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A Chastushka is a type of Russian poem which is sometimes performed as a song with a high beat frequency. Although it is Russian in origin, it is frequently used throughout Ukraine. It is common for several different Chastushka poems to be put together to form one complete song which is referred to as Chastushki.

Chastushka poems are traditionally short poems that are just four lines in length. They will always rhyme and they can use one of several rhyming patterns. The most common forms of rhyme are ABAB and AABB. There are also instances of the poem having an ABCA rhyming structure.

The Chastushka poem is known for being humorous or satirical in nature. They originated as a form of folk entertainment. They can be performed by two people who are trading insults at each other. When they are performed as a song there is often a short piece of music after each verse so that people can laugh without missing the poem. 

A type of traditional Russian poetry, is a single quatrain in trochaic tetrameter with an abab or abcb rhyme scheme. Usually humorous, satirical, or ironic in nature, chastushkas are often put to music as well, usually with balalaika or accordion accompaniment. The rigid, short structure (and, to a lesser degree, the type of humor used) parallels limericks in British culture.


Mother, spare me, don't scold me
For the baby in my skirt.
Just think, like me, Virgin Mary
Without husband's help gave birth.

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