lovers hurt and numb

harbingers of heartaches to come,’s fueled by hope.


Copyright © Emile Pinet | Year Posted 2018

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mother earth,
When would you stop feasting on our bodies
Stop your children and relatives
From killing our children and relations.
Our heart bleed thousand times in horror
At the lost of our brothers and sisters
But, there you are happy and joyful.

Your body fresh and beautiful
Our relations bodies made it so.
Is death your brother or nephew?
Is sickness your sister in law?
They all work hand in hand with you
Causing mayham to human kind.

Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust 
Soul to soul An eye for an eye
Life for life.
You give and take from us 
I understand, but spare us a little 
With  few minutes discussion 
With your brother, death
Perhaps we may cease to toll and mine on you
Or maybe we dance the atilogwu 
To appease your spirit for peace 
So that you eat no more.

feed once annually
twice biannually 
Each morning and night
We commit our people in tears to you 
When will you stop the unfinished festival beyond
May your speck of sunshine decrease.
Your people betrayed our emotions 
Torn apart by two feelings 
Yet we learn not from the past voice 
Dust to dust we all must go.

Copyright © john chizoba vincent | Year Posted 2014

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Rose Petals

Immersed in a body of rose petals I sway side to side 
The waters life embraces the petals like a raft in the sea
Petals rise and fall upon my skin like the ocean crashing to shore

Drawn and pulled, a water game of give and take - petals fall 
The scent of roses fills my breath, a cocktail of pinks, reds, and white; 
colour my eyes and all I see is artistry at work. 

Copyright © Shaz Cheesman | Year Posted 2012

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Brothers And Sisters

Brothers and sisters have a bond that no
one eles will ever share.
Growing up in the same family, they all  learn 
the give and take of family life.
With big brothers or sisters looking after 
the younger ones.

This bond goes on for a life time.
We express it in shared birthdays and
holidays spent together.
Being there when needed,for the good
and bad times.

There is  everlasting love, that no other
soul can fill.
No matter how many people come into 
your world ,memories of that long ago 
family can't be changed.
Treasure them, that is your destiny.

Copyright 2008 
Anne Rutherford
Poems From the Heart

Copyright © Anne Rutherford | Year Posted 2011

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love in Marriage by Weston Gregory

Love in Marriage 

For this reason, love precious joy
is shared, expressed; 
that within the confine of marriage 
its significance, are memories 
though sometime small 
hold the most potent experience.

Marrraige is a give and take
love is a give all you can take 
marriage is equal estate, 
love gift offering keeps you
fill while never sate.

For satisfaction, love though 
is not lacking in conviction,
marriage on the other hand
is truly the best one, 
offering completion one to 
another to safe guard our 

From seeing its growth, 
feeling its unadulterated dose,
love in marriage truly make for 
the best strokes.

of importance, not to be side tracked 
are the loveliness of our children 
when mom and dad tie the knot.

A bond of inclusiveness
A bond resolved on two people
promise to share in matrimony 
love for all eternity.

Copyright © Weston Gregory | Year Posted 2013